Hotspot Definition How Work Hotspot

Hotspot Definition How Work Hotspot If ever you have to reply to an important email or sometimes you have to surf the internet in public places then we need a lot of internet connection. Since it is not possible to reach internet in all such places. In such a situation, Wi-Fi hotspot is very much needed.

This internet connection is not only highly convenient, but with it you do not have to use smartphone data either. Therefore, these hotspots have become a major part of all public infrastructure and together a new experience of internet connection.

Today, crores of people use public hotspots every day to fulfill their internet needs. According to a survey, there are more than 2 lakhs of hotspots all over the world, which means one hotspot in every 20 people. This is probably because because of our modern digital lifestyle, we always have to get connected with the internet, due to which we need a lot of internet. In such a situation, public Wi-Fi access points have started increasing the global network of this hotspot so that all the needs of the people can be fulfilled.

Hotspot Definition

Hotspot Definition

A hotspot is a specific location that provides Internet access through a wireless local area network (WLAN). This term is generally synonymous with a Wi-Fi connection. A network that hotspot consists of two main things which are modem and wireless router.

Radio frequency (RF) waves that are sent through the wireless network extend in all different directions from its centralized location. These signals become weak as they travel further, this may be due to the distortion from the central location or due to any interference.

How Work Hotspot

This Wi-Fi hotspot also works just like Wi-Fi, which you use at home. A wireless access point uses radio signals to communicate with other computers and Wi-Fi devices. These Wi-Fi access points are connected to the internet which is often connected with a router or a server that regulates which cones can access Wi-Fi. 80211 standards are used to standardize how signals are sent and received, which is developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Types of hotspots

Types of hotspots
  • There are mainly two types of hotspot: –

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

In this type of Wi-Fi router, the password requirement is removed, this helps all users to connect to the same network so that they can access the internet easily.

Commercial Hotspots

These types of access points provide wireless coverage but only with a fee. When a user is connected to one of the commercial hotspot for Internet, then the user is usually redirected to a screen in which login information or payment details are asked to use this service.

Hotspots provide easy internet to millions of Internet users, but it also has some security issues. For example, free public hotspots are often targets of hackers and identity thieves. These attackers make rogue or fake hotspots that looks like a legitimate hotspot. If users inadvertently connect with such access points then they can steal all your sensitive data.

What is hotspot and mobile hotspot

Before knowing how to connect to the hotspot or its security issues, let’s know something about them. While some people use these terms “hotspot” and “mobile hotspot” interchangeably, they actually have distinct meanings.


It is a hotspot such a physical location where people can access the internet very easily, for this they are connected via Wi-Fi, a wireless local area network (WLAN) which is connected to a router. with. Most people consider such locations as “Wi-Fi hotspots” or “Wi-Fi connections.” They say. In easy language, hotspots are such physical places where users can wirelessly connect their mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets with the Internet and use it.

A hotspot can be located anywhere, whether it is in a private location or a public location. Where public hotspot is free, money has to be paid in private hotspot.

Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot (also called a portable hotspot) is a hotspot that is mobile specific only. Where a “regular” Wi-Fi hotspot is available at any one physical location, you can create a mobile hotspot anywhere, you can connect your laptop to the Internet using the data connection of your smartphone. Huh. This process is called “tethering”.

Terms used in Hotspot

If you want to understand the technicality of Wi-Fi hotspots properly, then you have to understand all the terms used in it properly. Let us understand some such terms.

Access Point (wireless access point)

A wireless access point (WAP) is a type of networking device that allows a Wi-Fi compliant device to connect to a wired network. We can connect this WAP physically with a router or it can also be integrated with a router. A WAP is not a hotspot, but rather a physical location where Wi-Fi access to a WLAN is available.


Wi-Fi is a technology that allows your smartphone or computer to access the Internet through a wireless connection. It uses radio signals between the enabled device and WAP to send and receive data.


SSID is the full form of service set identifier (and also commonly called SSID), it is a unique name of a wireless network. But for this you should know the name of the wireless network with which you want to connect. You can search available wireless networks with the help of your computer or smartphone. Often people name their wireless network such as Ram Network, Shakti Traders etc. With this, different networks can be identified from the pedestal.

How to connect Wi-Fi hotspot

You must have known what a WIFi hotspot is. And there will probably be many of you who use Wi-Fi hotspots to connect your smartphone or laptop with the internet. Whether you are in your office, at home or in any public locations, you definitely use these hotspot.

Connecting with a wireless hotspot is a very simple process. Let us understand this process. If you need internet connection in your mobile and you do not have data then you can use hotspot. For this, you just have to click the wifi option in your smartphone. With this you will see all the nearest hotspot in your screen, you can select them easily. If it is a private hotspot then you will be asked to enter a password. That hotspot will be activated as soon as you enter and you can use it.

How to use your Smartphone as a mobile hotspot?

If you are in a place where there is no wifi hotspot and you are very much in need of internet, then you can also use one mobile as a hotspot. This process is called tethering. Through this, you can use the internet in your laptop or computer by sharing the data of your phone.

At the same time, its steps depend on smartphones and operating system. But if you want, you can get information about it from the user manual of the device. From the security perspective, you can use a Wi-Fi password so that no other person can use your hotspot without your permission. Next we will know how we can use our mobiles according to hotspot in different Os.

How to turn on Wi-Fi hotspot feature in Android Phone?

In smartphones and tablets that use Android 2.2 or an upgraded android version, the built-in Wi-Fi data sharing feature is used. Together you can wirelessly share the phone’s data connection with about 5 other devices simultaneously.

The precise location setting of the Wi-Fi hotspot varies slightly according to a particular phone and OS version. But generally, if you have to enable the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, then you need to go to Settings> Wireless & Networks> Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (also called “Tethering and Mobile HotSpot” somewhere). One has to tap on it, then check or slide to turn on the mobile hotspot feature.

After doing this you will see the default network name of hotspot and you will also have to set a password for the network. After this, to connect any other device, you have to connect them with that newly created wireless network.

How to turn on Personal Hotspot Feature in iPhone?

In iPhone, the mobile hotspot feature is called “personal hotspot”. Depending on your wireless carrier, you can connect up to 5 devices to it and share your iPhone’s data.

To turn it on,

You can first set Settings> General> Network> Personal Hotspot> Wi-Fi Hotspot and then you can also set your password which should be at least eight characters. After this, all you have to do is switch on your personal hotspot.

How to turn on Internet Sharing in Windows Phone?

In Windows Phone, the mobile hotspot feature is simply called, “Internet Sharing”.
If you want to share your cellular data in Windows Phone via Wi-Fi, then for this, you have to flick left from the Start Screen and go to the App list, after that you will have to go to Settings> Internet Sharing and then must switch on.

In the Internet sharing screen, you can change the network name, set its security in WPA2, and can also set your password.

What are the benefits of Mobile Hotspots?

Mobile hotspots are very important for all those who travel frequently and who always need internet connection for their devices. With this, web surfers can do their work at faster speed through mobile hotspots compared to their regular connection.

If you can get internet connection anywhere and anytime for your devices then what else can be a great advantage. You can connect many devices at once through mobile hotspot, that too easily. This gives the users a dedicated connection to their devices, which is a big advantage for them. Apart from this, you do not have the tension of security, so that we can use the internet by being safe.

  • By using this, we can avoid the loss of all the phone data plan of our phone.
  • This is also true for the battery life of our phone.
  • With this we can reliably do tethering with multiple devices.
  • We can work for longer periods of time without dropping the connection.
  • We can also use the hotspot while talking on the phone, so that there is no obstruction in the internet.

You have to do a little research to choose the right mobile hotspot, but with this you can get the best Hotspot network.

fAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How to unlock internet and hotspot if 1 password is installed?

You can bypass this password. Well it is not right to do this. But I am going to give below tips for educational purpose only.

For this, you need to have root access to your android phone. If not then you can get it root also. Once you root, then you have to install an application WPA WPS Tester and scan the available wifi. But in the free version you can only access wifi that will show green.

2 Does hisab 4g hotspot support Indian sim?

Most phones are supported by Indian SIM. For this, you have to see in the phone box whether it supports Indian sim or not.

3 How to remove hotspot error?

For this you can wipe the \ system and reflash the ROM. For this you can take some time, which will take a short time, that too for a few minutes.
There is also a second way that you will have to turn on your mobile data, before starting the hotspot.

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