how to close hdfc bank account easily

how to close hdfc bank account Many times, people get two or more bank accounts due to changing jobs or any other reason. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to manage every account.

In view of this, some people consider it better to close the rest of the accounts while keeping one or two accounts. If you also want to close your bank account, then its process and things to keep in mind are like this.

Consider these things ” how to close hdfc bank account “

how to close hdfc bank account

Bank account cannot be closed online. For this, you have to go to the bank branch only.

If the transaction is not done for a long time from the bank account, then it becomes dormant. Then even if you have maintained the minimum balance in it. In such a situation, first of all, you have to activate that account to close ” how to close hdfc bank account ” it. Only then will it close.

To close the Joint Savings Account, both account holders will have to go to the bank branch for account closure. However, in some banks, it is not compulsory for other account holders to go on their own, for this they can sign a No Objection Certificate.

If you have a credit card, demat and trading account, FD, loan, locker etc. and it is linked to the account you want to close, then you have to delink them first.

Before closing the account, withdraw the money in it or transfer it to another account.

bank account closing process how to close hdfc bank account

how to close hdfc bank account

To close the bank account, ( how to close hdfc bank account ) the concerned bank gives you an account closure form. This form is also available on the website of banks, which you can download.

In the form, you also have to give the reason for closing the account.

The debit card, check book related to the account you are closing, you will have to return it to the bank.

Bank officials will check that there is no outstanding charge related to that account. If it is so, it will have to be repaid first.

Some banks also charge for closing the account. However, it may depend on the period between opening and closing the account. The bank does not charge any fee for closing an account within 14 days of opening. If the account is closed after 14 days and within 1 year, then the account closure charge will have to be paid. Generally, closure of an account after 1 year does not attract a closure charge.

After the entire process of closing the bank account, you will be given an agreement from the bank and the account will be closed within 10 working days. Its message or email will come to your registered phone number or mail id.

how to close hdfc bank account – how to close hdfc bank account in which we will know how to close HDFC bank account

Why close HDFC bank account

1. If you have a salary account and now you do not take salary for that bank account then you can close the bank account

2. If your account is old and you do not use, you can close the bank account

3. If you do not keep balance mentain in the bank account, then you can close the bank account

4. If your bank account deducts the charge due to lack of balance, you can close the bank account

how to close hdfc bank account

Friends, if you want to close the HDFC bank account, ” how to close hdfc bank account ” then you have to go to the bank and you will have to write a letter saying that you have to close your bank acccount. Read the post carefully to know how to submit it.

To close a Hdfc bank account, you have to write a letter in the bank and you have to return the things you received at the time of opening the bank account in the bank.

Bank passbook, checkbook, atm and whatever you opened your bank account, then you have to return what you got with the letter

How to write the latter to close a bank account


The Bank Manager

Bank Name

bank address

Subject: Saving Bank Account “your bank account number” to close


The humble request is that my bank account (HDFC dehli) and whose account number is – I want to close this account.

Sir, please give whatever interest is deposited in my account with interest. And returning the check book and ATM card received from your bank to you.

Therefore, you are requested to help in closing my account.

Thank you

Name —————

Account Number—-

Check Book Number ——-

ATM card number ——

Mobile Number ———

Address ——-

Signature ——–

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Friends, you can close HDFC bank account in this way, you can close your bank account by going to the bank and depositing passbook, checkbook, atm with Latter. I hope you like this information how to close hdfc bank account

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