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best internet provider All those companies or organizations that provide service to the Internet are called ISPs, ie Internet Service Provider. Internet service provider, ( best internet provider ) along with internet also provides many other services such as web page hosting, mail services, file transfer etc.

Example: In India, many ISPs are currently working, most of the phone companies, cable companies and satellite companies do the work of providing internet service. Such as: – Airtel, Jio, Idea, Videophone and BSNL etc.

ISPs can be any company, organization or institute that provides Internet access service. ISPs are also called Internet Access Provider.

Category of (ISP) ( best internet provider )

Friends Internet service provider is divided into 3 categories called Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3.

1. Tier1 ISP Company: –

Tier1 ISP is the largest ISP company as compared to other ISPs that connect different countries to the Internet. These companies work to provide internet between different countries by laying sea link cable under the sea.

The Tier1 company is also called the Backbone Internet Provider because if the ISP fails, then the entire internet is stalled. Friends, you all must know that there is no one who owns the internet, in that case the money we give to the internet is called, so friends, the money we pay for the internet is the largest part of it which goes to these Tier 1 ISP company. By providing cable in the sea between countries and continents, it works to provide internet.

Examples: – China Unicom, Airtel Bharti, Tata TGN Indicom, Seameve-4, BBG, Hibernia Network etc.

2. Tier2 ISP Company: –

Tier2 ISPs are medium type ISPs which are smaller than Tier1 but bigger than Tier3 ISP company. When Tier1 company brings internet connection to the country then Tier 2 company works to extend that internet connection to different states and cities of the country. That is, Tier2 company does the work of making Internet accessible to various cities within the country.

The second part of what the user pays for the Internet goes to this Tier 2 ISP company, ie the largest part of the money given by the user to the Internet goes to Tier 1 and the other part to Tier 3.

Examples: – Idea, Tata Indicom, Jio, BSNL, Easynet, Videophone etc.

3. Tier3 ISP Company: –

These are the smallest ISPs who provide internet connections to colonies and homes within the city. These companies provide connections from Tier 2 ISPs and provide connections to households.

The third part of the money given by the user for internet connection goes to these Tier3 ISP company.

Examples: – High Tech ISP, Internet Solution, Comcast, Verizon Communication etc.

what is Internet? + ( best internet provider )

The Internet is a communication network that uses telephone lines, cables, satellites, and wireless connections to connect computers and other devices to the World Wide Web WWW. All the latest computers can connect to the internet, such as many mobile phones and some televisions, video game consoles, and other devices.

In simple words, connecting all the computers in the world is called internet.

Each network consists of millions of computers, servers and printers. The networks that make up the Internet can be owned and maintained by different companies but messages and data regarding ownership are transferred to all of them as they all use the same protocol or language to communicate.

Everyone who is connected to computer internet has their own identity and we know it by the name of IP address. Without this, no computer or mobile internet can work by connecting.

How does internet work? best internet provider

Now it comes that when our computer connects with the world and transmits all the information to us, then how does this information come to us, how does the Internet work?

So let’s understand how it works, first comes the server in which all the information of the world is saved. Another ISP (Jio, airtel etc) that connects us to the server and delivers all the information. After this comes our PC, laptop and mobile browser in which we search for information according to our own. ” best internet provider “

When we search for anything on the net, first of all it goes to the Information ISP and then it checks that information in the server and then the server sends that information to the internet provider ( best internet provider ) and then the net provider reaches that information to us. Sends so that whatever we search on the internet, it is easily accessible to us.

What is the history of Internet and when was it started?

Many people contributed behind the invention of Internet. Leonard Kleinrock first thought of it, then in 1962 J.C.R. Licklider teamed up with Robert Taylor to form a network called ARPANET, which was known as TELNET. The network was formerly known as ARPANET (The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network).

Internet was started in India in the 80s. The Internet was started in 1969 by the Department of internet provider

Internet access

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