Xiaomi’s first 5G phone will be launched with the name of POCO F3, not Redmi K40

Xiaomi’s first 5G phone will be launched with the name of POCO F3, not Redmi K40 : – In the last few years, Xiaomi has made a strong hold in the Indian smartphone market. As soon as a new phone of the Xiaomi company is launched and its selling starts, its millions of mobile sets are sold out in a few minutes. The reason for this is that Xiaomi gives good features to its customers at a low price, that is why people are satisfied with the phone of this company.

Redmi K40 Full Specification

Xiaomi launched the Redmi K40, Redmi K40 Pro and Redmi K40 Pro Plus smartphones a few days ago while expanding the ‘Redmi K’ series on the tech platform. These three smartphones were introduced by Xiaomi in its home market in China, which is now ready to enter the global market. Redmi’s 40 series will come in the Indian market along with the international market, but if the news came out, then the name of this phone in India will not be Redmi K40 but Poco F3.

It may sound strange, but it is being said in the latest media reports that 40 series of Redmi launched in China by Xiaomi will be introduced under the Poco brand in the global market. The Redmi K40 smartphone will take entry on the global platform as Poco F3 as a rebranded version. Poco F3 smartphone can be launched in India as well in the international market. Information about Redmi K40 aka Poco F3 has been revealed from the listing of American certification site FCC.

Redmi K40 Full Specification

In China, this phone has been launched on a 6.67-inch full HD Amoled E4 Truton display that supports HDR 10 with a 120Hz refresh rate. It has a maximum brightness of 1,300 nits and comes with a 5000000: 1 contrast ratio and 515 ppi pixel density. It includes a refresh rate of up to 120Hz with a hole-punch design, which can also go down to 30Hz depending on usage. The touch sampling rate of the panel is 360Hz.

In this affordable premium smartphones, the company has given Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC with 5G support. The company claims that Snapdragon 870 will work on sub-6 GHz and 5G smartphones at mmWave and they are equipped with ultra-intuitive AI. This means that this processor is great for mobile gaming enthusiasts.

For photography, there is a triple camera setup at the rear of the phone and a punch-hole single selfie camera at the front. In total, four cameras are provided in the phone. If you talk about the camera setup on the rear of the phone, then it has a 48 megapixel AI primary camera, 5 megapixel macro and 8 megapixel wide angle camera. At the same time, a 20-megapixel camera has been provided in the phone for selfie and video calling.

The phone has a 4,520mAh battery, which is equipped with 33W fast charging technology. With the help of this technology, the phone can be fully charged in just 50 minutes. Apart from this, connectivity options in the smartphone include 5G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS / A-GPS, NFC, Infrared (IR) and USB Type-C port.


Hotspot Definition How Work Hotspot

Hotspot Definition How Work Hotspot If ever you have to reply to an important email or sometimes you have to surf the internet in public places then we need a lot of internet connection. Since it is not possible to reach internet in all such places. In such a situation, Wi-Fi hotspot is very much needed.

This internet connection is not only highly convenient, but with it you do not have to use smartphone data either. Therefore, these hotspots have become a major part of all public infrastructure and together a new experience of internet connection.

Today, crores of people use public hotspots every day to fulfill their internet needs. According to a survey, there are more than 2 lakhs of hotspots all over the world, which means one hotspot in every 20 people. This is probably because because of our modern digital lifestyle, we always have to get connected with the internet, due to which we need a lot of internet. In such a situation, public Wi-Fi access points have started increasing the global network of this hotspot so that all the needs of the people can be fulfilled.

Hotspot Definition

Hotspot Definition

A hotspot is a specific location that provides Internet access through a wireless local area network (WLAN). This term is generally synonymous with a Wi-Fi connection. A network that hotspot consists of two main things which are modem and wireless router.

Radio frequency (RF) waves that are sent through the wireless network extend in all different directions from its centralized location. These signals become weak as they travel further, this may be due to the distortion from the central location or due to any interference.

How Work Hotspot

This Wi-Fi hotspot also works just like Wi-Fi, which you use at home. A wireless access point uses radio signals to communicate with other computers and Wi-Fi devices. These Wi-Fi access points are connected to the internet which is often connected with a router or a server that regulates which cones can access Wi-Fi. 80211 standards are used to standardize how signals are sent and received, which is developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Types of hotspots

Types of hotspots
  • There are mainly two types of hotspot: –

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

In this type of Wi-Fi router, the password requirement is removed, this helps all users to connect to the same network so that they can access the internet easily.

Commercial Hotspots

These types of access points provide wireless coverage but only with a fee. When a user is connected to one of the commercial hotspot for Internet, then the user is usually redirected to a screen in which login information or payment details are asked to use this service.

Hotspots provide easy internet to millions of Internet users, but it also has some security issues. For example, free public hotspots are often targets of hackers and identity thieves. These attackers make rogue or fake hotspots that looks like a legitimate hotspot. If users inadvertently connect with such access points then they can steal all your sensitive data.

What is hotspot and mobile hotspot

Before knowing how to connect to the hotspot or its security issues, let’s know something about them. While some people use these terms “hotspot” and “mobile hotspot” interchangeably, they actually have distinct meanings.


It is a hotspot such a physical location where people can access the internet very easily, for this they are connected via Wi-Fi, a wireless local area network (WLAN) which is connected to a router. with. Most people consider such locations as “Wi-Fi hotspots” or “Wi-Fi connections.” They say. In easy language, hotspots are such physical places where users can wirelessly connect their mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets with the Internet and use it.

A hotspot can be located anywhere, whether it is in a private location or a public location. Where public hotspot is free, money has to be paid in private hotspot.

Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot (also called a portable hotspot) is a hotspot that is mobile specific only. Where a “regular” Wi-Fi hotspot is available at any one physical location, you can create a mobile hotspot anywhere, you can connect your laptop to the Internet using the data connection of your smartphone. Huh. This process is called “tethering”.

Terms used in Hotspot

If you want to understand the technicality of Wi-Fi hotspots properly, then you have to understand all the terms used in it properly. Let us understand some such terms.

Access Point (wireless access point)

A wireless access point (WAP) is a type of networking device that allows a Wi-Fi compliant device to connect to a wired network. We can connect this WAP physically with a router or it can also be integrated with a router. A WAP is not a hotspot, but rather a physical location where Wi-Fi access to a WLAN is available.


Wi-Fi is a technology that allows your smartphone or computer to access the Internet through a wireless connection. It uses radio signals between the enabled device and WAP to send and receive data.


SSID is the full form of service set identifier (and also commonly called SSID), it is a unique name of a wireless network. But for this you should know the name of the wireless network with which you want to connect. You can search available wireless networks with the help of your computer or smartphone. Often people name their wireless network such as Ram Network, Shakti Traders etc. With this, different networks can be identified from the pedestal.

How to connect Wi-Fi hotspot

You must have known what a WIFi hotspot is. And there will probably be many of you who use Wi-Fi hotspots to connect your smartphone or laptop with the internet. Whether you are in your office, at home or in any public locations, you definitely use these hotspot.

Connecting with a wireless hotspot is a very simple process. Let us understand this process. If you need internet connection in your mobile and you do not have data then you can use hotspot. For this, you just have to click the wifi option in your smartphone. With this you will see all the nearest hotspot in your screen, you can select them easily. If it is a private hotspot then you will be asked to enter a password. That hotspot will be activated as soon as you enter and you can use it.

How to use your Smartphone as a mobile hotspot?

If you are in a place where there is no wifi hotspot and you are very much in need of internet, then you can also use one mobile as a hotspot. This process is called tethering. Through this, you can use the internet in your laptop or computer by sharing the data of your phone.

At the same time, its steps depend on smartphones and operating system. But if you want, you can get information about it from the user manual of the device. From the security perspective, you can use a Wi-Fi password so that no other person can use your hotspot without your permission. Next we will know how we can use our mobiles according to hotspot in different Os.

How to turn on Wi-Fi hotspot feature in Android Phone?

In smartphones and tablets that use Android 2.2 or an upgraded android version, the built-in Wi-Fi data sharing feature is used. Together you can wirelessly share the phone’s data connection with about 5 other devices simultaneously.

The precise location setting of the Wi-Fi hotspot varies slightly according to a particular phone and OS version. But generally, if you have to enable the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, then you need to go to Settings> Wireless & Networks> Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (also called “Tethering and Mobile HotSpot” somewhere). One has to tap on it, then check or slide to turn on the mobile hotspot feature.

After doing this you will see the default network name of hotspot and you will also have to set a password for the network. After this, to connect any other device, you have to connect them with that newly created wireless network.

How to turn on Personal Hotspot Feature in iPhone?

In iPhone, the mobile hotspot feature is called “personal hotspot”. Depending on your wireless carrier, you can connect up to 5 devices to it and share your iPhone’s data.

To turn it on,

You can first set Settings> General> Network> Personal Hotspot> Wi-Fi Hotspot and then you can also set your password which should be at least eight characters. After this, all you have to do is switch on your personal hotspot.

How to turn on Internet Sharing in Windows Phone?

In Windows Phone, the mobile hotspot feature is simply called, “Internet Sharing”.
If you want to share your cellular data in Windows Phone via Wi-Fi, then for this, you have to flick left from the Start Screen and go to the App list, after that you will have to go to Settings> Internet Sharing and then must switch on.

In the Internet sharing screen, you can change the network name, set its security in WPA2, and can also set your password.

What are the benefits of Mobile Hotspots?

Mobile hotspots are very important for all those who travel frequently and who always need internet connection for their devices. With this, web surfers can do their work at faster speed through mobile hotspots compared to their regular connection.

If you can get internet connection anywhere and anytime for your devices then what else can be a great advantage. You can connect many devices at once through mobile hotspot, that too easily. This gives the users a dedicated connection to their devices, which is a big advantage for them. Apart from this, you do not have the tension of security, so that we can use the internet by being safe.

  • By using this, we can avoid the loss of all the phone data plan of our phone.
  • This is also true for the battery life of our phone.
  • With this we can reliably do tethering with multiple devices.
  • We can work for longer periods of time without dropping the connection.
  • We can also use the hotspot while talking on the phone, so that there is no obstruction in the internet.

You have to do a little research to choose the right mobile hotspot, but with this you can get the best Hotspot network.

fAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock internet and hotspot if 1 password is installed?

You can bypass this password. Well it is not right to do this. But I am going to give below tips for educational purpose only.

For this, you need to have root access to your android phone. If not then you can get it root also. Once you root, then you have to install an application WPA WPS Tester and scan the available wifi. But in the free version you can only access wifi that will show green.

2 Does hisab 4g hotspot support Indian sim?

Most phones are supported by Indian SIM. For this, you have to see in the phone box whether it supports Indian sim or not.

3 How to remove hotspot error?

For this you can wipe the \ system and reflash the ROM. For this you can take some time, which will take a short time, that too for a few minutes.
There is also a second way that you will have to turn on your mobile data, before starting the hotspot.

I hope I have given you complete information about what is hotspot Hotspot Definition How Work Hotspot and I hope you have understand about how to connect hotspot. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments. Your thoughts will give us the opportunity to learn and improve don’t forget share this article your WhatsApp groups


What is applications software And Examples

What is applications software And Examples All of us users use many applications in our smartphones, computers, laptops or tablets. But do you know exactly what is this application software? What are its different types and how does it work. If you do not know much about them, then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

Because today we are going to know all the basic points of Application Software and with this we are going to know what are the differences between Application Software and System Software.

By the way, if we understand a general definition, then it is a software that is used to perform a specific task so that it can help the users. To know more about these software, then you have to read this article completely. So today I thought that why should you all be provided complete information about what is application software, so that you do not have any doubts about it in the coming time.

What is applications software

What is application software

Application software is a term used for softwares that are designed to do a specific job. It is generally a program or collection of programs that is used by end users. By the way, you can also call it an application or simply an app. If seen, all other software which is not system software and programming software, you can call them application software.

Definition of Application software

This is a software that has been developed to help users and can perform only one specific task. Such softwares are called application software. This is completely different from System Software. Where the System Software runs in the background, the Application Software runs in the front end and it is also visible to the users.

Let us know about some examples of Application Software:

  • Word processing software
  • Database programs
  • Entertainment software
  • Business software
  • Educational software
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • Spreadsheet software

Types of application software

application software types

By the way, there are many types of Application Softwares, but here below I have told about some important types. So let’s know about them.

application suite

It consists of multiple applications bundled together. In which related functions, features and user interfaces interact with each other.

Enterprise Software

It fulfills the needs of an organization and there is data flow in a huge distributed environment.

Enterprise Infrastructure Software:

It provides capabilities that are needed to support enterprise software systems.

Information Worker Software

It addresses individual needs to manage and create information within departments for all individual projects.

Content Access Software

It is used to access content and to address any published digital content and entertainment.

Educational Software

It provides such content which is needed for the use of students.

Media development software

It generates and prints such electronic media which is needed by the individual to consume.

What are Software and Hardware?

This term ‘software’ refers to the set of electronic program instructions or data that a computer processor reads to perform a task or operation. On the contrary, this term ‘hardware’ refers to those physical components that we can see. Such as a computer’s hard drive, mouse, and keyboard.

Software is categorized according to their design which has to accomplish something. In such a situation, there are two main types of software: –

  • 1 Systems software
  • 2 Application software

What is Systems Software

Systems software consists of programs that are specifically designed to manage computers such as operating systems, file management utilities, and disk operating systems (or DOS). These operating systems manage computer hardware resources with applications and data. At the same time, if the systems software is not installed in computers, then we would have to type instructions for it to do any operation. Getting that done really seems an impossible task.

Applications Software

Application software, or simply applications, are also often called productivity programs or end-user programs because they enable users to complete tasks, such as creating documents, spreadsheets, databases and publications, online research, email Sending, designing graphics, running businesses, and even playing games. This is to say that application software is very specific to perform any task. They are only designed to perform the same task. It can be a simple calculator application or it can also be a complex word processing application.

What is a window based application

Windows Application is a user build application that runs on a Windows platform. These windows application has a graphical user interface provided by Windows Forms. Windows forms provide such a wide variety of controls that include Button, TextBox, Radio Button, CheckBox, and other data and connection controls.

What is Mutation Application?

Mutation Application is called an application that is used to change title ownership from one person to another when a property is sold or transferred. Mutating a property means that the new owner gets that land or property in his name by going to a land revenue department and the government can also charge the property tax. All these documentation procedures used to be done manually earlier, while the Mutation Application is now used for this.

Categorization of Application Software and System Software

To better understand both Application Software and System Softwares, it is very important to categorize them properly. So let’s categorize them one by one.

As we already know that the application software is designed to perform the same task. In such a situation, there are many different application software using different level of language such as:

1 Word processing software

This is a tool that is used to create letters, word sheets, type papers etc.
Eg: MS Word, MS Works, AppleWorks

2 Spreadsheet Software

There is a tool that is used to compute number intensive problems like forecasting, budgeting etc.
Eg: MS Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Works

3 Desktop Publishing Software

This tool is used for illustrative worksheets, banners, newsletters, signs, gift cards etc.
Eg: MS Word, MS Publisher, Adobe PageMaker

4 Database Software

It is used to store data such as text information, memberships, address etc. This helps the users to sort the information correctly.
Eg: MS Access, FileMaker Pro

5 Communication Software

This software allows connected computers to communicate with each other for which they use audio, video or chat-based medium.
Eg: MS Net Meeting, IRC, ICQ

6 Presentation Software

It is used to make multimedia stacks of cards / screens.
Eg: MS Powerpoint, Hyper Studio, Flash, Super Card, HyperCard

7 Internet Browsers

By using this tool, a user surfs into the web, can read their emails and can also create web pages simultaneously.
Eg: Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer

8 Email Programs

These software are mainly used to send and receive emails.

Eg: MS Outlook, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, AOL Browser
As the number of technology and users are evolving, the application software also keeps changing and better modifications are brought to them so that they can solve real-world problems.

How to categorize system softwares

If seen, there are mainly five types of systems software, which are designed to control and coordinate the processes and functions of computer hardware. They enable functional interaction between hardware, software and user.

Systems software is used to perform all the middleman tasks which ensures that communication is harmonious between software and hardware.

Therefore Systems software is mainly categorized into 5 types:

  • Operating system: It harnesses communication between hardware, system programs, and other applications.
  • Device driver: This enables device communication between the OS and other programs.
  • Firmware: It enables device control and identification.
  • Translator: It translates high-level languages ​​into low-level machine codes.
  • Utility: Ensures that devices and applications can achieve optimum functionality.

I hope that I have given you complete information about what is Application Software and Examples and I hope you guys have understood about the type of application software. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments. With these ideas you will be able to learn and improve. If you liked my post what is application software and application software types or you have got something to learn from it, then to show your happiness and eagerness, please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc.


What is storage devices of computer

storage devices of computer This question may have come to the mind of many at some time, but even after searching a lot, detailed information is not available anywhere in Hindi, due to which many people know what the Data Storage Device is in the right mind and its There is no complete information about how many types are there.

As its name suggests, these are some devices that are used to store data or information digitally.

They are also alternatively known as digital storage, storage media, storage medium or storage device. These are some such hardware devices that store data or information digitally and that too Temporarily or Permanently. Their main purpose is to store the data.

If we talk about computers, then these data storage are such places that store the data in electromagnetic and optical form so that the computer processor can easily access these data when needed.

What is storage devices of computer

storage devices of computer

As I have already said that storage devices are called those which store data and information periodporarily or permanently according to the need. They store data digitally.

The storage device used in computers is mainly of two types.

  1. Primary Storage Device
  2. Secondary Storage Device

Here if I talk about Primary Storage Device, then their memory is temporary, or it is also called volatile. With this they have limited memory.

  • For example, RAM.

If I talk about Secondary Storage Device, then their memory is permanent. With this, they can store large amounts of data.

For example Hard Drives.
Why Secondary Storage Devices are more used?

Secondary storage devices

  1. The memory (RAM) of primary storage is volatile and temporary. As soon as the computer is turned off, all the data which is in RAM also gets erased.
  2. Secondary storage devices store very large amounts of data and instructions permanently, where primary memory has a very small capacity to store data.
  3. A special feature of secondary storage is that it can be removable, internal, and external storage as well.

Local Storage Types

External Hard Drive

This is similar to those hard drives that have been installed in your desktop computer and Laptops. The main difference in them is that you can plug them into the computer, or you can remove them and or you can also keep them separate from the main computer.

It is mainly found in two sizes:

Desktop External Hard drive: which is about 3.5 inch and used in desktop computers.

Portable External Hard drive: which is about 2.5 inch and used in Laptops.

Desktop External Hard Drives are often cheaper as compared to Portable External Hard Drives based on the same storage space. With this, they are also faster and stronger than Portable External Hard Drives.

Capacity: Their capacities range from 160GB to 3TB (approx 3000GB).

Connection: It connects the computer via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connection. With this, it is also available in SATA or eSATA connector.


This is a very good option for local backups where there is large amounts of data.

This is the cheapest option for storage if we talk about dollars per GB. With this, it is very reliable if it is handled correctly.


It is very delicate. It can be very easily damaged if it is dropped somewhere or below the voltage of electricity.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Solid State Drives are very similar in appearance and working like traditional mechanical / magnetic hard drives. But internally, it is completely different.

There are no moving parts or rotating platers in them. They solely depend on semiconductors and electronics for data storage which makes it more reliable and robust than traditional magnetic hard drive.

Due to the lack of moving parts here, they use less power than traditional hard drives and work very fast.

As we know that the price of Solid State Drives is getting reduced day by day and due to its lower power usage, SSD’s are being used in laptops and mobile devices in large quantities nowadays. With this, External SSD’s is a very good option for data backups.

Capacity: 64GB to 256GB

Connections: USB 2.0 / 3.0 and SATA


This very Faster read and write.

It is more robust and reliable compared to traditional magnetic hard drives

It is highly portable. So it can be easily transported from one place to another.


It is more expensive than traditional hard drives.

Storage space in it is also very less compared to traditional magnetic hard drives.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

If we talk about NAS, it is simply a collection of one or more regular IDE or SATA hard drives that are plugged into an array storage enclosure and connected to a network router or hub with an Ethernet port. Through this.

Some NAS enclosures have ventilating fans that provide protection against hard drives from overheating.


This is a very good option, especially for local backups, for networks and small businesses.

Since a lot of hard drives can be plugged in, NAS can store a huge amount of data.

It is implemented with Redundancy (RAID) which increases its reliability, read and write performance. NAS can function even if you use any RAID level even if a hard drive fails in RAID.

With this, two hard drives can be setup so that it can double the read and write speed of a single hard drive.

Here the drive is connected with the network at all times and is also available with it which makes NAS a good option to implement automated scheduled backups.


It is much more expensive than a single External Hard Drives.

It is also not portable at all, so that it takes a lot of trouble to get it. So that it is always at risk from fence, fire and theft.

USB Thumb Drive or Flash Drive

These are very similar except for Solid State Drives, their size is only the smallest and with this their capacity. There are no moving parts in them, they make them more robust.

These are very portable so that they can also be fitted in any keychain. This is most ideal for those who have to backup small amounts of data and move it around.

Capacity: 4GB to 64GB


It is a very good portable storage option. It can be placed in a very small space, which makes it more portable.

It is much stronger than traditional magnetic hard drives.


This is relatively more expensive per GB, so they are used only to store less data.

Optical Drive (CD / DVD)

CD’s and DVD’s are an ideal option to store songs, movies, media or software that you can use to distribute or give to your friends, as it is of very low cost per disk. . These can never be a great storage options for backups as they have much shorter lifespan, less storage space and slower read and write speeds.

Capacity CD: 650MB to 900MB
Capacity DVD: 4.7GB to 17.08GB


This is very low cost per disk


They are less lifespan than other storage options

With this they are not as reliable as other storage options like external hard disk and SSD. Once they are damaged, they cannot be backed up a second time.

Remote Storage Options

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a storage space that is used in a commercial data center that can be operated from any computer that has Internet access.

These are usually provided by the service provider. A limited storage space is provided for free, whereas for more space you may have to pay a subscription fee. Examples of such service providers are Amazon S3, Google Drive, Sky Drive etc.


This is a very good offsite backup. It is not affected by any external causes such as theft, floods, fire.


It is more expensive than traditional external hard drives. Often, you have to subscribe for more space.

It requires an Internet connection to access cloud storage.

They are much slower than other local backups.

I sincerely hope that you guys have what is storage devices of computer
And how many types are there? Gave full information about and I hope you guys have understood about Storage Device.

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Example for input device full definition

Many of you may know that example for input device, but there are many for whom this term is completely new. Here I am talking about some external parts of computer. These are some parts of computers, which we help in giving and removing data.

Everyone is using Laptop and Desktop nowadays. Without computer in this digital world, it has become impossible to do anything. You must be aware that many devices are used in Laptop and Desktop. With which you can operate and control the computer very easily. One of them is the input device which has made our work very easy. So in today’s article, we know from bed what is an input device.

What is example for input device

example for input device

Input Device is an electronic device. It is a part of Computer. Input anything into a computer or personal computer through any device. It is called Input device. Some examples of this are Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, microphone, Light Pen. From all these put devices, we do some input inside the computer.

This is a hardware through which we interact with the computer and control it. Like selecting different Icon from Mouse, selecting Option. Similarly, we input the text through the keyboard and operate the laptop with the arrorw key.

With its help, we are able to get the computer to do all the work. It connects the human-world to the computer-world. With their help, we give Instruction to Computer, and understand Computer Instruction takes some action. Now below are example for input device, understand them well.

types of input devices

Types of input devices


This is the most prominent input device. With the help of this, we can do all the work of computer writing. This is one of the most used devices. With its help, we can write anything. What you are reading now is also written with this keyboard.

We use it for sending emails, sending messages, online transfer, online shopping and other things. In all these things, we need a keyboard.

Keys and Description
Typing Keys (Writing Keys)

These are the keys we use to write something in computer. Like (A-Z) and (a-z).
Numeric Key (Keys with Number)
You can write numbers from these keys like (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Function keys

These are the 12 keys in the computer, which remain in the same line above the keyboard. F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12. Each function key is used for different functions.

Control keys and arrow keys

These keys are used to control Cursor and Screen. Such as Arrow or Directional keys, which are used to move the cursor up, down, right, left. Control keys are used to make the screen control and shortcut key. EX-Home, End, Insert, Delete, Page Up, Page Down and Ctrl (Control),
Alternate (Alt), Escape (Esc).
Ctrl + c is done to copy. Ctrl + x to cut.

Special Purpose Keys

These are the keys to do some special work with the keyboard like Enter, Shift, Caps Lock, Num Lock, Spacebar, Tab, and Print Screen. Every key has a special Purpose.


It is also known as pointing device and Cursor Moving Device. A Mouse can have 2 or 3 buttons. Like Left, Right and Middle button (Left key, Right key, Middle key Roller). The use of this Mouse has increased the importance of Graphical User Interface in Computer. The mouse is placed on the Flat Surface or Mouse Pad. It is used to control Cursor.

Left Key

In Computer Screen, some Icons are used to select and open File, Folders. When pressing the Left key once, it is called Left Click.

Right Key-

Pressing the right key opens the Sub Menu in the screen. The process of pressing the right key is called Right Click.

Middle Button-

The screen is used to scroll upwards. Scroll Button says.

What is computer Hardware

How does it work

A rubber ball or Laser Light is attached below it. When the mouse is moved on a surface, the rubber ball rotates or laser light moves. His speed and direction monitor is converted to the speed and direction of the mouse pointer, this is how the mouse works.

Joystick: –

Joystick is an input device. Works like a trackball. It consists of two balls. A stick is attached to the balls so that the ball can be easily rotated. It is used in playing video games, CAD design and simulator training etc. When we move it in the left, it moves in and out of the right. The top ball is used for Direction and the inside ball moves in the socket.

Light Pen: –

Its shape is like a pen. It is a printing device and pointing device. With its help, it can be written on the computer screen. The picture can be drawn, the bar code can be read.
Inside the small tube of this pen, the photocell and optical system exist.

How does work

When the Light Pen is moved above the screen and the Pen Button is pressed. Then Photocell detects the location of the screen and sends the Corresponding Signal of that location to the CPU. Something like this works.

Scanner: –

Written papers and pictures can be stored in memory by converting them into digital images using a scanner. Documents can also be scanned and stored in a computer through a scanner.
Processing by computer can also be done on these digital images. Processing means you can edit a scanned document.

How does it work

Scanner puts a shining light on the document. The light reflecting hok creates an image of a document and it remains in the light photo sensitive element. There is a device named Charged Couple Device It stores the charged light inside the computer by creating a digital image. You can also edit the document before printing.


It is also an Input Device. Converts Souds to Digital Form and stores them. Like you use Audio Recorder and Voice Recorder. Their application is very much Video Recording, these Microphones have contributed a lot in making movies. Receive Sound converts to Digital Signal and also outputs through Speaker.

My attempt was that you know what is example for input device and what are these types. I can give you complete information about them in simple language. This information was important because the world is changing and new technologies are coming everyday. Further input will be done with the modern technology like the keyboard has now become laser and people are wearing the mouse in hand. You can move the cursor with your finger. If there is a mistake in understanding something, then let us know.

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What is computer hardware

Do you know what is Computer Hardware? If you have come looking for these questions, then you are at the right place. You will know that a computer mainly has two parts, one is Software and the other is Hardware. Software which is also called Computer Program. Software that you use everyday in your mobile and computer. EX-VLC, Chrome, Internet Explorer, MS-WORD, MS-POWERPOINT, Photoshop, pdf reader and Operating System (Android, Windows, MAC, UNIX) of Software.

Have you ever thought, all these “Software is nothing without hardware”. Think about how you would write in MS-WORD without keyboard. Cannot edit in Photoshop without a mouse. If you do not store pdf book in hard disk somewhere, then how will you read from Adobe Reader. So you understand my words a little bit. Keyboard, Mouse, hard disk, Monitor, Motherboard, CPU, UPS, Speaker are all hardware.Without Hardware, we can never even think about computer’s image.

What is computer Hardware

What is computer hardware

Hardware is also known as HW or H / W. That is the part of HW Computer that we can see and touch. If we describe fully, then it is the Physical Component of the Computer, and this Component consists of circuit boards, ICs, and other electronics. This is a full-fledged example, whatever you are reading my article on the screen, it can be from any of the screen computer, tablet, mobile. All the Input, Output, Processing and Storage devices in a computer are all one HW.

Without any hardware, your computer does not exist, and without it you cannot use any software. If SW is the soul of a computer, then your body is the hardware of the computer. But in reality, we use software to make hardware work.

If you want to listen to a song in Computer, it is not like you will speak on Computer and the song will be played. For this, when you Paly perform the song in Windows Media Player or VLC (both of them are software), then that song will be PLAY on the Speaker. Meaning hw is controlled via sw.

types of hardware

You must have seen two types of system 1. Laptop 2. Desktop. All the physical components of the laptop remain connected. But the components of desktop come different. But hw are almost alike in both. Let us know about these hardware types and examples.


This is an input device. Without this hardware, even some data cannot be entered in the computer. With this help, we can do all the writing work of Computer. What you are reading now is also written with this keyboard. You can also see and touch this electronics devices. This is one of the most used devices. There are also other Hw components inside it. This device is plugged into a USB port.


It is also known as pointing device and Cursor Moving Device. A Mouse can have 2 or 3 buttons. Like right, left, and middle button (Left key, Right key, Middle key Roller). They are all one HW. The mouse is placed on the Flat Surface or Mouse Pad. It is used to control Cursor.


This is the outward HW of a computer. Written papers and pictures can be stored in memory by converting them into digital images using a scanner. Documents can also be scanned and stored in a computer through a scanner. This is called Extenal H / W.


A computer monitor is an electronic device that is used to show the output in some computers. It looks just like a T.V. A large and fine display resolution shows us the best picture. It is of small size in Hardware LAPTOP and slightly larger in Desktop

CRT Monitor: – They are heavy and large and use a lot of deskspace and electricity. This is the oldest used technology. It is based on cathode ray tube technology which was made for television. But these monitors do not work today.

LCD Monitor: – There is a kind of flat panel display. This is a newer technology than CRT. These monitors use less desk space. It weighs less. These monitors use less electricity. These monitors have been used for a long time on laptops and notebook computers, they also work as touchscreens on tablet computers, mobile phones.


This is also External Hardware. With its use, we can hear the sound. It outputs as sound. Nowadays it remains inbuilt in the system.


External HW. Printer is an output device which prints the information received from the computer on paper. This copy of the output on paper is called hard copy. The output of information from the computer gets very fast and the printer is not able to work so fast. Hence the need was felt that information can be stored in the printer itself, so the printer also has a memory from where it prints the results slowly.


This hw is the core of the computer. To see this, you need to open the computer. This is a board called PCB (Printed Circuit Board). It holds different components of the board computer. And all those components are CPU, RAM, Hard Disk, smps port, Graphics card.

CPU (Microprocessor)

The full name of the CPU is Central Processing Unit. It is not a hardware itself, there are many small and big hardware inside it. It is also called the brain of the computer. It controls the computer. Just like our brain tells us what we do. Mainly its 3 components are ALU, CU and MU. ALU is called Arithmatic and Logical Unit. CU Control Unit and MU Memory Unit. ALU arithmetic calculation such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. LU performs Comparison Operation. Like Less than, greater than, equal to and Not equal to. MU consists of Primary and Secondary Memory.


The full name of RAM is Random Access Memory. It is also called Direct Access Memory, this memory is usually of lesser size than Secondary Memory in Computer. Like in your mobile it is up to 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB. This is Electromagnetic Disk. It is in hw Rectangle shape.

expansion cards

Graphics Cards – It looks like a HW card, it is inserted into the MOTHERBOARD. Graphics card is used for image rendering / Produce on the monitor. This converts the data in this way and generates Signals which your Monitor easily understands.

The better Graphics Card is, the better Image Produce is. Gam people and Video Editor Dear people, it is important to have a Graphics Card. It is fitted in the motherboard. It is shaped like a chip.

Sound card – Another name for this is audio output device, sound board, or audio card. The sound card is an expansion card and IC. Helps in removing the sound. Which we can hear through speakers and headphones.


The full name of SMPS hardware is Switch Mode Power Supply. This is an electronic circuit. If you buy separately for Desktop, then you will get some Square Shape case, same SMPS. This device gives power to different parts of computer such as RAM, Motherboard, gives power supply to the fan. By the way, electricity is consumed from motherboard to different accounts.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

HDD This is a Data Storage Hardware Device. Remains inside a computer or laptop. As many files or data or computer programs are stored inside it. The OS is also stored in this HDD. This memory is also known as C drive. C, D, E Drive are also made after partition. hard drive, hard disk, fixed drive, fixed disk, and fixed disOptical drives by retrieving data and storing data in optical discs like CDs, DVDs, and BDs (Blue-ray discs). Their storage capacity is very high.


DVD Drive is installed in the CPU of every desktop and laptop. Which are also called optical drives. Some other names of dvd drive are also Disc drive, Odd, CD Drive, DVD Drive. They are used to store digital data. The DATA available in DVD, CD is used to play it in computer.

Hardware definition

Difference between hardware and software

  • Hardware and software depend on each other in Apasa. Both (sw and hw) act as a cohesive function to provide a rough output.
  • It is impossible to use the sw of support without HW and thus it is impossible to use HW without sw.
  • Using hw without set of program is non-existent
  • In order to do any work in the computer, it is very important to first load the software in the hardware.
  • Hardware requires one-time purchase.
  • It costs a lot to build and maintain the software.
  • To do different types of jobs from the same hw, several different software are installed. (A monitor can perform many tasks like H / W movie, word, paint, editing but we need to install different S / W)
  • The sw interface works between H / w and User.
  • So there was only one meaning to say, both are nothing without each other. A computer requires as much HW as it is for S / W.

Hardware effects

When the first computer was built, all its components were in separate rooms and were connected by cables. After this, the computers that were made were reduced in size, due to which the SIZE of HW also became smaller. These Hardwares were further shortened with the help of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) and LSI (Large Scale Integration) technology. Now due to technology, the size of computer has become equal to a watch. With the help of ULSI, Nano technology, microprocessor, more and smaller size HWs are being made.

I always feel that my correct and accurate and complete Inforamtion is available to you. You learn all this today What is computer Hardware. To be honest, we are surrounded by Hardware. Because they have made our life easy and simple. Have you ever thought how your mobile and computer will be? The answer is that it will happen or else you will think. We can touch the computer but never feel the software.

Software definition and software types

Day by day sw have started taking more memory and the SIZE of HW is getting smaller. You are hopeful from this, you must have liked this article, how did you feel? If you want to ask any question now, then please write in the comment box below.