How to bios update 2021

BIOS is very important for computers. The first task is done by the bios when the computer starts. This is the most basic part of computer, in today’s post you will get a lot of information about bios. If you have also forgotten the password of bios, then in this post you will know that How to BIOS update 2021

The BIOS is the main role of the computer in operation. It serves to boot the computer’s OS. It is a kind of built in software. It can also be called a low level program, because it does not require us to be Interact. So know that now what is BIOS as well as BIOS’s Form will also get to know you.

BIOS definition

bios update

As soon as we turn on the computer, the first encounter is with the BIOS, ie the first screen which is on the computer is the same BIOS. It is a software that connects with the motherboard. As soon as the computer is on, the BIOS identifies and configures the keyboard, mouse, RAM, processor, hard drive.

This helps the computer to identify which is the input device and which is the output device. The computer will not start without the BIOS. It does its work by itself. The BIOS is already installed on all computers. Which is installed in the ROM of the computer.

BIOS Full Form:

  • So friends BIOS stands for – Basic Input Output System

How to BIOS update 2021

Follow the steps given below to update the BIOS. Through which you will be able to update the bios.

Step 1: Restart Computer

First of all, restart the computer and go to BIOS Setting. The version that is being used in your computer’s motherboard will be found in it.

Step 2: Press Win + R Key

Now we have to press Win + R Key. After which type Msinfo32 in the search bar and click on OK.

BIOS update

step 3: Open System Information

After which System Information Windows will open. Now in the command prompt “systeminfo | findstr / I / c: BIOS.

BIOS update

step 4: Find Update Version

Now you will get the version of BIOS used by your computer’s motherboard. After getting it, now comes the thing, to find out the update version. When the PC is branded, the Computer Manufacturer will search the company’s website and if the PC is not branded, then the motherboard manufacturer has to search for updates on the site. Download the correct BIOS Update file.

Step 5: Read Documentation File

Now read the Documentation File before the update.

Step 6: Run Exe File

Now quit all the programs and run the Exe file.

Step 7: Update BIOS

After the file is installed, the PC will reboot and update the BIOS.

In this way, you can update the bios by following these steps.

How to break BIOS Password

By forgetting the password of the BIOS, there are many such tasks of the computer which we are not able to do. But the method which is being told to you further, can break the password of the bios.

  • First find the CMOS Jumper in the motherboard which is mostly near the motherboard battery.
  • Remove it from the side where the Jumper is installed and place it on the other side.
  • Now start the computer and shut it down again.
  • Now place it on the back from where this Jumper was previously installed.
  • To check the BIOS Reset Jumper, whether the password is removed or not, restart the computer. If the password is broken, turn the computer off again.

HOW To Reset BIOS Password

If you want to enter a bios password but do not know how to enter a bios password, then you can take help of the steps given below.

Step 1: Start Your Computer

First of all you have to start your computer.

Step 2: Press F2 Key

After the computer starts, press F2 Key for 5 seconds.

Step 3: Enter Security Option

Here you will find some options, out of which go to the Security option.

Step 4: Select Set User Password

After this, select Set User Password and press Enter Key.

Step 5: Set Password

Now enter whatever password you want to enter and confirm it.

Step 6: Press F10 Key

To save it, press the F10 key and select Yes to exit.

After this the password of your bios will be set which is very easy. This steps of BIOS Reset Password will help you to set a password.

Types Of BIOS

There are some main types of bios which are given below. Know about its types.

  • Syxz
  • Wodj

Functions Of BIOS

Bios is important for computers as well as performs many main functions in computers. Its major functions are given below.

The bios determines which devices can be booted.

The most important function of bios is to boot the operating system of the computer.

Which device can be booted or also selects it.

It also works on Power On Self Test, in which the bios take tests of hardware and devices etc.


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