How to Delete YouTube channel easy step 2 step

Now a days due to cheap internet many people create Youtube ” delete youtube channel ” channels because by creating channels on the internet, we can create a different identity and monetize the channel and also make good income but for this we have to follow Youtube Policy and Guidelines. .

Because if we upload videos on the channel that do not follow Youtube Policy & Guidelines, then we can not make money by monetizing the channel. This is the reason that most people make the channel on YouTube but do not make money from it. Find it

Delete YouTube channel

Due to this, they are not able to manage the channel well, apart from this, there are many reasons why it is advisable to delete the YouTube channel. If you are facing some similar problem then you have to worry There is no need for this, we are going to give you information about how to delete YouTube channel in a very easy way.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps given below, so that your channel will be deleted, so let’s start.

How To Delete Youtube Channel?

Step – 1 – First of all you have to open the Youtube.Com website and log in using Google account. After signin you will come to the page of your channel.

Now you have to click on Settings, for this you can go to the Menu List in the Left Side and click on Settings, or you can go to Settings by clicking on the small ICON of your channel in the Right Side. ” delete youtube channel “

step – 2 – Now after coming to the Settings page, you have to click on Advance Settings. You can also see in the screenshot below.” delete youtube channel “

Step – 3 – Now after clicking on Advance Settings, you have to scroll to the page which will open, now in the last part of the page you will see the option of Delete Channel on which you have to click.” delete youtube channel “

Step – 4 – Now after clicking on delete channel, first of all you have to Verify by entering the password of your Google Account, that this channel is yours.” delete youtube channel “

For this enter the password and click on Next.

Step – 5 – Now we will go to the Remove Youtube Content page. In which you will have options of Hide and Delete Your Content from Youtube.

If you want to hide the content of the channel instead of deleting it Permanently, click on i Want to hide my content.

Since we are going to give you information to delete the channel permanently, we have clicked on i want to permanently delete my content. You also have to click on it.” delete youtube channel “

Step – 6 – Now we have come to the page I want to permanently delete my content, in this you have to tick the tick mark and click on DELETE MY CONTENT. For more help you can also see in the screenshot below.” delete youtube channel “

step – 7 – Now we Delete Your Content? On the page, you will first have to type the name of your channel in the box under Please Confirm. After typing your channel name, you have to click on DELETE MY CONTENT. By clicking on it, your YouTube Channel Account Permanently Will be deleted.” delete youtube channel ”

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how to create YouTube channel ( delete YouTube channel )

You can use mobile and computer to create YouTube channel. But if you want to create a professional YouTube channel then for this you will need a laptop or computer. If you have it, then follow the steps given by us.

Step- 1 Go to first

Step- 2 As soon as you go to youtube, you will see the Sign in button in the corner, click on it

Step- 3 After this you login with your Gmail Account

Step- 4 As soon as you login in it, according to your Gmail id and Google+ profile, the Youtube Channel Name is filled up. If you want to create a Youtube channel with the same name, then click on “Create Channel” will become your channel.

Step- 5 If you want to name your YouTube channel something else, then you click on “use a business or other name”

step- 6 Now enter your favorite YouTube channel name and click on create channel


1. The name you choose will be easy to remember.

2. It would be nice to have your name at least in words

3. The name you choose will be unique and new.

4. It will be good if you keep the name related to your channel.

How to create a professional YouTube channel

In this way, you can make your own YouTube channel, it is very easy, for this it takes only 5 minutes and your channel is ready by creating, now it comes to how to make your channel professional.

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