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how to become a pilot Almost everyone will be well acquainted with the word pilot, because almost all children have a great desire to fly in the sky since childhood. But the only difference is that if someone wants to fly as a passenger, then as a pilot, he wants to fly himself and others as well. As we have all seen, almost all the children must have used aeroplane as a toy in their childhood. how to become a pilot

how to become a pilot

From there, the desire to fly in the sky starts to awaken in the children and in such a situation their attention is moved towards becoming Pilot. The mere imagination of children flying between the clouds in the sky as pilots fills a new adventure in children. It is also true that measuring new heights, traveling between clouds can be a very relaxing moment for every human being. And on this side,

trying to fly ” how to become a pilot ” through many experiments has been tried many times, following the birds. In religious dramas, gods and goddesses are described or depicted with wings. This is the reason that humans have a tendency to fly in the last five centuries and humans have evolved from hot balloons, kites, modern passenger planes to supersonic fighter jets. have make. This is the reason that at present many types of pilot are required to operate many types of aircraft and helicopters etc. how to become a pilot

And this profession is not only excellent in terms of earning, but any person can fulfill his dreams by becoming a Pilot and can easily discharge his family and social responsibilities.

Pilot type ” how to become a pilot “

how to become a pilot Generally the airplane driver is called Pilot but when it comes to their type, they can also be divided into several parts depending on the type of aircraft.

Helicopter Pilots: These are pilots who operate helicopters of ordinary civilians or military.

Fighter Pilots: These are pilots who fly the fighter plane at supersonic speeds.

Commercial Pilots: These are experienced pilots who fly an aircraft full of passengers.

Sport Pilot: These are the pilots who are capable of flying hydroplanes over land and landing them.

Space Pilot: This type of pilot is usually made by training former military pilots to fly the space shuttle.

Test Pilot: These are the pilots who fly the new model aircraft.

Benefits of becoming a pilot

how to become a pilot Following is the list of some of the major benefits of becoming Pilot.

Perhaps there will not be a person who does not want to see the whole world with his own eyes, but it is not everyone’s bus to bear the expenses of seeing the whole world, that is, the expenses of the world tour. Pilot is a person who can roam the entire world for free.

Pilot’s job is to fly airplanes, which is an exciting task, ” how to become a pilot ” usually people get thrilled by the fact that flying in the sky. Therefore, it can be said that pilot work is thrilling work. Whereas, often people go to their offices through the same road throughout the year and work at the same work station. Whereas a pilot in his life rides an airplane on many routes which thrills in him.

The third biggest advantage of becoming a Pilot is that pilots cannot bring their work home. So that they can give their family all their time. Otherwise people currently working in office etc. also have to work from home.

The next advantage of becoming a pilot is that they are given attractive salaries and allowances from the airline company. When the pilots stay out of the house, they are arranged free of cost by the company in the hotel where they get everything for airport transfer, food etc. for free.

Apart from this, Pilot is also given the opportunity to travel with his friends and family for free.

Qualification to become a pilot

how to become a pilot To become Pilot, the minimum educational qualification should be passed with at least 55% marks with XII PCM subjects.

The age of the candidate should be at least 18 years.

Caught in English should be very good.

Mental fitness and level 2, level 1 medical certificate may be required.

May be required to pass the entrance exam conducted by the flying school.

How to become a pilot?

how to become a pilot

How To become a pilot in India, it is very important for a person or student to be physically and mentally healthy and fit. Because a person desirous of becoming a Pilot may require a Level 2, Level 1 Medical and Mental Fitness Certificate. Apart from this, it is very important for the candidate to be smart in studies as only those students can apply to become Pilot. Those who have passed class XII examination with PCM subjects with at least 55% marks. So let us know how in India one can not only earn his money by becoming a pilot but can also fulfill his desire to touch the sky.

Choose the science faculty after tenth

Preparing to become a Pilot is very important in the student life, so after passing the tenth, a student desirous of becoming a Pilot should choose the Faculty of Science in Intermediate and choose PCM subjects. Because subjects like Physics and Math are very important to become a pilot. Keep in mind that if the student does not choose the Faculty of Science and PCM subjects after class X, then his dream of becoming a pilot can only be a dream which will not take the form of reality.

Therefore, ” how to become a pilot ” to become Pilot, firstly it is very important to choose the right faculty and subjects.

Pass twelfth with highest marks

Students desirous of becoming a pilot are required to pass their Class XII examinations with at least a fixed percentage. Currently this percentage is set at 55% by most flying colleges. But as competition increases, this fixed percentage can also increase, so a student desirous of becoming a Pilot should try to get maximum marks in XII. So that the low marks do not stop his dream of how to become a pilot

Apply for Level 2 Medical Certificate while studying

As we have also said in the above sentence, to how to become a pilot, it is necessary to be medically and mentally fit. A student may require a DGCA Class 2 Medical Certificate as proof that a student is medically and mentally fit. Therefore, the student should apply for this certificate only during the studies of class XII. This certificate is issued by a doctor approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Therefore, the interested student can check through the official website of DGCA to check which are the doctors who are authorized by the DGCA to issue such certificate.

Since it can take a few months to issue such a certificate, it is better to apply for the student in advance. Although a student wishing to become a Pilot may require a DGCA Class 1 certificate, a Class 2 certificate may be required to have this certificate first. It can take up to a year to get both types of certificates. Apart from this, the candidate may also need to get DGCA computer number and police verification.

Apply for entrance exam

Entrance examinations are conducted by various flying schools. You can see the list of Approved Training Center by DGCA at this official link. To apply for the entrance exam, you can visit the website of various flying schools. In this entrance exam, the candidate has to go through written, interview and aptitude test. Therefore, a candidate desirous of becoming a Pilot ” how to become a pilot ” should apply for the entrance exam in the flying school provided that the two school exams are not on the same day.

In these entrance exam, NCERT syllabus can cover questions of science and mathematics from class IX to class XII, so a candidate should study them while preparing. Apart from mathematics and science, special improvement may also be required in English. In the pilot aptitude test, questions are asked based on testing the coordination of hands and eyes of the candidate and testing of multi-tasking skills. To handle all this, a candidate must have a flexible brain.

Take admission in flying school authorized by DGCA

When a candidate is applying for entrance exam or admission to various flying schools to become Pilot, he / she must take care to find out whether he / she is approved by the school or training center DGCA. The candidate should not take admission in any flying school which is not approved by the DGCA. The list of which schools and training centers are approved by DGCA can be checked on its official website.

Complete training

how to become a pilot, the candidate has to undergo a long training program of about eighteen months where the candidate must compulsorily study 14 subjects to become a Commercial Pilot. These subjects include air law, aircraft systems, human factors, navigation and meteorology. In order to progress towards practical, it is very important for the candidate to pass the exam. In practical, the candidate will be provided about 200 hours by the flying school. In the initial days of practical training, the candidate will be trained to fly the aircraft with an experienced Pilot and later the candidate will have to fly alone. When the candidate learns to fly the aircraft completely, he will be issued a Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

Apply for a job

When a person aspiring to become a Pilot gets a commercial pilot license, then his next step should be to find a job for himself. Keep in mind, do not fall in the temptation to get good salary in the beginning and you can start with less salary. For this you can apply to small airline ” how to become a pilot ” companies like Indigo, Spice Jet, Air Asia, Go Air etc. Because in the initial phase, these companies can easily get jobs and promotions can also be done easily.

Get type rating training

As soon as the candidate who has become Pilot gets the job then his employer or company can send him for further training. We can also call it type rating training, it is a self sponsor program. During CPL training, the candidate has learned to fly a small plane. Therefore in type rating training, the candidate is taught to fly large planes.

This is to say that this is a training program in which Pilot is taught to fly heavy and large planes which are larger than about seven tons. And how to become a pilot, type rating training is also very important.

How much does it cost to be a pilot

Though the cost involved in becoming a Pilot may vary depending on the flying school, ” how to become a pilot ”  but according to one figure, it is better to manage at least 80-85 lakh rupees to become a pilot in India. However, it is not necessary that it will cost so much to become a pilot, maybe some less income, and it may also be that some more income. But in general, about 40 lakhs are expected to be spent in CPL training and about twenty five lakhs in type rating training.

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Apart from the above mentioned methods, there can be other ways to make Pilot but they can be quite expensive and expensive as mentioned above. Among them, another way is to become a pilot through the cadet program of airline companies, which is quite expensive as mentioned above. Jet Airways, IndiGo etc. are airline companies that also operate their own cadet program in association with flying school.  I hope you like this information how to become a pilot

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