How to apk download in pc and Computers

Google Play Store is used to do apk download in pc. Because this App Market is the official App Store of all Android devices. This store is given in every Android device. You can install your favorite apps and games from here.

However, few people will know that the apps available in Google Play Store cannot be downloaded to the computer. Do you know this?

Actually, you cannot download the apps available in the play store directly into the computer. Because install button is given in this app store instead of download link. This problem starts from here.
So, can’t a mobile app available in the Play Store be downloaded to a computer directly?

We would like to tell you that you can download Android apps in computer also from Play Store.

Things required to download Android Apps in computer

apk download in pc

To download the apps available in the play store in the computer, we will need two things.

  • Computer with Internet
  • Play Store App ID.

As far as the first equipment is concerned, it will already be available with you. Or you will manage it. But, where will one get the other thing i.e. Play Store App ID. So we have explained it below. You can learn about the Play Store App ID from here.

How to apk download in pc and Computers

Step: 1 – Open Play Store

First of all, open the Google Play Store in your computer or laptop. Click here to open it

Step: 2 – Find your app

apk download in pc

Now the app you want to download. Search him by typing his name in the Search Box available in the Play Store. We have searched Google Indic Input here. Which is the first app.

Step: 3 – Go to the app page

When you find your discovered app, click on it. If you do this, your app page will be consumed. Like we did on Google Indic Input. And his eighties opened up. Which you can see below.

Step: 4 – Copy app address

After this, you have to select and copy the web address written in the address bar of the browser.

We have shown it above in a red circle. This web address is the Play Store App ID of this app. We are going to use it shortly. So keep it safe.

Now you are almost ready to download the Android apps available in the Play Store to your computer. Because now you have the Play Store App ID also available. So what is the delay Let’s download the apps from play store in our computer.

How to apk download in pc

Step: 1 – Open APK Downloader

First of all open a browser in your computer and open an APK Downloader in it. We are using the APK Downloader tool developed by EVOZI Apps for this purpose. You can open this tool by clicking on the button below.

Open APK Downloader

Step: 2 – Enter App ID

After opening it, you will have some such page open. Here you have to enter that App ID. Which you copied a little while ago.

To enter app id, first click one in the URL box, then press Ctrl + V from the keyboard.

Step: Generate 3 download links

After entering the App ID, click on Generate Download Link. Now your app will be found. So wait a little bit. Until your app is found.

When you get your app, there will be some such page open in front of you. This means you have successfully completed APK Download Link Generate.

Step: 4 – Download the app

We did a Google Indic Input search here. Therefore it is shown in all pages. When you search for any other Android App, these will all change according to that app.

Now to download this app in the computer, it appears in the green box. Click here to download now. After doing this, Android app will start downloading in your computer. You can see it in Browser Downloads.

When you download and install Android Emulator Software in a computer, this software creates a Positive Environment to run the App in your computer, meaning that this software provides the basic platform for the app. With the help of which the app is easy to run. You can easily use Andriod App in computer, laptop also by using the top 5 Andriod Emulator Software given below.


Bluestacks Software is the best software for installing android apps in Computer / Laptop. You can use this software easily in both Window and Mac. Bluestacks Software supports 99% of apps. The number of Bluestacks Software users in the world is 120 millions +. Bluestacks Software is available in both free and premium versions. If you want to do a premium version of Bluestacks, then you have to invest 2 $ every month. To install Bluestacks Software, click on the box below.


  • Open the bluestacks after download.
  • After opening Bluestacks, the window will open in front of you. By using the search box in it, you can easily search and download the app.
  • Now you have to add your gmail account.
  • After adding the Gmail account, you click on the ‘Lets Go’ button.
  • After clicking Go button all the setting of your bluestacks is ok.
  • Now you can download any app from google play store and easily run it in computer / laptop.


Genymotion is the most used Android Emulator Software after bulestacks software. Genymotion software is also available in both free and paid version. Many special features of this software make this software unique and powerful software. You can easily download Genymotion Software in your computer laptop. You do not need much storage or hardware for Genymotion Software. If your computer / laptop is old version then this software will be best for your computer / laptop.



By the name of Andyroid Software, you come to know that this software is also an Android Emulator Software. Andyroid Software is the latest software that does not work in all windows. To download Andyroid Software, your computer or laptop window must be operated on 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. Because windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 is required to run Andyroid Software. This software has many features which are not available in Bluestacks, Genymotion Etc. Also, this software supports all apps. You can easily run any Aap in computer / laptop using Andyroid Software.

Download Andyroid


Wndroy Software is also used to run android apps on computer / laptop. You can easily download Windroy Software from Google and also install and use it easily. Windroy Software can also be used in the old version of Computer / laptop. Due to this software being lightweight, there is no need for strong hardware. If you want to run Android app on computer / laptop then you must use this software.

Download Windroy


Leapdroid Software is also Android Emulator Software used in computer / laptop. You can easily install this software from Google and enjoy the Android app in computer / laptop. Leapdroid is mainly used to run Android Games in Computer / Laptop.

Download Leapdroid

You can easily use Android Apps, Games, Messenger, etc. in your computer / laptop by using these top 5 software. and apk download in pc If you are having problems downloading these software in the computer. Then you use the comment