how to book tatkal ticket easily

how to book tatkal ticket If you are a new guest in the world of Internet, then you must have known in my previous article, what is IRCTC and how to create a new account in it? IRCTC has a tatkal scheme. how to book tatkal ticket

Instantly. If you want to go somewhere for a long journey, then you have to register for at least one month to get a seat. But if any of your work comes immediately, you can get a confirmed ticket through tatkal ” how to book tatkal ticket ” scheme.

how to book tatkal ticket

But for this you have to spend more money than normal ticket. Today we will tell how to book Tatkal Ticket from IRCTC, that too 100% confirmed.

What’s wrong with booking Tatkal Ticket how to book tatkal ticket

1. The biggest problem is to sit in the station a day in advance, or get in line by going to the station at 6 or 7 in the morning (Sleeper (11:00 AM to 11:00 AM) and waiting until 10:00 AM for AC. Do).

2. The second thing here is that for the people of the villages, the station will be about 15 to 20 KM, then it will be there, will your petrol and time of 40 or 50 rupees be wasted.

3. You have to stand on the queue line for about 2 or 3 or even more hours.

4. Half your day will be wasted.

5. And you cannot even confirm that you will get a confirmed ticket.

6. Jake may not sit in the station after stopping any of your important work.

Now you do not need to be a problem because I will tell you how to book a Confirm Ticket ” how to book tatkal ticket ” from IRCTC online while sitting at home.

Timing and Rules for making iRCTC Tatkal Ticket how to book tatkal ticket

• Online Tatkal ( how to book tatkal ticket ) E Ticket is made AC at 10:00 AM and Sleeper ticket at 11:00 AM in IRCTC.

• IRCTC Online Tatkal E Ticket is made a day before. Let’s understand the meaning of the day before, if a train is going from New Delhi to Mumbai and you have to book ticket from GOA, get the train from New Delhi ​​at night 08 IRCTC Online Tatkal E Ticket ” how to book tatkal ticket ” Booking one day before the mean date is 19/01/2016 at 11:00 am sleeper and at 10:00 am AC This ticket will be made directly.

This means that the train is missing a day before. That means if you are booking tickets from Goa also then on 19/11/2020 at 11:00 AM for Sleeper and 10:00 AM for AC

What should you have during IRCTC online Tatkal E Ticket Booking and how it will be easy to make a Confirm Ticket

how to book tatkal ticket

1. A mobile phone (Android OR Windows OR Apple) will happen by having one.

2. Good thing if you have LAPTOP

3. Internet connection (internet connection) 3G or 2G (but 3G is better).

4. Any Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome)

5. Login to IRCTC 10 to 15 minutes ago

6. Write the name, age in a paper

7. If you want to pay with debit card and or ATM card, then keep them with you too

8. If you are booking Ticket from mobile then keep mobile in full network which will not disconnect your net

9. Typing is a good thing as soon as you do it because it will confirm the online Tatkal E Ticket Booking in IRCTC.

10. Fill the details in the form as soon as possible

Online Tatkal E Ticket Booking in IRCTC will be 100% confirmed if you follow all the above 10 rules.

Steps to Book Tatkal E Ticket Booking Online at iRCTC


Type internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome) address (URL) or you click on this link Or you write IRCTC in Google and click on the first where IRCTC was written in your page


in this

1. User Id

2. Password

3. Captcha

Enter and click login


1. From Station

2. To Station

3. Journey Date

4. Ticket Type

After filling all these, click on submit

Remembering online Tatkal E Ticket Booking AC 10:00 AM and SL (Sleeper) 11:00 AM at IRCTC

• Login 10 to 15 minutes before

• Select by RED Color (Color) Number

• Select 1 first Tatkal

• Then select 2 SL

Page will be RELOAD after selecting SL

• After that select Refresh 3, keep refreshing Refresh till 11:00 AM.

• As of 11:00 AM, Book Now will appear under Refresh, select it.

Do not delay in selecting Book Now


1. Enter Name First

2. Then Fill Age

3. Then Fill Gender

4. Then enter Captcha Code

Finally click on NEXT.

step 4:

You can see in it

1. In the above screen shot 1st red, the first red color shows the number of IRCTC Online Tatkal E-Ticket left.

2. After that choose Payment Method and click on Make Payment.

After that you choose the payment method, the balance will be deducted from your bank account according to the expenses incurred for your ” how to book tatkal ticket ” ticket.

I have given the screen shot of SBI NET Banking here.


When your payment is SUCCESSFUL, then an SMS will be sent to your mobile number, the same is your IRCTC Online Tatkal E-Ticket.

That SMS will look like this

Similar online Tatkal E-Ticket 100% Confirm Ticket will be booked from IRCTC.

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My final decision

As I do, my knowledge of IRCTC Online Tatkal E-Ticket Booking  how to book tatkal ticket should be helpful for you. I believe that if you are making Tatkal tickets, then if you book online Tatkal E-Ticket from IRCTC, then what will be the benefits of this will be better, you must have understood by now.

The biggest advantage is that your ticket will be 100% confirmed as soon as the ticket of IRCTC Tatkal opens its ticket at 11:00 am. If there is still any doubt, you can ask me more by commenting or mailing. I hope you like this information how to book tatkal ticket