how to check idea net balance easily

Today, we are going to tell you about how to check Idea net balance, how to check Idea net balance if you have a little knowledge of the country, then you will know that Idea is the third largest telecom company in the country.

Many people of the country have a sim of Idea. Those who are old users of this company. They will know how to check Idea net balance, but the new users are not aware of it, so if you are also a new user of Idea and you know how to check the data balance in Idea.

how to check idea net balance

If not, here we are going to tell you all the USSD codes of Idea, with the help of which you can get information about all the balance of Idea.

How to see Idea’s Net Balance

There are two ways to view balance in Idea. First of all, you can take help of USSD code. Almost all telecom companies have different USSD codes to check balance. Several USSD codes have also been issued in IDEA to find out the balance. With the help of which you can easily know the balance in your SIM. how to check idea net balance

In other way, you have to have a smartphone because to find the balance, you have to install an Idea app from the Playstore, with this app you can know almost all the types of balance, along with this you get the option of recharge, with the help of which You can recharge Main Balance, Data and SMS.

How to check Idea net balance balance with USSD code

how to check idea net balance

For this, you will need the USSD code which is given below. The Idea keeps changing the code to find out its balance from time to time, due to which the new user does not know about these codes. Here we have made available almost all the code. If one code is not working, then you can try using another code.

Check Main Balance * 121 #, * 212 #, * 130 #, * 123 #

Check SMS balance * 451 #, * 161 * 1 #

Check net or data balance * 125 #, * 131 * 3 #, 121 * 4 #, * 191 #, * 125 * 5 #

Any idea pack to Activate * 369 #

Activate Magic Pack * 567 #

Idea to idea balance transfer * 567 # Mobile number * Rs #

Voucher card to recharge * 131 * mobile number * 12 digit voucher num #

To know the Idea number * 131 * 1 #, * 121 #

Idea Data Loan Dial 56000

Main Balance Loan Dial 56056

How to check Idea Net Balance from my Idea App

If you have a smartphone, then you do not need to dial any ussd code because from the Idea app you can know about the main balance, data plan in your SIM. For this, first you have to go to your smartphone’s playstore and search My Idea, after this you have to install this app to download.

Let me tell you that almost all Idea users have downloaded this app because you can also recharge with the balance in it, apart from this there are more features that make it necessary for Idea users.

When you open this app, first of all, you have to verify your idea number in it, you have to verify the number of which you want to know the balance of it. After verifying the number, in its homepage you will see the main balance and data balance of the verified number. In this, you can also verify more than one number. You can know the balance of all the numbers verified in it.

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So now you must know how to view Idea’s Net Balance. Here we have told you two ways. If you have a keypad mobile, then you only have to resort to USSD code to know the balance, but if you have a smartphone then you know the balance In addition to the USSD code, you can get Main Balance and Data Balance from Idea’s app. I hope you like this information how to check idea net balance

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