How to download for format factory easily

How to download for format factory easily Friends, do you also want to convert any of your videos or audio but you are not getting any good software for this, then in this post today we have brought a best software Format Factory for you, with the help of which you can use audio, video and Will be able to convert the picture file.

If you have 2 types of video or audio, then it can be combined and united by the help of the format factory. You can also cut your video if you want to remove a part of the video from your video, then it can also be cut. To use Format Factory, you must first download it. So let’s now know how to download Format Factory and how to use it.

Format Factory definition

download for format factory

The format is a factory video, audio and image converter through which multiple video files can be converted into one file. Can convert a video of a larger size to a smaller size format.

How to download for format factory

To download Format Factory, follow the steps given below. We are telling you to download Step By Step.

Step 1: Go To Website

First of all, you have to go to the official website of Format Factory.

Step 2: Click View Details

Here you will see the option of View Details under Format Factory, click on it.

How to download for format factory

step 3: Click Download Button

Now you will see the button of Right Side Download, click on it.

Step 4: Click Start Download Button

After this, you will reach a new page where you will see the option of Start Download and click on it. Format Factory will take some time to download and will be downloaded shortly.

Step 5: Open Format Factory

Now open it, after that you carefully read the method given below.

Step 6: Click I Agree Option

Now a Dialogue Box will open in which you have to click on I Agree.

download for format factory

step 7: Click Advance Option

After clicking on I Agree, 2 options will appear in front of you, Basic / Advance, then you have to click on Advance.

Step 8: Next Button

You can also remove Install Opera. If you want to install, you can also install it and now click on Next.

Step 9: Destination Folder

After this, select the place where you want to place Format Factory and click on Install.

Step 10: Use Format Factory

Just now Format Factory will be installed and you can use it by opening it.

download for format factory

How to convert video from format factory

You can easily convert any type of data files such as Auido, Video, Images, Document etc. into your computer or mobile store by converting them. Like converting an MP3 Auido File to Low Quality Wav Format or to High Quality, just like converting any Png Images to Jpeg Images File Format or converting a High Quality MP4 Video File to 3gp.

Apart from this, you can also change the format of any Document Files Etc and convert it to your favorite File Format. For example, to convert .Docx to Pdf. This will give you complete information about it. Often our computer or mobile device has many such data files store whose format we want to change but we do not know how to do this whole process.

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Converting the format of any data file is very easy. You only need to know some of the Format Converter Software or Online Tools that convert the format of the file to only a few minutes. But if you do not know about them, then we are going to inform you about them. So that your problem will be easily solved.

If we want to change the Format of a file through Computer, then you have to install a Free Software named File Factory Format in your Computer. Because with its help you can easily convert the format of any file to Offline. But if you want to change the format of files without any software, then you have to use an online file converter tool Zamzar which is completely free and with the help of this you can convert Many Types Data File into any format and file. Can download

Below we have given complete information about how you can use them. Let’s know about the entire process of using them.

Step 1: Open Format Factory

step – 1 – After opening the Format Factory Software, first of all you have to select the format of the file that you want to change the format. As you can see above that I want to convert the format of a picture, so I have selected the picture. But you can select Video, Auido, Documnet etc. according to your need.

Step 2: Select Format

Step – 2 – After selecting Format, a new window will open. In it, you have to first click on Add File and select the file in File Explorer that you want to convert to another format. By clicking on Output Setting, you have to select the Output Format in which format you want to change the added file. After setting the output, you can click on the Output Folder and select the Folder Location, in which you will get the Output File Save. After setting all, you have to click on OK.

download for format factory

Step 3: Select Video / Image

step – 3 – Now after clicking Ok, you have to click on Start in the new window that will open. After clicking on Start, File Convert will start. After Conversion Completed, you can access the file that you have Format Change by clicking on Output Folder.

So in this way, you can easily change or convert any file by using Format Computer using Offline Format Software. Now we are going to give you information about an Online File Converter Tool.

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Method – 2 – How to use Zamzar Online Converter Tool to change the format of data files? –

Step – 1 – First of all you have to open the website of ZAMZAR, which is a great free tool. It is called Video Converter, Audio Converter, Music Converter, eBook Converter, Image Converter, CAD Converter – THE multipurpose converter. With this help, we can convert all these files.

Step – 2 – After the website is open, you have to do some scrolling of the page, from which you will see an option. You can also see it in the screenshot below,

In this, you have to select the file whose format is to be converted by clicking Choose File. After selecting the file, you have to select the Format in Convert Files To in which you want to change the Select file. In step 3, you have to click on your email address. On this email address, an email with the download link of Convert File will come. Now you have to click on Convert.

download for format factory

Step – 3 – File will be uploaded first after clicking Convert. And then after converting, an email will come in your Email Indox. Which will have a Download Link. You can download your Converted File by clicking on that link.

So in this way you can convert any video to whatever format you want.
You can easily convert videos using Format Factory and send them. Similarly, pictures and audio can also be converted and its best thing is that you can use it in 62 languages. So friends, enjoy it and tell your friends to download for format factory