How to download hotstar videos

how to download hotstar videos Let’s know today how to download hotstar videos, if you use Hotstar, then you must have thought about downloading its Video, Movie and Serial at some time.

If you also want to know about this, then this post can prove to be very helpful for you. As we all know that Hotstar is the most popular video streaming platform in India. The app is available for the mobile phone user who is serving as a website for the PC user.

How to download hotstar videos

In this era of internet, everything has gone online in this order, now you can watch Live Cricket, Serial and Movie through ” how to download hotstar videos ” Hotstar.

For your information, let us know that Hotstar was launched by Star India in February 2015. It was launched just before the World Cup and featured the 2015 World Cup Live. We all know how popular cricket is in India, so it became very popular due to cricket in a very short time. After this, it started showing episodes of Movie and many Serial, TV Show, now it has become the most popular video streaming platform in the country.

how to download hotstar videos

How to download hotstar videos

how to download hotstar videos Sometimes the user needs to download the video present in Hotstar. If you are also reading this post then you must be thinking about downloading video ” how to download hotstar videos ” movie from Hotstar. In such a situation, we are going to tell you the easiest way to do this, the first method will be the official which Hotstar provides for its users.

Let me tell you that there was no option to download the video on Hotstar in the beginning, but recently the user’s download option has also been introduced due to its need. With this download button you can download videos and movies, although this option works just like YouTube.

If you use Youtube, then you will also know that when you download from the button below the video of YouTube, that video or movie becomes offline. Meaning that it is saved in the app itself, which you can watch later without an internet connection. The downloaded video is not saved in mobile phone storage, something similar happens with Hotstar.

When you officially download a video in Hotstar, it will be present in Hotstar’s app itself. It will not be saved in your mobile phone storage but here we are going to tell you two ways in which the first one will be official. So that your Video and Movie App will be saved while in other way you can save Video in File Manager, so let’s know both ways.

Official way to download video how to download hotstar videos

how to download hotstar videos In this way, your downloaded video will be saved in Hotstar App. Although it will not be saved in your mobile phone storage, but you can watch these videos by opening the Hotstar app without internet. how to download hotstar videos

1. First of all, you have to update your Hotstar App by going to Google Playstore because this feature is present in the updated version, you will get many more new features by updating it.

2. Now you have to open Hotstar and play the video, movie or serial you want to download.

3. Here you have to stop the video, you will find the download button below it. After clicking on it, you have to choose the quality of the video, this will start downloading your video.

After going to the menu of Hotstar, you will find this video in the download option, ( how to download hotstar videos ) this video will only be present in your App.

How to download Video Movie in Gallery

If you want to save the video or movie in Hotstar in the file manager of your mobile, then you have to follow the steps given below.

1. First of all, you have to open a website named in your browser.

2. After visiting this website, you will get two options to download ” how to download hotstar videos ” its application. First, if you are using PC, then click on Download For Window. If Android is a mobile phone user, then you have to click on Download For Android.

3. Now install the app and open it, you will see many big website icons in its homepage, here you will also find Hotstar’s website. If you can’t find it, open Hotstar by searching from the search box above.

4. Play any video you want to download here, click on the download button showing in the screen on the right side.

5. Now you have to select the quality of the video and click on Start Download, your favorite video will start downloading.

Note The video file appears in some device’s default file manager while some devices do not. If the downloaded video is not visible in the default file manager of your mobile phone, then you have to go to the settings of the file manager and turn on the option of Show Hidden Files. This will start showing all your hidden files, if this setting is not found, then there is another option.

You have to download the file manager named ES File Explorer from PlayStore. In this file manager you will see all the downloaded ( how to download hotstar videos ) videos. After you find the video in ES File Explorer, copy it and paste it in another folder, this video will also appear in your default file manager.

So now you must know how to download hotstar Video Movie from Hotstar, here we have told you two main ways in which the first is official so that the video file is not saved in the manager. While the second method is downloaded from Videoder App, it gets saved in File Manager.

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By the way, another trick related to this is if you run Hotstar in UC Browser and download the video from there, then the video is also saved in mobile phone storage. If you also need it, you can try any method according to your need. I hope you like this information how to download hotstar videos

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