How To Delete Instagram account permanently

How To Delete Instagram account permanently instagram is very popular social networking website in today’s time. Which is created by facebook only. But many people want to know how to delete Instagram account Permanently, I do not know why they want how to delete their Instagram account permanently.

Because everyone has their own problems. And our job is to solve your problems, so in today’s post.

First of all, let us tell you that two options are given to delete and deactivate the instagram account. Some people do not want to permanently delete their instagram account. They can deactivate their Instagram account

Deactivating Instagram account disguises your account from instagram. And the video and photo uploaded on his Instagram account also gets hidden. Anyone who does not know seeing your instagram account.

This is similar to permanently deleting an Instagram account, but once you permanently delete the Instagram account, you can never open it again, but after deactivating the Instagram account, you can reactivate it anytime after a few hours. is.

But when you permanently delete the instagram account then it gets deleted forever, which is no way to open it again.

So before permanently deleting your instagram account, if you want the photo and video that you have put on your account, download it in advance because once your instagram account is permanently deleted, you will never get that photo and video.

So friends, in this post of today, we are going to tell you about both ways, if you want to deactivate the instagram account for a few days or you want to permanently delete the instagram account, then after reading our complete post you can do so very easily Can do with So, read this post once thoroughly and follow the steps given by us.

How to delete Instagram account Permanently

How To Delete Instagram account

First of all, we have to tell you that somehow you can delete your instagram account permanently because many people want to permanently delete their account, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: –
To delete your account, click here to permanently delete instagram accounts or type in the URL after login to your instagram account or else copy and paste it and search

Note: – To permanently delete the instagram account in mobile, use chrome browsers or your PC.

Step 2
As soon as you do as mentioned above, a new page opens in front of you. As you can see.

How to delete Instagram account

step 3: –
Now you will be asked “Why are you deleting your account” and clicking below it, you have to choose any of your reasons.

How to delete Instagram account

step 4: –
When you select your reason, then you are asked your instagram password, enter it.

How to delete Instagram account

step 5: –
Now you have to click on Permanently delete my account and your instagram account gets deleted permanently.

In this way you can very easily delete your insta account. If you face any problems then comment us. Now we are going to tell you about another option that you can deactivate your instagram account and which can be reactivated later, then follow the steps that we have given.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account

Step 1: –
First of all login to your instagram account, you can use either chrome browser or instagram app.

How to delete Instagram account

step 2: –
When you login to account then go to your home profile and click on home profile icon.

How to delete Instagram account

step 3: –
Now you will see the option of Edit Profile, click on it.

How to delete Instagram account

step 4: –
After clicking on the Edit Profile, a new screen appears in which you click on the temporarily disable my account link with the sumbit button at the bottom.

How to delete Instagram account

step 5: –
As soon as you click on this link, a new page opens in which “Why are you disable your account? In “You have to select Reason.” And after that enter your password.

How to delete Instagram account

step 7: –
As soon as you click Yes Button, your instagram account gets disabled if you login in it now, then it tells you to try after a few hours.

So friends, now you must have understand well delete account Permanently and if you want to deactivate it for a few days, then how do you do it and you must have found it, then if you liked our article If you do share it with your friends on social media and then if you face any problem, then definitely tell us in the comment. I hope you like this information

How to delete reddit account permanently

How to create another ID on instagram?

To create ID on instagram, first of all you have to install Instagram App from Play Store. If you want, you can create an id of Instagram on your laptop or computer, but Q’s Instagram is fun to run in mobile.

Step 1 First open the Instagram app, click on Sing up with Email address or phone number, after this, Email, select any one of these phone numbers, then I select Email, here I have to type my Email ID. Then click on Next.

step 2 Now you have to type your name and password and click on Continue.

Step 3 Now you have to set your date of birth and click on Next and then click on Next.

step 4 may be some more steps between all these steps, if you have to skip them, then your Instagram account will be created, that is, your Instagram ID will be created.

Now friends, you have to setup everything like setting up profiles are all easy, you can do it yourself.

According to the research of Instagram, girls use more Instagram than boys because you must know how much girls like to take selfies. So if you are also very fond of taking selfies, then you should definitely create an account id on Instagram.

Because most selfies are shared on Instagram and yes you can share videos as well but here you can share only short videos

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