How to create groups in gmail easy step 2 step

Do you also want to know how to create groups in gmail, then today I will tell you everything but in the first place I am going to tell you about creating an account

We can show you step by step how you can create your account, we show you by creating a Gmail id for your website technicalrab. So let’s grow today.

how to create groups in gmail, before we tell you something about its account

How to create a gmail account

Step 1: –

How to create groups in gmail To create a Gmail account, first you have to type into Google and after that a new window will open in front of you.

Step 2: –

When you reach the website of gmail. Then you will see a new screen. Where you have to click on create account.

Step 3: –

As soon as you click on create an account, a form opens in front of you. Fill this form well.


Write your first and last names like first name-news and second name-meto

Choose Your username

This is the most importent part of the gmail account. If you want to keep the address of your gmail id, enter it if your gmail id address is not available then you get that username is taken error and if it is avaliable then go ahead.

Create a password

Enter your password, which contains a capital letter, the small latter and digit. This is a storng password that keeps your gmail account secure.

Confirm your password

Put the same password on it as well.


Enter the date of your birthday.


Select your gender, if male, select male and if female, select female.


Enter your mobile number and remember that the number you have is the same as it comes with an OTP.

Your current email address

Re-enter the email adddress selected in your resume like technicalrab

insert captcha into prove not not a robot

Select your location and enter India

Click on I agree google terms and conditions and click on Next button.

Step 4: –

Now a new window will open in front of you, in which you have to enter the mobile number, on which an OTP i.e. password will come. And tick the text message (sms) and then click on Continue.

Step 5: –

New windon will open and ask you for OTP. Enter what you will find on your mobile. And click on continue button.

Step 6: –

As soon as you enter OTP your gmail account is created. Now your gmail account is ready. If you want to apply your picture, you can apply it by clicking on the corner icon.

So friends, you can create your gmail account in this way, it may seem a little difficult to see, but it is very easy to create a gmail account. If you encounter any kind of problem in creating an account, then comment us, you will definitely get a solution to your problem. ” How to create groups in gmail “

Now we talk about our second issue, how can we do how to create groups in gmail,, so let’s know this too

By creating a group, you can combine all your contacts into one group so that you can send them all at once. While mailing you can write separate email addresses but creating a group makes this process easier and is a time-saving service. ” How to create groups in gmail “

You do not need to send separate information for each contact, just create a group and send mail together. No need to write the same email over and over again.

how to create groups in gmail

Here, we are going to tell the whole process so that you can easily create a group in a Gmail account. how to create groups in gmail

Follow the steps given below: – How to create groups in gmail

1) Open your browser: Open your favorite browser.

2) Open Google Contact page: To complete the group process, you need to go to the Google Contact website. Go to ‘’.

3) Create a Contact: Here you can create your contact list. Click on the plus sign in the left-hand corner. Add all your contact information such as name, company name, job title, phone number and email ID.

If you already have contact numbers in Google contacts, then follow the next step.

4) Select contacts: If you have already created some contacts, select the contacts that you want to add to a group. Click on it and make your list.

5) Click on the Label icon: Click on the Label Icon on the left corner. As you can see in the photo.

6) Create a Label: Now click on the ‘Create Label’ option and create a new label. Type the name and confirm it. Your created group is set up for your Gmail account.

7) Open the “Open Compose” tab in Gmail: Go back to your Gmail account and click on Compose option on the left top corner.

8) Type the name of the new label: Now in the “TO” field where you type the mail address, type the name of the contact label that you have created for the contacts.

When you type their email-id and add it, their mail id will automatically be added to your mail. Now you can send mail to your group. This way you can add groups to your mail. Hope this process helps you. I hope you like this information How to create groups in gmail

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