Best free antivirus reddit 2021 download

Best free antivirus reddit you want to install the best antivirus in your PC or laptop, then Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus. This antivirus protects you from any kind of virus, malware, online hacking, online or offline. Bitdefender is an advanced technology antivirus software that gives you all kinds of security. If you want a highly secure antivirus for your business work, then Bitdefender will be the best antivirus for you. Its two types of products are Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Bitdefender Internet Security, which are both the best. 

best free antivirus reddit

Kaspersky Total Security best free antivirus reddit

best free antivirus reddit

Kaspersky Total Security is software that provides all in one protection. If you want features like antivirus, firewall security, kid-safe, password manager etc. in your computer, then it will be best for you. Its firewall is much better, it protects against unwanted connections on the Internet and does not allow any kind of viruses or malware to enter the computer.

 Avast Premier 

If there is talk of free antivirus for Window PC, I consider Avast the best but we are talking about the best antivirus here. Avast Premier does not back down in any case. This software provides you with full features. You will get powerful features like Internet Security, Firewall, Virus Protection, Software Update, Password Manager etc. in the same software. I have been using this antivirus software for the last three years without any problem. Till now it has not seen any virus-like problem in my laptop.

4 Norton Security Standard

Norton Antivirus is considered to be the best software for business security. If you use the Internet more then install this antivirus. It gives you protection from online viruses like Wi-Fi, spam email, web security etc. If you are worried about USB Device Virus, then this software will free you from this problem too.

5 AVG Ultimate

AVG Technology has been working on Internet and Virus Security since 1991 and today it is one of the best antivirus software It detects and removes big and small viruses in the computer. AVG Ultimate is an excellent all in one antivirus software created by AVG. This frees you from viruses that interfere with personal information like Spyware and Adware. If your system starts getting slow due to some virus or junk, then this software detects and removes it, which makes your computer work faster.

If any of the above antivirus is installed in your PC or laptop, then you do not have to be afraid of any kind of virus. You will always have to update your antivirus software. The biggest advantage of updating is that if a new virus has come on the Internet, your antivirus will be ready to fight it.

There are many types of apprehensions about security on the Android platform. Should there be antivirus apps on Android smartphones? This is a matter of serious discussion. It depends to a large extent on whether you have installed apps outside the play store in the phone or not. No one can deny that Malware has served to raise concerns. The good thing is that security apps have improved with the passage of time to face new challenges. So you have several options to choose from.

Most Android security apps are like a package. These include a variety of tools, from contact filtering to remote lock. We have found five best Android security and antivirus apps for you. Let us tell you about them in detail.

360 Security App

China’s developer company Chihu is recognized for its 360 security app. The main function of the 360 ​​Mobile Security app is to identify and discard threats associated with your system. This is a very streamlined and elegant design app. It also does not take up much space in your phone and is available absolutely free. With real time scan, your smartphone will be completely safe from the dangers of malware, spyware and infection. It is able to identify and overcome system deficiencies. It also cleans Idol background apps so that your phone works at full capacity. It has a privacy advisor. A tool is also available to clear usage history.

The latest version of 360 Security has many other features including junk file cleaner, memory booster and power saving option. Its performance is very smooth and it has many extras so many users will like it.

Avast mobile security

Despite being a free app, the avast mobile security app offers a variety of features to Android users. Antivirus protection is the main one. It thoroughly scans the apps present in the smartphone and also gives details of the work they are doing. It also has a web shield that scans the URL for malware.

Many additional tools are also available with this package. The best of these is the anti-theft component. This app is based on an old app Theft Aware bought by Avast. The anti-theft feature is hidden and with the help of this you will be able to remote control your smartphone via SMS. If you lose your phone, you can also lock it from the remote location.

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

The ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus App has been included in this list for its excellent results. This basic app is available for free and it provides real time scan of other apps. It also monitors malware and alleged dangerous apps.

Anti-theft tools are also provided in its free version. You can locate your phone from the remote location or uninstall it. You can prevent anyone from uninstalling apps with the help of password protection.

Avira Antivirus Security

You can also rely on the free version of Avira Anti Virus for your Android smartphone or tablet. It is excellent in performance and its design is very simple. It fits perfectly for the Android platform.

Avira scans apps to check for threats. It also scans new apps and updates itself constantly. It also has anti-theft tools with the help of which you can search your device from remote location.

It has an Identity Safeguard tool that can tell you if your email account has been leaked. Its premium version comes with anti-fishing, regular updates and better support.


Some of you users only think about malware protection. If you don’t want any anti-theft tool or identity protection, then you will like AVL.

The AVL app can scan a variety of file formats in addition to APKs. It is designed to work quickly and at full capacity. It comes with a call blocking feature.

Apart from these, you can think about Sophos Free Anti Virus and Security and Trend Micro Mobile Security and Antivirus.

So now we will talk about how to delete virus from computer, how can you delete virus from your computer

If the virus gets inside the computer, then it must be deleted from the computer, otherwise your computer can also be damaged.

Because of this, our work also has an impact. Everyday we use internet and do a lot of work with the use of internet in our computer, then by accessing more internet, viruses start coming on the computer, but due to this we can not stop using internet. Today, such a trick has been brought for you, which will eliminate all viruses on your computer.

So know how to remove viruses from computer now if you are also trying to remove virus from your computer, then read this post how to delete computer viruses from beginning to end. After reading the post from beginning to end, you will get complete information about it.

how to detect virus in computer

It is important for you to know whether the computer has a virus or not, only after detecting the virus in the computer, you can remove it:

You can also check in the program file of the computer that there is no software or program installed that you have not installed. If you find any such file which you have not installed, then it is a virus.

This virus occurs when any audio or video stops running.

If you want to change the name of a file and if it is not changing then it is due to virus.

When your computer hangs, it is caused by a virus.

If the speed of the computer is slowed then the computer has a virus.

As soon as you open the browser, it starts to open without clicking the new tab in it, then understand that there is a virus in the computer.

When you are searching something on the Internet and it is downloading without giving permission, it is due to virus.

If the computer is shutting down repeatedly then viruses have come in it.

If all this problem is happening in your computer too, then understand that viruses have come in your computer. For these reasons you can detect the virus in your computer.

how to delete virus in computer

Next, we are giving you such easy ways to remove virus from computer, by which you can remove virus from your computer very easily.

Method 1: Use A Best Software

If your computer has a virus, then you should use a good software for it. This software protects your computer from viruses and keeps it secure:

Download Malwarebytes

First of all you have to download Malwarebytes Software in your computer.

Install Software

Download and install it now.

Open software

Now open the software.

Update software

If you have the option of update after opening the software, then update it.

Tap on scan now

After this, to scan it, click on Scan Now.

Select Threats

After the scan, whatever virus is there in your computer will appear on your screen, then select it.

Quarantine Selected

Click on Quarantine Selected. After clicking on it, all viruses will be removed from your computer.

Method 2: Remove Virus With Command

If there is a virus in one of the drives of your computer and they are not getting deleted, then you can use this method. With the help of CMD, you can remove the virus from the computer without any software:

The first thing is to open Dos in the computer. For this, write Cmd by typing Windows + R and enter it or right click in the Command Prompt option by clicking Start Button and you have to click on Run As Administration.

If your drive has virus, open it in Cmd, then type D: and press Enter.

First of all, type Attrib and press Enter, here you will get a virus show.

After this type Attrib -r -a -s -h *. * And press Enter.

And lastly you have to press Enter by typing Del Autorun.Inf. Just now your computer virus will be successfully removed.

Method 3: Task Manager

If you still feel that there is a virus in your computer, then you should check the running process in Task Manager:

Open task manager

First of all, open Task Manager on the computer.

Show Processes From All Users

In this, click on Show Processes From All Users.

End process

End-process whatever you are looking for by right clicking it.

Open File Location

After that go to the Open File Location and delete it. You can also remove virus in this way with the help of Task Manager. I hope you like this information