how to create a poll on facebook

how to create a poll on facebook Hello friends, today in this post I am telling about how to poll create in facebook group.

You must have seen poll in Facebook group, we can use poll to select something. Like I have some option and I have to select one of them from my group friend, then we can use Facebook poll for that and post our option in a good and new way.

how to create a poll on facebook

Example If I have to ask my group friends that which website you like the most, Reehinditrick or alltrickinfo, then I can create two polls for this and select whichever website you like.

Everyone knows that you can make a poll from computer in Facebook group, but today in this post I am telling you to create poll from mobile, with the help of which you can make a poll in Facebook group from your Android mobile, so let’s start friends

how to create a poll on facebook group –

how to create a poll on facebook

To create a poll in Facebook group, you must follow all the steps mentioned below.

1. First you go to the Play Store and download and install the Facebook app from here.

2. Now open your Facebook account in Facebook app.

3. Once the id is opened in the Facebook app, open the group in which you want to create a poll.

4. Once the group is open, click on something where we write the post.

5. Now Facebook post editor will open in the screen, here you will see a lot of options, you swipe those options upwards.

6. Now you click on Poll here.

7. After clicking poll, you will see Ask a question at the top, you write a question here as I write here

8. After writing the question, you will see 2 options here: option 1 and option 2 In both these options you have to write different answer (ans.) Here in the first option I am writing computer and second option is laptop.

9. If you want to have more option in your poll, click on the option and add another option.

10. Now the new option that you have added has also been written, I am writing mobile in that option here.

11. Now you click on the post here, after clicking on the post, your post will be published.

12. Now your created poll has been successfully added to the group.

Now you have created poll in your groups, now you can select whichever you like from your friends poll.

In this way we can create a poll in Facebook group and post our option in groups as poll.

Friends, this trick only works in Facebook app in mobile. This tricks does not work in Facebook lite app and in computer also this trick works.

How to create Facebook page

step: 1

To create a Facebook page, first of all go to and log in by entering your correct e-mail address or mobile number and password. 1. First click on the arrow in the top corner, then click on Create Page.

The next page will open, 6 category is given in it, click on what you need for your page category, the details of these 6 categories are given below.

6 Category Detail

Local Busines Or Place: If you have a shop or suppose you have a local Bussines, you are creating a Facebook page for it, then you can select Catagari and put information related to your dukab on the page.

Company Organic or Place: If you have a company or an Instutute, then you can select Catagri.

Brond Or Prodact: If you are creating a page for a Brond or Prodact, then you can select Catagari.

Artist Band Or Public Figure: In this catigary we can create a Facebook page of a big celebrity like – actor, actress, politician or player etc., if you are an Artist or you have your own Talint, then you can also select Catagari and You can share your skills with people.

Entertaiment: This name is very popular, after reading it, you will understand that in this Catagari you can select this to make a page like Movies, Songs Books.

Cause or Commnity: In this Catagary, we can create a page and share any necessary Artical, Jokas, Shayari etc. In this, all the people who are connected in this Commnity can post on this page.

Now you must have understood which Catagary we have to select, if there is any problem in selecting Catagary, then you are not disturbed because we can change Catagary later, so follow me and create a new Facebook Page

step: 2

I currently select Brond Or Product because I want to create a page for my website.

1 Click on the Dropdown menu.

2 Select your Facebook page’s Sub Catagary, we have selected the website here. You can also select. Enter the name of Facebook Page, the name you want to name Facebook Page, for example our Facebook Page Name is Technicalrab You can see Facebook Page by clicking here and like the page.

4. After entering the Facebook Page name, click on the Get Started button.

Step: 3

Now another new page will open 1. What is Facebook Page about? Write 2 lines so that people will like your page soon.

2. Enter the URL of your blog or website.

3. Then click on the Save Info button.

If you do not want to fill opson 1 ya 2, you can click further on the skip button and you can fill this information later also.

Step: 4

Now on the next page you have to upload the Profile Picture for your Facebook Page, if you want, you can leave this step right now and also set the Profile Picture later. 1. Click to upload a photo from your computer.

2. Click here if you want to set a photo as Profile Picture online.

Step: 5

If you want to add your facebook page to favorite list then follow this step otherwise click on Skip button. 1. Click on Add to Favorites and add it to the favorite list, this list will appear on the home page of your Facebook account.

2. Now click on the Skip button.

Step: 6

Here you will ask that to whom and where you want to show your Facebook page. 1. Locations: Here you put Countery, City, in which city you want to show your Facebook page, only people from that country or city will be able to see and like your Facebook page.

2. Age: Select the age here, the age of which you want to show your Facebook page.

3. Gender: Select the gender here, only those people will be able to see your Facebook page.

4. Interest: In this stamp, select the Facebook page that you have Interst in.

5. Languages: In this stop you set the language for which people want to display the page.

6. Skip: If you do not want to do any setting of step 6, then you click on the Skip button or if you follow these settings then click on the Save button.

How to wave on Facebook

Regarding this step, I would suggest you to skip it and show your page to the whole world. I hope you like this information

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