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Amazon ” Amazon profile link ” is a huge online retailer with a market capitalization as of June 2018 that exceeds US $ 268 billion as well as being an online retailer, selling and displaying products for sale on line to Amazon individuals and businesses allows for. It is the world’s largest Internet retailer by revenue, with 2017 revenues of over $ 177 billion.” Amazon profile link “

Amazon ” Amazon profile link ” is one of the most popular online marketplaces used by both as well as businesses, and the site is available in many different countries and languages. Amazon ” Amazon profile link ” Kindle is one of its most popular products as well as the Amazon App Store. Finally, Amazon provides software and infrastructure solutions for businesses and individuals.

Amazon profile link

Amazon was started by Jeff Bezos at XNUMX in Seattle Washington, and was initially little more than an online bookstore. From those humble beginnings, Amazon has become the largest online ecommerce retailer, and one of the most powerful brands in the world. Not only has it expanded its offerings of goods and services, but it also participates in the streaming video marketplace, the cloud computing marketplace, and recently Amazon has entered banking.

Online shopping trend on the internet is increasing significantly, now we do not need to go out of the house to buy goods because we get everything online, we just have to order our goods and in a few days we get the goods We do not get that thing in the market, we get it online.” Amazon profile link “

Online shopping has made our life easy. Amazon is such a platform where you can do online shoping from Recharge. If you have knowledge of Amazon, then you can earn money from Amazon also get cash back on Amazon Recharge And you can get a good discount on shopping.

To create an account on Amazon, first of all you have to download Amazon from the Play Store, after downloading, install Amazon in your mobile

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How to create an account on amazon ( amazon profile link )

Creating an account on Amazon is very easy, just for this, you should have an Android phone and Internet connection in it, to create an account on Amazon, you can follow the steps we have given:

Step 1: Amazon Official Site amazon profile link

First of all open the site of Amazon and click on Sign In Button.

Amazon profile link

Step 2: Create Your Amazon Account

Amazon profile link

There Sign In Page will be open there and click on Create Your Amazon Account.

Step 3: Personal Details

Amazon profile link

On the next page, you have to fill in the details like – Mobile Number, Email Address, and a Strong Password and click on Continue.

Step 4: Verification Code

Amazon profile link

By clicking on Continue, a Verification Code (OTP) will come to your mobile number and enter it and confirm your account.

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Step 5: Mobile Number Confirmation ( amazon profile link )

As soon as you confirm your mobile number, you will come to the homepage of Amazon, click here on Continue Shoping and your account will be ready.

Friends, you can do online shopping by creating an account on Amazon like this.

When we create an Amazon account, we give a password for login there, you cannot create an account without giving a password, which is the password you enter while creating an account.

You need to remember that password because in order to login to Amazon, you have to enter that password. If you forget the Amazon password, then you can change your password by having a Forgot Password.

How to signup for amazon Affiliate Program?

According to your geographical location or according to your target market, you have to signup for Amazon Affiliate Program.

For example, your target audience is U.S. If you are in Signup has to be done for Affiliate Program only. If your target audience is from India then you have to signup for Amazon India Affiliate Program. If you want to join Amazon’s Affiliate Program for all countries, then you have to join separately for everyone like .jp in Japan and .au in Australia.” Amazon profile link “

How to create Affiliate links as an Amazon Affiliate?

I just assume that you have signed up for Amazon Associates.

The next step is to get links, banners or widgets for your site. Depending on your niche, you can select different links. For example:

If you have a gadget blog, you can create a page called “Recommended Gadgets.”

If you have a movie or a music blog, then you can add affiliate link of a movie DVD in the sidebar.

There are countless possibilities and you can add links according to your niche and monetize your site to a great extent through Amazon.

You will be able to earn money from online Amazon when someone will buy products by following your referral links. It also includes further purchases. (That is, if the user still buys something from the Amazon website at the same time, then you also get his commision)

At the top of every page, you can find the Amazon Affiliate link generator, so that you can instantly get your Amazon Affiliate links.

Step by step guide to create Amazon Affiliate Link: ( amazon profile link)

Once your application is approved, you login to your Amazon Affiliate panel and now go to any product page of Amazon. In the top you will get an option called Amazon Associates Site Stripes.

Click on Get Link> Text here.

If you are using Store ID or tracking ID for tracking, you can also change it.

In such case, if you want to make any changes to Site Strip Option, you can do this with your Amazon associate account. This is the direct link to make changes in Site Strip Option.

Another way to create Affiliate links for Amazon Products:

The first option was the neatest and fastest. There are also other ways to create Affiliate links for Amazon product and let’s consider these as well.

Login to your Amazon associate account and click on Product Linking> Product Links.

On the next page you have two options. Search for one product or enter ASIN / ISBN code for each different product. I prefer the second one because it is also fast. The father can learn more about ASIN / ISBN codes from here.

How to get ASIN Code of Individual Amazon Product?

Now the first thing is to find a product that is relevant to your blog / website. You can search for any product directly by visiting the homepage of Once you find the product, go to the product detail part. In this case I have obtained the ASIN code of the product.

Obtaining Amazon Affiliate Link for Product: ( amazon profile link )

Now we have ASIN code for the product. Go to the Add a product link page.

Enter the ASIN code of the product and click Go. Refer the image below:

Click on Get Link and you will be able to get text links or image links which you can paste on your website.

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