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Dulcimer music learn piano


Dulcimer music learn piano

The piano is an instrument. It was invented in the 10th century. Initially the shape and design of the piano was completely different. It changed with the passage of time, and modern piano of today is a must see.

Any cultural event, any ceremony, wedding-marriage, awakening or sankirtan or choir of singers. When we are present in these places in the life of today’s Bhagdaur, then we realize that there is another form of life. These places have special attraction centers of singing and playing and especially piano players.

Many people play the piano passionately, although it is not necessary, it is also used professionally, but nowadays the practice of keyboards has increased more than the piano. Talking about the keyboard, the keyboards of Yamaha, Casio, Korg give very good sound quality and feel.

Some people who have a piano available try to sit near the piano and play it. Some people who do not have a piano, they are waiting for the chance and sometimes they get a chance to play the piano and they try to play it, and some people even buy a piano at the same time. But the piano is never played for the first time by new people, that is, those who do not know how to play, except the melodious tune.

Today on technicalrab.com we are going to give you basic information about Piano. We are confident that after reading this article you will be able to play the piano.

Learn Step by Step Piano Tutorial

Sonata from music

Difference between piano and harmonium

Piano – In the piano, the vibrations of the chords by Hammer produce the sound and you can play the piano by pressing the piano card with both your hands. Also the piano scale is quite large. A standard piano consists of 88 Keys and 7 Octaves.

Harmonium – Harmonium vibrates with the flow of air and you should have one hand on the bellows of the harmonium, which keeps the air flowing in the harmonium by moving back and forth. The scale of harmonium is not very large. An Indian Standard Harmonium consists of 36 Keys and 3 Octaves called the ‘mid’ and ‘star’ octave octave.

Piano Key or Chord Information

The piano or harmonium uses a key or chord to produce sounds. They are usually white and black. On pressing them with the fingers, a voice or sound is produced. The piano keyboard consists mainly of 7 white keys known as C D E F G A B. After B, the scale starts from C again. This means that you only have to remember these seven notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B).

What is Octave?

Octave – The seven main chords of the piano and the five black chords that accompany them are 12 chord or Keys called an Octave. A Standard Piano has seven Octave and 4 additional Keys. These twelve Chord are also called Notes and it is from these notes that scale is formed.

1 Octave = 7 White + 5 Black Keys = 12 Keys

7 Octaves = 12 × 7 = 84 Keys

1 Standard Piano = 84 + 4 Extra Keys = 88 Keys

88 Keys = 52 White (Naturals) + 36 Black (Accidentals)

4 additional keys are used to reconcile the seven Octaves and Scales.

What are naturals and accidentals?

Naturals – Piano’s white Keys are called naturals. Their number is 52 in a piano with 88 keys.

Accidentals – Piano’s Black Keys are called Accidental. Their numbers are 36 in a piano with 88 keys. They are also called Sharp and Flat.

What are Sharp and Flat?

Piano Key – Flat & Sharp Keys

Sharp – Black Keys to the right of White Keys are called Sarps. (#) Is used to indicate this. Like- D # (D sarp), G # (G sarp)

Flat – Black Keys to the left of White Keys is called Flat. (B) is used to indicate this. Eg- Db (D flat), Gb (G flat)

Black Keys have a louder sound than White Keys.

What are the requirements to learn to play the piano

Now the Main Topic of playing Piano starts from here. read carefully.

A professional piano player can play any song or any type of music on the Piano. Whereas I mean you, those who do not know how to play or who have a little knowledge of piano, cannot play all types of music. Practices are the main reason behind this.

It is said that anyone who sits on the piano can play any tune. This means that you will have to practice the melody first to play the piano so that your hand fingers are fully set on the piano chords and keys and you will be able to play any musical tune automatically when your hand is set on the piano. .

How to practice on the piano?

You must have seen the harmonium player sometimes when he keeps practicing. During practice, they make a sound like chanting Omkar (oon) from their mouth. His voice consists of sargam (Sa Re Ga Ma Padhi Ni) and raga which he plays on the harmonium. When the tones of the throat and the harmonium are mixed, that is, when there is no difference in the voice of both, then the practice becomes successful. In the Sargam, there is success by reciting the ascension, descending and raga in slow motion. You can do the same type of practice on the piano.

The piano consists of C, D, E, F, G, A, B, instead of the seven notes of the gamut (Sa, Re, C, M, P, Dh, Ni).

The easiest way to play the piano

If you have time constraints. If you are so eager to play the piano that you do not practice and want to play the piano as soon as possible, then your problems are also solved. You will be able to play the piano even without practice, but for this you will have to do a little study, that is, you will have to memorize the notes of the piano.

You can play Piano Notation of any song or music by playing it on the piano, but it will be the same as a student who has a degree but there is nothing called knowledge. It means to say that you will be able to play the same songs on the piano whose notes you will remember. Without practice and hard work, you cannot play all the songs just by memorizing notes like the professional Piano ones.

what is notation or piano notes

There is notation of any music. Notation consists of writing notes of any song or music. Like – Salman Khan’s bodyguard song “Teri Meri Meri Teri” has piano notes – DA GA FG AF
You have to press the DA GA FG AF white keys to rotate on the piano.

Try playing these notes on the piano and see how the tune of ‘Teri Meri Meri Teri’ comes out.
Similarly, the notes of the two lines of the National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana are like this.

Jan Gan Man Adhinayak Jaya hey

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata

note: In the same way, Major and Minor Chords are also used with Sharp and Flat Keys in notes.
Generally, Major Chords are those which produce pleasant music upon suppression, and Minor Chords are those which produce indifferent tones by pressing.
Pressing the three Keys together produces the vocals of a minor or a major cardard. You can see the list of Major and Minor Chords by searching on Google.

Now to learn piano, all you have to do is either start practicing or else search for and save the notes of the song you want to play on the piano, then practice notes on the piano instead.

Learn how to play piano on smartphone

In today’s time, many instruments along with piano have started coming on smartphones. If you cannot buy an instrument, you can download it from the App Store to your mobile. Download the Piano App and install it and practice notation.

Learn how to play keyboard or piano

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How to success graphic designer without degree


How to success graphic designer without degree

In the Internet world, online as well as Print Media Publication is also growing rapidly, in this case, online media or any product, company branding is the most important Virtual Presentation for better Creativity and this work can be done by a better Graphic Designer. Can.

Successful graphic designer

If you are also a creative and want to become a Graphic Designer, then it is important for you to know a few things. To become a graphic designer, you have to mix image, text together and reach a Creative Graphics user and it can also be online and It may be for print publication also, to become an expert in the field, the most important is your creativity, what kind of ideas do you work on.

Graphic Gesigner Key Skills

Apart from the degree to become a Professional Graphic Designer, your design sense skills are the most important for success. It is very important for you to know about the skills that will help you to become graphic design.

select one industry

To see yourself as graphic designing, first of all you need to choose a field. It is used for different industries for different fields like print

300mb movie hub download


300mb movie hub download

300mbmovies 2020: Now a days most people like to watch new released movies but nowadays people do not have enough time to go to theaters and enjoy the newly released movies. And nowadays the epidemic has spread almost all over the world, while people have been imprisoned in their homes.

New movie download  low MB
How to download 300 MB movie

People are searching for means of entertainment on the internet because they have become bored living in homes. And people are turning to pirated websites. He has a 300mbmovies website that leaks movies online. This website is so popular that even a common person is well aware of it.

Even after doing a lot of searching on your internet, no website is found that helps them to watch or dowbload online movies. You too must have tried to do this at some time and have seen that there are many websites that claim to watch or download movies of their choice in one click, but they keep rotating from page to page and waste our time. It happens. A website like 300mbmovies solves such a big problem very easily.

If webseries are your favorite too and you are also one of those people who like watching movies or series in their spare time, then our article today is going to be very informative for you. In this post, you are going to get 300mb bollywood movies as well as more information related to it from 300mbmovies website.

300mbmovies website is a Pirated Movies Downloading Site. This is a website where you will get to download pirated versions of all new films, series, and movies. This website is one of the top pirated websites in India. Then whether it be Bollywood films of 2020 or new hollywood full movies 2020 download, all the contents will be seen in different formats.

You will find 300mb mkv movies download, mp4, HD, Full HD Movies all available here. You have to download to view them according to your storage space and internet connection speed.

Let me tell you that these types of sites are considered illegal by the Indian government. Because no website in India can promote pirated movies. This causes great harm to the film industry. But the 300mbmovies website is not afraid of the government or anyone and leaks it before the release of any other film.

300mbmovies is the new URL link of the website, 300mbmovies.cbz which is working correctly in the present times. Through this domain you can open this site. Let me tell you that the government is continuously banning Pirated Websites. Therefore it is very difficult to find their working link. For newcomers, finding 300mb movies new website url can be a difficult task. But not impossible.

Whatever you want to see on the internet under sections like Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bollywood, Kannada, Hollywood Dual Audio etc. 300mbmovies website offers you all kinds of movies. So that you can watch movies easily and enjoy unlimited movies with long hours of viewing. Apart from the huge collection of films, 300 mbmovies TV shows are also buzzing with entertainment lovers.

Let me tell you that apart from the huge collection of films, 300 mbmovies TV shows are buzzing among the entertainment lovers. This is the reason that most pirated website old proxy is being blocked by the government. Because of which she is not working anymore.

For many people, watching a movie is like a favorite hobby. Right now it is the era of internet where there are many websites like 300mb movies, teluguweb, tamilrokers etc. from where any users can easily download their favorite movies.

how to download movies from 300mb movies 2020

Let me tell you that Tanhaji and Dabang 3 had leaked online in a hurry. Through the most famous film piracy website 300mbmovies online, now you can easily watch any movie by dubbed Hindi, not only that, now its quality has become much better than before.

Within a few hours of the release of Darbar movie 2020, it was published on 300mbmovies website. This is not the first time that a movie has been leaked on this website. Even earlier, big movies like Good Newwz, Dabbang 3, Sab Kushal Mangal, etc. have also become victims of online piracy.

Despite the government’s best efforts, they have not been successful in completely blocking this website. At the same time, the team of 300mb movies website change their domain name constantly. Which makes it very difficult to track them correctly. In this subject, the police say that it is difficult to catch the people who are behind such latest Leaked Movies because they do not work from one place, different people are connected from different places.

300mb movies New Movies 2020

Recently on the 300mbmovies site many new movies 2020 Bollywood will be available to download, including some very popular movies. Recently there have been a lot of phenomenal blockbuster movies, some of which we will talk about here.

The latest film is Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, the first and hit film of 2020 which was leaked on the 300mbmovies website. If we talk about Chhapaak movie, then this film is a real life film. Its story tells about the life of Delhi’s acid attack survivor as well as against the atrocities on women and girls. This story is a real-life story of Laxmi Agarwal from Delhi.

Now we tell you how you can download new bollywood, Tollywood and Hollywood movies on websites like 300mb movies. Below you will also find a link to 300mbmovies website. From there you can download things like MP3 Songs, Video Songs, TV Series.

alternative websites of 300mb movies

There are many websites like Tamilrockers, Bolly4u, Movierulz, WorldFree4u, 7starhd, TamilGun, 123telugu, from which you can easily watch your favorite movies. But 300mbmovies is the most discussed website because any movie becomes available on this website as soon as it is released. On this website, you can see films ranging from low quality to high quality.

300mbmovies New Proxy websites 2020

As you know 300mb movies new link is a pirated movies downloading site. Therefore, it too has to undergo penalty several times. Therefore, we know about other subsidiary websites. These are some of the main ones like

300mbmovies.dk 300mb movies.online
300mbmovies.proxy 300mb movies.live
300mbmovies.asia 300mb movies.biz
300mbmovies.into 300mb movies.today
300mbmovies.net 300mb movies.info
300mbmovies.im 300mb movies.vip
300mbmovies.pw 300mb movies.lol
300mbmovies.guru 300mb movies.run
300mbmovies.me 300mb movies.in

The contents of all these are almost same as the team behind them is the same. At the same time, by breaking the rules made by the government, they are again involved in their work. Never in Hindi does you get excited to download movies from such websites. If we believe that movies should be downloaded in a legal way. It has the benefit of all. Like you amazon prime, zee5, netflix, AltBalaji etc. Can take the support of Adi. Here you can watch movies in a legal way and that too on newly released movies or webseries.

facts of 300mbmovies website

300mb movies 2020 is one of those websites in which you can download movies without any registration or sign up. There are also many paid movie downloading websites like this. Where you have to register in it before downloading free movies.

Then you can download your favorite movie. But download the movie in 300mb movies without any hassle and that too in few seconds. When you click on a movie to download a free movie in this site, all the information related to the movie is displayed on the screen, such as – what is the IMDb rating of the movie, what quality is the movie, what is its size, movie Who is the director, actors, writers.

Screenshot of print of movie is also provided. So that users can get to know about the quality of the movie. These movies are given Watch Online and Download Link. So that you can watch the movie online as well as download it simultaneously.

Disadvantage of 300mb movies movies Download

It has been clearly shown by the Indian government that uploading or downloading 300mb movies dual audio is completely illegal. For this, you can be imprisoned for six to 3 years and a fine of Rs 50 thousand to 2 lakh.

Important information

Not only this, selling pirated content can also result in jail and fines. Because the film industry has to suffer a lot from it. They spend so much in their films, due to websites like 300mbmovies, most people go to films halls or do not buy their original CDs, DVDs and download movies from these sites. So in the end, the industry is the only loser.

PFMS | Public Financial Management System about full information


Strongly opposes such piracy. The information in this post has been given only to provide you with the necessary information about illegal activities and not to promote piracy and illegal activities. I have told you earlier that piracy is a punishable offense. We do not recommend using 300mb movies in any way. This information is only for informing about its illegal activities.

Rank website on Google first page


Rank website on Google first page

You are aware of how many new blogs are created  and how many are closed, new bloggers start their blog with increased expectation and they are closed due to lack of complete knowledge of blogging, if Whether you are a blogger or you are also thinking, to start a new blog, it is very important for you to have the knowledge of blogging firstly, because in the absence of information, there are many blogs everyday. Leaving Logger Blog!

New blogs rank
How to rank new blogd Google on first page

5 Best Ways to Make Your Blog Popular By Which You Can Become Popular Blogger!
Today I want to share my blogging experiences with you, in which I will tell you about the most important things and these are also the ways to make my blog popular which I get more traffic on my blog, you In how make your blog popular, I also tell you that there are many ways not to take 5-10, which are taken care of in blogging but in Yes i am all Messe those who are the best 5 ways to tell you about them!

SEO friendly blog

First of all, you have to set up a blog, this is why you have to start by keeping in mind the traffic of the blog, because this is the foundation of the blog. If you do not prepare a good foundation then how can you succeed in the blog, 5 of the best ways to tell you about them!

domain name

First of all, you should have complete information about what your blog’s domain name is and where you buy it, you should buy the domain that you get from the topic of your blog and be as unique and short as possible, which should not be a mistake to remember and write!

  1. It is also very important for you that if you want to start blogging, but if you do, then do not take too much time, let me tell you that you start blogging with WordPress and if you are new then you can start from blogspot to learn blogspot After that you can start with WordPress!

Blog language

Create your own blog in the language you know more, but if you want to choose one language in Hindi and Hinglish, then you can guess from my blog how important Hindi blogs are, you leave Hinglish and blogging in Hindi do!


If anyone visits your blog, then the theme of your blog will be seen firstly, if the themes are not good, then everyone will take a close on seeing at the beginning, so choose a good theme and if you want me, you can use SEO friendly themes. If you choose, you will be better!


These are placed on the blog for any specific work such as for ranking your blog, to make your blog SEO friendly, to show Facebook page on your blog, etc. But at least plugin on your blog as much as you can. Apply because it increases the loading time of your blog and may cause more problems like this! Different plugins have to be used for all the work, over time it is necessary to use different plugins, you have to apply plugins for SEO on your blog today, whatever is being used in today’s time You should use it, similarly apply these rules in all categories, you can put this plugin on your blog without thinking “jetpack, yoast SEO, akismet, word fence”.

Blog Topic Choose Important

Choose the topic that you are aware of – yes, of course you choose the same topic about which only you are able to succeed in blogging, otherwise you can never succeed because you have to write one post every day and those But you have to answer the hundreds of comments made, only then the traffic of your blog will increase! If you do not have any information related to your blog and you have created a blog and started writing posts, then it is not going to last long because writing all the posts on the blog does not bring traffic.

Therefore, my advice would be that you can blogging by choosing the topic that you have a good knowledge of late, but you are sure to get success, you should not think that such blogs run less, you should think that the topics on which the blog is less It is easy to get traffic on them, so you should choose the topic of blogging carefully, let me tell you, blogs are made the most tech blogs everyday!

Write posts very thoughtfully

Posts are the life of your blog, if your posts are weak then how can the blog be popular? By paying attention to the points given below, you can make your blog successful!

Post title

First of all, the title of your post is on the blog, which should be very careful while creating it. The simplest way is to use the tools and make a good title, in which you can search for any blog post by searching for the title of the title and keywords with the help of SEO tools. But hi rank can be obtained, use numbers such as 10 tip, 20 ways in title and use the words “best, important, best, new” etc. in the title. Do yoga

Keyword research

Before writing every post, research the title of the post and the words used in the post, and check it through SEO tools so that your post can be effective in getting hi rank! Keywords should not be used more than 2 to 3 per cent of your entire post or else the search engine may block your post as spam.

Have important information

Write important information in each of your posts, do not prolong the post with unnecessary talk, because if anyone will read your post, then they should get information about the work or else it will never come on your blog the second time and if you get good information then it You can read the blog daily, write unique information in the blog and have Evergreen so that your blog will remain in the top rank for a long time!

Add internal link

What are internal links, they first understand in easy language, as you are seeing, in my post, the link of the second post is given in the middle of the same place, it is called internal link, it will be beneficial that any one of your blog But will come and will read any post and in the middle will also see the gender of the other post, if it is of their use, then they will definitely read it, so keep more views and traffic on your blog. Come!

Use photo

You can put 1 to 3 photos in every post, unless necessary, never put more than 3 photos in the post and if it is necessary to apply screen shots in a tutorial, then do not forget to SEO the photos!

Blog promotion

No matter how good you have written the blog and how many good posts you have written, no one will recognize your blog till then, “Promotion of blog” is very important for this, in the best ways you can I am telling you about below, which I myself do in promoting my blog “www.technicalrab.com”!

Social media

You can get traffic from your blog post by sharing it on social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram,

Guest post

This is the best way because from here you can reach those people who are already interested in blogging and once they get to know about your blog that there is a lot of good information on your blog, then you can have your daily Visit the blog, you should make a list of other top blogs swinging from the topic of your blog and guest post on any blog once a week. Text written to increase your traffic, attention Rhan Guest post only get more and traffic that written on blogs and are also not your post unique priceless ago on the blog!


By visiting your blog related to your blog, you can reply to the comments on their posts, which will also increase the traffic on your blog!

Youtube video

Make a promo of your blog and put it on YouTube and if possible, you can also make a video of your post and put it on YouTube. If someone comes to your blog from YouTube video, then your blog ranking will also increase!

time management

Time is very important for any less and if you know time management well then you can be successful in blogging or any work but we talk about blogging, then you have to pay attention to the point given below and its So you will be able to read the time, you will be successful, if you are blogging, then set a time for all of them today, that is, create a time table and work according to the time table daily!

Write posts daily so that you remain in ranking and traffic!

Answer the comments and make sure that the readers trust you!

To keep promoting the blog every day, for this you will have to read a separate time!

Important information


On page SEO comes all the factors that you do on your website or blog like you write your post title, post URL, meta description etc. SEO friendly along with website speed, website navigation, internal linking etc. All of which happens on our website, that is, on page is what we call on page!

On Page SEO under – Themes, Post Title, Post URL, Post Meta Description, Alt Tag, Keyword, Etc…


If you want to rank in the first page in Google, then you have to understand both on-page SEO and off-page SEO and prepare your blog, which factor you can take care of and rank your blog ,

Factors used within your blog are covered by On-Page SEO and all the factors outside of your blog ie SEO without visiting the blog are all covered by Off-page SEO.

Guest post

There are many bloggers who accept guest posts on their blog, before going to the guest post, go to that blog and read the policy related to the guest post and there will be a unique post related to that blog, then only your post will be accepted!

You guest post your post on the popular blog related to your blog, guest blog benefits both the bloggers, we get a quality backlink and they get a quality post!

There are many bloggers who accept guest posts on their blog, before going to the guest post, go to that blog and read the policy related to the guest post and there will be a unique post related to that blog, then only your post will be accepted!

You guest post your post on the popular blog related to your blog, guest blog benefits both the bloggers, we get a quality backlink and they get a quality post!

blog commenting

By commenting on the popular blog of Neech related to your blog, you can answer the questions of other visitors, so if your answers are good then some visitors will visit your blog by looking at your profile and if you have good blog content, then you will visit daily!

Video sharing site

In the video sharing site, firstly you can create a channel on YouTube (YouTube) in the name of your blog and you can show the post as a video by making a video related to the blog post on it, in this way some visitors by watching videos from YouTube also Will visit the blog!

Photo sharing site

If you have an interest in photo editing or graphics design, then you can make good photos and share photos by adding your blog logo or name!

Social Media Site

You can get backlinks in thousands from these best social media sites – Facebook, Facebook page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Google plus

How to install WordPress

You can do this trick and rank 100% in Google.
This post has been written keeping in mind the Director SEO Factor to get the blog ranked in Google, keeping in mind the things mentioned in it, you will rank 100% in Google.

Bipasha Basu Biography


 Bipasha Basu Biography

Who does not know Bipasha, who started her modeling career by winning the Godrej Synthol supermodel contest nearly 2 decades ago. After achieving success in her modeling career, she set her foot in the Hindi film industry, and not only limited to it, she also entered Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and English films and achieved immense success. Not only limited to this area, he also achieved a different position in the field of fitness and established his own image.

Biography of Bipasha Basu

We have compiled some important aspects of Bipasha’s life and information related to career in this article below, which is as follows.

Bipasha’s life related information in brief –

Name Bipasa Basu Current Name Bips, Bippy, Boney Profession Actress, Model Date of Birth 7 January 1979 Age 39 Years Birth Place New Delhi Capricorn National Nation Kolkata, West Bengal First Film Stranger Dharma Hindu Hobby Dancing, Reading

Bipasa Basu’s family and early life

Father’s name Hirak Basu Mother’s name Mamta Basu Sister’s name Bidisha Basu, Vijeta Basu Husband’s name Karan Singh Grover Children do not have marriage date 30/4/2016

Born in a Bengali family in Delhi in India, Bipasha’s father is a profession a civil engineer and his mother is a homemaker. His family also includes his two sisters. Due to their dark color, they were not considered so beautiful in comparison to their sisters in childhood.

Bipasha’s education

Delhi-born Bipasha had up to 4 classes of education from Apeejay High School. After this, he completed his class 12 studies from Bhavan’s Gangabooks Kanoria Vidyamandir. Further, this famous actress opted out of studies to pursue a career in modeling, which proved to be her right decision. But Bipasha had a childhood dream of becoming a doctor, and it is said that she was also very promising in studies. She has also been the head-girl of her school during her school time.

Bipasha’s wedding

This Bollywood hot actress tied the knot in 2016. He married actor Karan following the rituals in a very beautiful way and his wedding was attended by many Bollywood celebrities. This was his first marriage, but this marriage of his husband was not his first marriage, and there was a lot of discussion at that time. But today, beyond all these rumors, there is a lot of love in their relationship.


It is said that Bipasha was advised by model Meher Jessia Rampal to choose a modeling career. Then he first participated in the Godrej Synthol Supermodel Competition and was its winner. After this he got a chance to represent India in the Ford Model Supermodel Competition in Miami. And then she appeared on the cover page of many magazines in her youth. In this way, he started his modeling career and made his place in it and established himself in it.

It was decided by actor Vinod Khanna to launch them first in Bollywood. They wanted to get Bipasha entry with their son Akshay. But Bips refused this proposal, because he seemed weak in his role in this project.

After this, he started his film career in 2001 with the film Stranger. This film was not a hit, but his character was liked in this and he also got an award for it. The information about this film is as follows.

Bipasha’s first film

Movie Name Ajnabi Release Date 21 September 2001 Director Abbas Mastan Producer Vijay Galani Co-starring Bobby Deol, Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor

The next year, he acted in a successful film like Raaz, and after that he also got stability in Bollywood. This second film of hers also won her the Filmfare Best Actress Award. In the same year, he also worked in a Telugu film. In 2003, he acted in a horror film Jism, which proved to be a successful film. And the year 2004 proved to be extremely lucky for him, this year he had many films.

After this, he turned to Tamil films. After this, his film Abduction also received a National Award for Best Story and this film was included in his highly successful films. After this, Bipasha also appeared in some albums and videos. In the coming years, Bipasha acted in many successful films. Her last film of her career so far was alone, in which she worked with her husband.

Bipasha Basu Top 10 Movies –

Kramankfilm of Namsalnirdecsh-star
1 secret 2002 Vikram Bhattdino Morya, Malini Sharma, Ashutosh Rana Dhoom

2 22,006 Sanjay Gandhavihritik Roshan, Uday Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai

3 Jism 2003 Amit Sksenajon Abraham, Gulshan Grover

4 Corporate 2006 cozy Bndarkrkay work Menon, Minissha Lamba, Raj Babbar, Rajat Kapoor, Ho Gaya Na

5 ground 2003 Rohit Settyajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan, Mukesh Tiwari, Kuwar Aziz

6th Race 2008 Abbas Mastanan L Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Katrina Kaif, Sameera Reddy

7 No Entry 2005 Anees Bazmeelman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, Lara Dutta, Esha Deol, Celina Jaitley

8 Watch Out Ladies 2008 Siddharth Anandranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

9 Phir Heera Ferry 2006 Neeraj Kumar Niraj Kumar Sen, Paresh Rawal

10 alone 2015 Bhushan Patelkaran Singh Grover, Zakir Hussain

Other Ventures of Bipasha –

Fitness DVD Launch – Bipasha is one of the most fit actresses in the film industry, and many people follow her due to her quality. In the year 2010, he also launched his fitness DVD called Love Your Self. In this DVD, the focus is on the person being healthy and strong. This DVD specifically mentions a workout plan for 60 days of special weight loss. After the immense success of this DVD, he launched his second DVD in 2011, titled Break Free, which is a 30 minute dance workout. After this, another DVD was launched again in the year 2014 named Anlish. This DVD focuses on advanced methods of workouts.

Bipasha’s fitness plan, her workout plan and diet –

According to his personal trainer Paul Britton, Bipasha is the most fit in the film industry compared to other actresses.

It is said that he has a passion for cardio exercises and yoga. His daily workout is about 2 hours. The daily workout plan of Bipasha is as follows.

Cardio Workout –

20 minutes treadmill

10 minutes cross trainer

20 minutes cycling

Bipasha’s 6-Day Workout Plan –

Monday – Upper Body Workout

Tuesday – Abs Workout

Wednesday – Lower Body and Legs

Thursday – Gluteus Maximus Workout to Shape Butts

Friday – Upper Body Workout

Saturday – Combination of abs and gluteus maximus workout

Sunday – Rest

Apart from all this, Bipasha also performs Surya Namaskar 108 times daily.

Bipasha’s daily diet plan – Daily workouts and balance diet is the secret of Bipasha’s fitness, his daily diet is like this.

Early morning – 1 glass of lemon water, some almonds which have been soaked in water overnight.

Breakfast – 6 egg whites, toast, mushrooms, oatmeal and fruit made of skimmed milk

Lunch – Bipasha does not eat rice, so green salad, lentils, vegetables, grill fish or chicken and 2 soya chapattis are eaten.

Dinner – vegetables that are baked in olive oil, green salad and grill fish or chicken and a small amount of something sweet.

In this way, due to their strict routine, it is so fit.

Upcoming movies by Bipasha

After her marriage, Bipasha has taken a long gape from the film world. In one of his interviews, he had said that this does not mean that he is not getting any project offers, in fact now he does not want to work in horror films like his old films. And now after spending a long time with her husband after her marriage, it is expected that soon she will be seen in a film.

Bipasha’s total assets (Net Worth) –

This famous Bollywood actress and model has a net worth of $ 16 million. He has two houses in his permanent property, one in Mumbai and one in Kolkata. It is said that their houses are very beautiful both inside and outside. Apart from this, they have a collection of expensive cars like Audi Q-7, Marsdis S-Class and Volkswagen Battle in the car.

Bipasha Basu Awards

Following are the awards Bipasha received in her film career so far-

Sr. No. Name of the Award: Name of the Category Film

1. Film Fair Award Best Female Debut. 20022. IIFA Award for Best Debut of the Year 20023.

IIFA Award Fresh Face of the Year – 20024. Star Dust Award Best Actress in Thrilling Rolladam Maro Dum 20125.

Bollywood Movie Award, Best Villagesism 20046.

Zee Cine AwardDynamic Duoraz 20037.

IIFA Award Stylist Diva of the Year – 20098. GIFFest Actress Corporate 20079.

Bollywood Movie Award Best Actress Corporate 2007 10.

Star Dust Award Stylist Icon of the Year – 2013

Apart from this, she was consistently placed in the list of most attractive women by the Times of India in 2011, 2012 and 2013. In this, he got the place at eighth, thirteenth and seventh place respectively. Along with this, she was also ranked among the sexiest women in Asia in 2005 and 2007 by a magazine in UK.

Bipasha’s Affairs

Bipasha has always been very open about her boyfriends and affairs, she has many affairs before her marriage, the list of her boyfriends is as follows.

Milind Soman – Both Milind and Bipasha have been top models, both of whom dated each other during their modeling careers. The two met each other during a modeling shoot, and this marked the beginning of their relationship. But this relationship could only last for some time.

Dino Morya – After this, the news of Bipasha being in a relationship with the co-star of his second film came to light. It is said that their relationship started before they came in the film and lasted for many years. But due to some reason, both of them brake up.

John Abraham – After leaving his relationship, Bipasha appeared with his film Jism co-star John. It was the hottest couple in Bollywood and their relationship was for about 10 years. But suddenly there was news of their breakup in 2011, and this news also disappointed their fans.

Rana Daggubati – After this, Bipasha had an affair with him. It is said that they fell in love on the set of the film Dum Maro Dum, but their relationship did not last long.

Harman Baweja – Bipasha had also signed her relationship with him on Twitter. And a few months later rumors of their marriage were also out. But even this relationship could not work.

After this, Karan Singh Grover came into Bipasha’s life and he confirmed his relationship with her and married her.

Bipasha Basu’s controversy

In her long career, Bipasha has also been involved in many controversies many times, some of her controversies are as follows.

Kiss in the club with Ronaldo – Cristiano Ronaldo who is a football player and is known all over the world because of his game. While kissing with Bipasha in a night club, some pictures came in front of everyone, which became a cause of controversy in their life.

Sex tape with Amar Singh – A few years ago, a tape of the conversation between the two was released in the media. Which had become a huge controversy. But later it was revealed that this tape is fake.

Kareena and Bipasha’s fight – Famous actresses like Kareena and Bipasha also disputed themselves in front of the media. Even Kareena had called her a black cat in front of the media, but later the news of settling the relationship between the two was also revealed.

Child labor dispute – A photo of Bipasha was viral on social media in which two children were seen tying the lace of Bipasha’s shoes. This photo went viral very soon, due to which it got engulfed in controversies.

Interesting facts about Bipasha

She was called in school as Lady Gunda, and everyone was afraid of their pressure-producing nature.

In childhood, Bips dreamed of becoming a doctor. And it seemed to them in childhood that it did not look good. For this reason, he never thought about entering the modeling and film industry. But luckily, he left his studies in the middle and entered the film world.

Bipasha follows a very hard diet, but in real life she is very fond of food. He loves Bengali food and Posto-Bhat is his favorite dish.

It is a very big fan of Brad Pitt and it is also influenced by his look and acting skills.

He has played a very courageous role in many films but still he is afraid of heights.

Likes and Dislikes –

Favorite actor Shahrukh Khan, Bread Pitpasandida actressPriyanka Chopadapasandida TV Shosex and The Citipasandida Peelaiman and Ice Tipasandida Khanabiryani, Teh-Poston, Motichur’s Laddupasandida’s place to visit

In this way, Bipasha, coming from an ordinary family, has made her place in the film industry on her own. Hopefully, we will be able to see his films in theaters soon.

Popular words by Bipasha Basu

Bipasha has said that I believe that we should live our lives with full joy and fun with a little pagalpanti laughing out loud, and I am doing so.

I would trust people with my eyes closed and if they make me sad in any way, then I cannot make a difference with them nor change them. I believe in people because this is the way to love me.

There is nothing that you can save, no matter how much you try for it, that effort does not make any sense.

According to people, if a girl wears a shirt and skirt, she will look more attracted, but I believe that a sari will look more attractive than a shirt and skirt and if that sari is wet then it will look more attractive.

I want to do entertaining films where a woman can be seen with the same eyes as an actor.

For a long time, Indian women have wanted a curvy body to keep themselves fit, but now the woman of modern India wants to see her body in a good shape. I am not saying this because I am supporting being thin. Today everyone wants to be thin. India too is not behind in this thinking.

I do films that entertain the audience and at the same time the value of the entertainment, the other things do not matter to me.

I have also done some flamboyant and harsh films, but I am happy, because all those were my decisions, those films made me identify with who I am.

When I consider myself worthy of making a film with the money, then I will make a film which will be based on sports such as a racer or a marathon runner.

You are born alone and die alone, but I do not understand how anyone stays single even after being in a relationship. But it is true that stress alone reduces in your life, I accept and accept it

Adblock Browser Block Ads Android


Adblock Browser Block Ads Android

How to block all ADS on your Android phone and tablet?

You cannot avoid them whether you are on the small screen of your mobile or on your computer. Most websites continuously display products or services for you to earn.
Your favorite website passes through these aids, but some websites are crazy about showing ads.

By default your mobile browser also has AIDS displays. These include everything from banners to sponsored links to Google – which erratic and sometimes include malicious ads that can pose a threat to you or your device.
Do you know that when you browse, all the aids (static and video) actually use a lot of your data?

Not only this, AIDS can load page slaw and they can use up to 23 percent of your battery.

Therefore, installing Ad Blocker will not only save your data and time, but can also save money.

There are many apps in the Google Play Store that promise to block Ad on Android smartphones and tablets. But many of them claim only, but either they do not block Ed or they drains the battery more.

So what is the best Ad Blocker to stop these AIDS on Android?

Keep reading this post to block unwanted and annoying aids on your Android device, including Best Aid Blocker – for which you won’t have to pay!

Adblock Browser:
Adblock Browser Information

Adblock Browser is a free app that blocks all kinds of aids on your device and provides you with free destination browsing.

With Adblock Browser you can do fast, safe and AIDS free browsing. This app blocks AIDS automatically, which saves the power of your phone’s battery and also protects you from malware or adware.

It blocks all banners and video aids visible on the website. In addition, it also prevents tracking of sites. Not only this, it also blocks cookies, malware and social media share buttons.

In addition, you can add a website to whitelist, so that they can get a review from AIDS.

This app claims that they fast load pages and save your data and increase battery life by 20 percent.

How To Block Ads in Android

We will see how AIDS is blocked in Adblock Browser.

After installing this app, open the app and tap on Only One More Step and then tap on Finish.

Now tap on the search field above and go to the website where the banner aids are. On other browsers (eg Chrome), you will see two banner aids at the top and bottom of the page. However, these aids will not appear in Adblock Browser.

If these aids are visible, just tap the menu icon and tap ‘Block ads on this site’, then refresh the page to get rid of these aids.

Block Google Ads in Android:

When you do some search in Google on your device (for example, ‘Computer Repair in Mumbai’), you will see that the first few search results are sponsored links.

You can block these aids by using adblock browser.

To do this, from the menu icon, tap Settings.

Then go to Ad blocking–> Acceptable Ads, then untick Allow some non-intrusive advertising.

Now return to your search page and tap on the search icon. You will see that these sponsored links have disappeared from your search results.

Business Full about information

Find my iPhone last location

Now we will see how to increase protection from adblock browser.

From the menu icon, tap Settings.

Go to Ad blocking section, then tap on More blocking options.

Check all the check boxes here.

Clear Browsing Data in Android

In Adblock Browser, you can clear all browsing data on exit from this app.

Clear Browsing Data in Android

you want to clear on exit from this app.

Double marker test | during pregnancy


Double marker test | during pregnancy

A woman has to undergo a lot of tests or tests during pregnancy. Some of these tests are done to ensure the good health of both the mother and the fetus. And some tests, on the other hand, recommend to be done by the doctor if any problem is suspected. Double marker testing falls under the second category. What is a double marker test?

The double marker test is a specific type of blood test used to detect any chromosomal abnormalities in the infant. Any abnormalities in the chromosome, ie chromosome, can cause serious health problems that can affect the development of the fetus or even in the child’s later life. With the help of this test, a child can get to know about the presence or potential of some disorders like Down syndrome, Edward syndrome. The double marker test is performed in the first trimester of pregnancy, that is, between 8 and 14 weeks of pregnancy. This test is usually recommended to women with gestational age above 35 years because their infants are more likely to suffer from this type of disease. However, nowadays even younger women have to undergo this test, especially those who have a history of congenital disability in their family. What are the advantages of double marker test? Double marker test, detection of chromosome related abnormalities in the fetus

A woman has to undergo a lot of tests or tests during pregnancy. Some of these tests are done to ensure the good health of both the mother and the fetus. And some tests, on the other hand, recommend to be done by the doctor if any problem is suspected. Double marker testing falls under the second category.

The double marker test is a specific type of blood test used to detect any chromosomal abnormalities in the infant. Any abnormalities in the chromosome, ie chromosome, can cause serious health problems that can affect the development of the fetus or even in the child’s later life. With the help of this test, a child can get to know about the presence or potential of some disorders like Down syndrome, Edward syndrome.

The double marker test is performed in the first trimester of pregnancy, that is, between 8 and 14 weeks of pregnancy. This test is usually recommended to women with gestational age above 35 years because their infants are more likely to suffer from this type of disease. However, nowadays even younger women have to undergo this test, especially those who have a history of congenital disability in their family.

What are the benefits of double marker test

Double marker testing helps detect chromosome-related abnormalities in the fetus. Some other reasons why the doctor suggested this test are given below:

The double

test is a very reliable test, and most of the time, it helps to accurately detect any abnormalities or problems.

If test results are positive, that is, chromosome abnormalities are detected, then other diagnostic procedures or measures may be advised to detect the problem. This test helps identify anomalies soon.

After this test, doctors usually recommend an advanced test to check for Down syndrome or Edward syndrome in the infant. Through this test, the doctor is helped to identify the problem and the necessary treatment is initiated in time.

If the test results are positive, and the neurological condition is detected, you can also choose to end the pregnancy without complications in the early stage of pregnancy.

How to prepare for double marker test

The double marker test is a mandatory blood test that does not require any specific preparation on your behalf. However, if you are taking any medicine during pregnancy, inform your doctor about it. In rare cases, you may be advised not to take medicine until the test is done. Also, if you have an allergy or medical problem, be sure to tell your doctor about it.

How is the double marker test done?

The double marker test is a blood test performed by ultrasound. After taking blood samples, the levels of the hormone free-beta hCG and pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) are examined. During pregnancy, the glycoprotein hormone is developed by the umbilical cord. High levels of free-beta hCG indicate high Down syndrome risk. On the other hand, low levels of protein pose a risk of Down syndrome.

How are test results interpreted?

Double marker test results generally fall into two categories: ‘screen positive’ and ‘screen negative’. The test results depend not only on the blood samples, but also on the age of the mother and the age of the fetus during the ultrasound. All these factors together determine the outcome. Results are presented as a ratio. A ratio of 1:10 to 1: 250 is stated as a ‘screen positive’ result, which falls in the high risk area. A ratio of 1: 1000 or more is called a ‘screen negative’ result, which poses less risk.

By this proportional indication, the possibility of the fetus suffering from the disorder can be understood. Each ratio shows the probability of the disorder in the fetus exceeding the number of pregnancies. A 1:10 ratio means that 1 in 10 fetuses is more likely to have a disorder, which is significantly higher. A ratio of 1: 1000 means that 1 in 1000 pregnancies will cause disorder in the fetus, which is nominal.

If the test result is positive, your doctor may, based on the ratio, advise you on further medical procedures, mainly called amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling.

What are the normal values ​​of the double marker test?

The general range of double marker testing is indicated as follows.

MarkerAumatrafree-Beta Human Chorionic GonadotropinAll age 25700 to 288000 mlU per ml

Is there a disadvantage with the double marker test?

There are no known disadvantages of this test. Because doctors recommend this test only when necessary, and it is not available in all cities. If your doctor recommends this test, you may have to travel to another city for that.

How much does a double marker test cost?

The cost of double marker testing can vary across cities and hospitals. 1000 Rs. And Rs 5000 May cost between The average cost of this test in many cities is around Rs 2500. is.

During pregnancy, you only pray and pray for the health of your unborn baby. To ensure that your baby is born healthy and leads a normal life. So now you should follow a balanced diet, make necessary lifestyle changes, and make all efforts to protect yourself and the fetus. However, there are possibilities that the results of the tests may indicate the presence of the disorder in the fetus, even after all is correct. In such cases, you should discuss with your spouse whether you want to keep the fetus. Obviously it would be difficult for a prospective parent to decide to end the pregnancy, but you should also consider the future situations. If you cannot come to a conclusion, consult your doctor, he will give you a correct suggestion.

 Date night ideas at home

PFMS | Public Financial Management System


PFMS | Public Financial Management System

Public Financial Management System, the full name of pFMS, is funded by the central government to the beneficiary. Which is put directly into the beneficiary’s bank account by the government. This not only benefits that person, but due to direct money transfer, no one can do corruption. It is a complete secure system of the central government. It was launched by the Government of India in 2016. In PFMS, both the Finance Ministry and Planning Commission work together. Prior to PFMS, the amount of money was given to the beneficiary through the Direct Benefit Transfer system. It started in 2013.

How does PFMS work?

This is a software, which is completely controlled by the government. In this software, the Government of India has uploaded the details of every citizen and keeps updating from time to time. Through this, the government gives subsidy or money benefit to the beneficiary. The DATA of the people is done by the Update Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission i.e. the Policy Commission makes a list of the people who have to give benefits. When the government decides to give benefits to people under a scheme, the Niti Aayog lists all the people who are to be given benefits. Now a list of their bank details is made and the money is put together in the account of all of them. In this way, the money gets easily into the beneficiary’s account.

How does the government have your bank details?

You must know that the government is constantly appealing to the people to link their bank account with PAN CARD and AADHAR CARD and the government has made it mandatory. Today almost all the people have BANK ACCOUNT linked to their identity card and this is why the government has the BANK DETAILS of all those people. When you apply to take advantage of any scheme of the government, then the government gives you direct benefits by removing your account details and all this is possible due to the system of PFMS.

Government gives benefits in these schemes from PFMS

➤ Scholarship
Subsidy on Gas Cylinder
➤ Older Pension
➤ debt waiver
Many similar schemes benefit the government through the Public Financial Management System. Now you must have understood how useful PFMS is. On this website, you can check your Bank Status by yourself, how much benefit you will get or will get from the government.

PFMS benefits most students. Because students who are poor do not have money to pay fees. In such a situation, they have the support of scholarship. The students give money directly to the bank account of the students as an incentive to the students who are poor and want to study. Students can check their scholarship by visiting the official website of PFMS. On this, you will show the amount of scholarship you are going to get, and if you have received it, you are also told that.

Eligibility for scholarship on PFMS

The student applying for the scholarship must be from India.
Annual family income should be less than Rs 6 lakh.
The age of the applicant should be 18 to 25 years.
Applicant should have passed 10th standard.

Registration process for pFMS scholarship

Students go to the official website of PFMS and click on PFMS Scholarship Student Registration. Now click on scholarships for universities and college students. Now fill in the details that are being asked from you here. Such as mobile number, bank details, name, address etc. You can open the PFMS website from both your phone or laptop, but our opinion is that you should apply for scholarship from the laptop itself.

One special thing to keep in mind is that your Internet speed should be good. Because Internet Speed ​​is reduced, the time will be longer and you may have to fill the complete details again. Now if you face a problem, then go to your nearest cyber cafe and apply for your scholarship from there. For this you can get a cyber cafe up to 50 rupees. It will be another benefit that you will also learn to apply.

How to use PFMS

First of all, you have to go to the official website of PFMS. Now you will see the option of Know Your Payments on the home page itself. You have to click on it. Now a new page will open in front of you. Here, you have to fill your Bank Account Details like Bank Name, Account Number and Confirm Account Number. After you feel this, you will see a photo on the same page with some Word written on it. Write these words in the box below and click Search. Now you will get all the information on PFMS.

Benefits of PFMS

Corruption does not happen due to direct money going into the account of the beneficiary. Otherwise, there was a lot of corruption in the systems that existed before this. Due to which people could not get his benefits, but after the arrival of PFMS, corruption was stopped and people started getting its proven benefits. The biggest advantage of PFMS is that a person does not have to visit any office. Otherwise the first 50 times had to run around the office and had to beg the officers, but the PFMS ended the hassle of traveling to the offices and also saved time.

With the advent of PFMS, the benefits of the schemes run by the government started getting available soon. Otherwise, this process used to take a long time.
➤ It has become easy for the government to give benefits to the people through PFMS, and the government easily sends money to the account of millions of people at a time.

business | full information about business


business | full information about business

To earn maximum money, one has to do business. This is the only way through which you can earn as much money as you want. If the person working in a fixed salary has a lot of money, then it means either the old property or what can be the other, you can understand.

  • what is busyness

Business is started to produce or provide service to consumers. It is also called company, firm, enterprises. Business is a very large area under which trade, production and quality are all covered. Business is an economic process of continuous production of goods and services and making them accessible to the consumer. In other words, the purpose of business is to profit from the production of goods and services by fulfilling human values. For the purpose of making profit, producing goods and services and passing it on to the customer has to go through many processes. Such as company >> transporter >> wholesaler >> retailer >> customer.

Trade has been given an important place in the capitalist economies. For running the system of any country, it is necessary to have more and more business class in the country. The government gets enough money from these merchant classes in the form of tax. Due to which the government employee is paid. Businessmen work to earn profit. Government institution and government organization also do business. But, it works for public welfare instead of profit.

Everyone around us is busy with some work. As the farmer works in the field, the doctor treats the patient, the teacher is doing the work of teaching, every person is busy in his work. The reason people are busy with their work is to earn money to live life so that the need can be fulfilled. Some people do so much work and fall under the category of rich people of the country and the world, and some are able to fulfill only the needs. Human being is busy in two types of tasks.

Uneconomical work

The kind of work that is done for the purpose of getting satisfaction, in addition to earning money, is called uneconomical work. In this, the fulfillment of social responsibilities, health benefits, some schemes that can lead to public welfare. It includes all the work that we do but, it does not provide any financial benefit.

Economic work

The kind of work that is done for the purpose of making economic profit (money earned). In this, the main purpose of the work is to earn money. For example, a teacher does education to earn money. The farmer works in the farm to earn money by selling crops. A person working in government and private institutions takes wages by working in an office or factory for salary. Economic work is mainly done in three ways.

Job: Job is also business. It addresses such a business. In which a person works for others from time to time and in return receives salary or wages. Government employees, corporate executives, bank employees, factory workers etc. are considered to be engaged in the job. Salary in a job depends on the working hours and work efficiency of the person. In general, the employer determines the salary, time and other conditions of the employee.

Profession: Doctors, engineers, lawyers, all of them are professionals. One person may not specialize in all fields. In this case, we need experts from other fields. For any legal advice one has to meet a lawyer, if sick, one has to meet a doctor. All these people are people associated with the profession. A professional earns money from his knowledge.

Business specialty

The less time it takes to read business writing. In fact, it is a very broad term. We are all familiar with the business, but it is a little difficult to define the business in a few words. The larger the business. It takes much more time to understand. Like job, profession has some specialties. Similarly, business has a slightly different quality.

Goods and Services Transactions: People in business buy and sell goods and services. Business is of many ways. Business ideas are also shared on this blog. If you want to know about a business idea, then you can ask in the comment box below. The business does many things to reach the customer from production.

Sale of Goods and Services: There are two people in the business, one who will buy goods and the other who will sell goods. If a person does production work for himself or to give it at no cost to anyone, then it does not come under the category of business. Business is directly related to profits. Because the main purpose of business is to earn profit. Apart from this, if someone sells his old goods to someone, then it is also not in the category of business. If someone works to buy and sell old goods, then that is business.

Investment for Business: Capital is required for starting any business. This capital (capital) is used to pay the initial capital, the salary of the employee in the coming time, the rent of the place. This capital can be own or loan from any bank or investment of any investor.

Purpose of Business: The main objective of business is to earn profit. Whatever is being done in the business, small or big. Its purpose is only and only profit is earned. There are some businesses in which very good money can be made with very little cost. But there are some businessmen who did not earn, but the capital that was lost was also lost. It is not possible to keep the business running without profit. That is why business is full of income uncertainty and risk.

Cataract surgery | what is Cataract surgery

Cataract surgery | what is Cataract surgery

Cataract Information

The most important part of a human’s body is the eye, which allows him to enjoy beauty with all kinds of activities in the world. But if there is anything in the eye, it seems as if the life is lost. Eye care is very important and with increasing age it is especially important to take care. With increasing age it has often been seen that people over 50 get cataract problems. But, what is cataract?

What is cataract

Cataract is called cataract in English. Cataract eye problem in which gradually the blurring of the eyes begins, which reduces the appearance. Cataract disease can also be congenital. Cataracts can occur in one eye or in both eyes. In common language, if a kind of layer settles over the lens of the eyes, due to this the light of the eyes gradually decreases.

What causes cataract?

growing old

Diabetes problem


Any type of eye injury or swelling

Smoking intake

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation

Radiation therapy


What are the symptoms of cataract?

Blurry or not visible from the eyes – If anyone has a complaint of cataract, then it will not be visible from the eyes or even after applying more number of glasses.

Difficult to see after dusk – Cataract disease appears blurred, as well after several studies have shown that 13% of car accidents occur at night due to cataract patients.

Two visible– In Cataract’s disease, apart from appearing blurred, another symptom is that any object, the patient sees two. This disease is not detected until the doctor does a thorough examination and confirms it.

Sensitivity to light– If any type of light, light, glow is felt in the eyes due to falling on the eyes, then it can be understood that the person has become a victim of cataract.

Confusion in identifying colors– Another symptom of cataract disease is also to face difficulty in identifying colors. As an example, cataract patient, black, blue and purple, all three colors seem to be the same.

What are the types of Cataracts?

Secondary cataract – This cataract is likely to occur after surgery for glaucoma.

Traumatic cataract – Cataract that occurs due to an eye injury is called traumatic cataract. Cataracts can still occur after several years of injury.

Congenital cataract – This is a congenital or childhood cataract. This cataract does not affect the vision of the eye due to being too small. But eye lenses may have to be changed with increasing age.

Radiation cataract – Some cataracts are caused by exposure to radiation.

How to prevent cataract?

Timely eye examination– Get an eye doctor examined every year, so that you can be careful about your eyes.

Food and drinks – Take full care of your diet, so eat more green leafy vegetables in your diet. Also start consuming fruits containing vitamin A and vitamin C.

Eyeglasses– If you have glasses with the number, then wear it according to the advice of the doctor and get the eyes checked every year. If you are more exposed to the sun, then use sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Disease– If you have problems like diabetes, blood pressure etc., then get your doctor checked regularly.

Drunk– Any type of intoxication causes harm to the body, so stop the consumption of drugs as soon as possible.

Cataract operation –

Cataract is also called cataract. There is blurring of the lens of the eye which reduces the ability to see. Cataract occurs when clumps of proteins accumulate in the eye that prevent the lens from sending clear images to the retina.

According to a population-based study, about 74% of people 60 and older in India have cataracts or have had cataract surgery. They have a high number of women and the most common type of nuclear cataract.

What is cataract surgery –

In cataract operation the lens of the eye is removed. In most cases it is replaced with an artificial lens. Generally, the lens of the eye is completely clear, but due to cataract, the lens begins to blur, which also affects the eyesight.

There is no need to stay in the hospital for cataract surgery. These surgeries are very common and usually a safe procedure. Cataract surgery is done by the ophthalmologist.

When should a cataract operation be performed –

It is not necessary that surgery has to be done in case of cataract. It is possible that you do not feel any change in your eyes when you are suffering from this disease. Some of its patients begin to see clear with the use of eyeglasses, use of magnifying lenses or adequate lighting.

If the cataract begins to increase, it may cause more symptoms. There may be blurry in the eyes or there may be a problem of double vision (cataract eye appearing the same thing two). Due to these problems, there is a problem in reading, working on computer or doing any work that requires sharp eyes.

A cataract operation may be advised in this situation when other cataract obstructions begin to occur in the treatment of any eye-related problem. For example, surgery may be required if the ophthalmologist is having trouble seeing the posterior part of the eye due to a cataract to treat or investigate another eye-related problem. This can occur in age-related macular degeneration (a common eye disease caused by a damaged macula) or diabetic retinopathy (an eye disease caused by diabetes).

In most cases, other options are considered before performing cataract surgery. If your eyesight is still good, then you will not need cataract surgery for many years.

People who are having difficulty in doing their work, driving, reading, watching TV, cooking, climbing stairs, taking medicines due to cataract may need to undergo a cataract operation. Even if you have become dependent on others for your work, you should get the operation done.

Preparation before cataract surgery –

An eye specialist examines the eye before a cataract operation. During this, eyes and eye sight are examined in different ways. During this investigation, some things related to the operation are revealed, such as:

You can see fog far or near

What are the disadvantages and benefits of surgery for you

Whether you will need glasses after surgery

How long will it take you to recover completely

If you are suffering from monovision (one eye for distance and another eye for reading), you may be asked to look the same way after surgery. This means that you will be fitted with a lens in one eye to see things nearby and a separate lens in the other eye to look for distant things.

A week or two before the operation, the doctor will do some tests to know the size and shape of the eye. In this way, they will be able to choose the right artificial lens for you.

It is forbidden to eat or drink anything 12 hours before surgery. If someone is taking medicines that may increase the risk of bleeding during surgery, the doctor may refuse to take them for some time. If you are taking any medicine for prostate problem, tell the doctor the need as these drugs can cause problems in cataract surgery.

Antibiotic eye drops may be prescribed for a day or two before cataract surgery.

How do you perform cataract surgery –

For cataract surgery, doctors numb the eye with medication so that you do not feel pain during the operation. This surgery usually takes an hour. The surgeon will make a small cut in front of the eye, sometimes it is also done with the help of laser. The cataract is pulled by pulling a small device through this cut.

Now close the cut by putting a new lens made of plastic, silicon or acrylic.

If someone has cataract in both eyes, then you will have to undergo separate surgery for both eyes. Both surgeries will have an interval of a few weeks.

Precautions after cataract surgery –

After surgery, the patient has to take care of some things, such as:

The patient is sent home only hours after cataract surgery.

Pads and plastic shields can be placed on top of your eyes before leaving the hospital. It can usually be removed one day after surgery.

After the operation it may take a few days to see properly with the eyes.

After the cataract operation, there may be problems with watery eyes, feeling like something moving in the eyes, blurred vision, double vision defects, eye redness.

Usually these side effects go away within a few days but it may take 4 to 6 weeks to fully recover.

You can apply eye glasses only after 6 weeks of surgery, by then the eyes are completely cured.

Use eye drops as described by your doctor. Must use night shield for one week.

Take painkillers if needed.

Wear an I-Shield while washing hair, reading, watching TV and working on a computer and get out of the house only by wearing glasses or eye-shield.

Do not swim for 4 to 6 weeks after the operation.

Do not rub the eyes and do not use any soap or shampoo on the eyes.

Do not start driving until it is completely clear.

Avoid any difficult exercises or work. Do not even apply makeup on the eyes for four weeks.

Before being discharged from the hospital, you will be given some eye drops to avoid eye infection. Your doctor will tell you when and how to use them.

You have to clean the eyes twice a day for the first two weeks after the surgery as eye drops and healing process (the recovery process) may cause stickiness around the eyes.

Heat the water to clean the eyes and then let it cool down. Now wash hands and soak them in a cotton cloth. Thoroughly clean the area around the eyes with this cloth. Careful clothing or water should not go inside the eyes. Do not press the eyes.

Complications after cataract surgery –

Complications after the cataract operation are rare and most can be treated successfully. The risks of cataract surgery are:




Eyelid bending

Withdrawal of Artificial Lens

Retinal detachment

Black cataract (glaucoma)

Reduced eyesight

If you have any other eye disease or serious health problems, you are at increased risk of complications after cataract surgery. Sometimes a cataract operation fails to improve eye light because the eye has already been damaged by other conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. It is preferable to get any other eye related problems investigated and treated before cataract surgery.

The risk of a serious complication after cataract surgery is very low. The most common complications can be cured with medication or further surgery. Only one person out of a thousand people is at risk of going light after this operation.