how to format laptop easy step 2 step

how to format laptop times it happens that due to Virus coming in the computer, the speed of the computer decreases or the computer starts restarting itself and sometimes all the data of the computer goes away, in such a situation, the computer Ko Format Karna has to fall. Have you also been troubled by this problem? .. So you will not have to worry anymore. how to format laptop

how to formet computer ” laptop “

how to format laptop

Before knowing Computer, it is important to know what you need to have in order to format Computer.

Is your computer also running slow and due to this, many of your work is being stopped?… So now there will be no problem in your work in any way. You can also format your computer ” how to format laptop ” by following the method of formatting the computer as explained further.

You must have formatted your mobile many times, but formatting the computer and formatting ” how to format laptop ” the mobile are both different. Formatting a computer is not as easy as mobile. You cannot directly format the computer’s C Drive, for this you have to format it from the Boot Menu, then go to Computer Format.

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For this you need a Boot Disc. To format the computer, you must have the Windows Operating System Cd (Bootable Dvd). Without this, you cannot format your system.

For this, you have to buy the file of Windows Operating System, but if you already have the file of Windows Operating System, then you can format your system without anyone’s help. If you do not have a bootable CD / file, then you can download it from the Internet.

Why do computer format ( how to format laptop )

If your computer is hanging frequently, then understand that you have to format it. Have you ever wondered why you need to do computer format?…

Let us know what is the reason behind formatting the computer.

If your Computer Slow is running, you still need to format the computer.

Computer Format has to be done even when there is a frequent Computer Hang.

The main reason for having a computer hang is that if there is more processing in the RAM of the system, such as – if you have played any high level software or game, or even if you have installed more applications in the computer. The computer starts and which needs to be formatted.

Backup Before Format Computer

Now if you are formatting your computer or laptop, then first save all the important data in your computer in a pen drive or any other device.

If you are formatting the entire drive, then keep the file in external memory. If you do not save your data anywhere else, then your data can be deleted, so please save your computer’s data before formatting. how to format laptop

Make a copy of Browser Setting.

Create a copy of the drivers.

Save your documents, movies and music.

Take Backup of Mail Client.

Make a list of whatever software is installed in your laptop.

Save Downloads in Progress as well.

So save all of these carefully, otherwise you can lose your important data, which you rarely get back, then save it beforehand.

how to formet computer

how to format laptop

How to format laptop know how to formet Computer, follow the Computer Format Process given below.

Step 1. Press Boot Key: First of all, restart your computer and open it and press Boot Key (F12) Continuously.

Step 2. Insert Bootable Disc: Now you will have a message show on the screen of the computer in front of you and in that you have to select Boot Device Cd / Dvd Rom. After selecting the Cd Rom, you can insert the bootable Disc Cd Drive of Window 7, 8. Take

Step 3. Press Any Key: As soon as you select CD Rom, your computer will start restarting again and the entire screen will become black. There you have to press any key quickly.

Step 4. Select Windows: Now select your Window10 (the Windows you want to format your computer. We have selected Windows 10 bootable disc here) Disc will read up to 2 minutes.

After its end, the Installation Window will open, then you can start the Installation Process by clicking on the Installation Window Button.

Step 5. Click Install Now: On clicking Install Now Button, your Windows 10 will copy the Setup File, in which you will have to wait a bit.

When Windows will copy the Setup Files completely, then there will be a window open, in that you will be asked to install the update, but you do not select Online Update and select Manually Update.

Step 6. Windows Bit Select: On selecting Manually Update, another installation window will open, there you have to select Windows Bit of X80 and X60 Type, you can do whatever you want to select Bit and click on Next Button.

Step 7. Select Drive: After this, another installation window will open in which all your drives will be open, in which there is also your C Drive. If you want to format Windows, click in Drive Option and format C Drive.

In Drive Option, you will also get the option to manage Drive, in this you can also make Drive C, D, E Format and New Partition Disc.

step 8. Click Next Button: After formatting C Drive, you have to install Windows10, now you select C Drive again and click on Next Window. As soon as you click on Next Button, Windows10 Installation Process should start. She goes.

Now the installation process of Windows10 has started, in which your computer will auto restart 1 to 4 times, in the meantime, your computer should not be closed and neither should the Windows10 bootable disc be ejected.

How To Format Laptop

how to format laptop

Do you also use a laptop and for some reason want to format your laptop, then you can do your laptop format by following the how to format laptop. Step

Here we will tell you 2 ways that how to format laptop

Step.1 Format the Laptop with Installation Cds

Backup Your Hard Drive: Save Data will be deleted in your laptop with Laptop Format Service. If you want to keep this data secure then you can take Backup on CD or Dvd on Hard drive.

Which Method Of Restoration: To find out the method of Restoration provided by the manufacturer, if the Set of Installation Cd has come with your laptop, ” how to format laptop ” then you only use it and if it has not come then Restore Partition Setup in your Laptop Will happen. That is, you have to format the laptop with another method using it.

Insert The Operating System Disk: Now the Operating System Disk will have to be installed in Cd / Dvd Drive, it will run Automatically, after which a Menu Page will be open, Installing Copy of Operating System for which an Option Select. how to format laptop

If this Cd is not running automatically then double click on My Computer, then double click on Os Disk Drive and then click on Auto-run.

Wait For A Minute: Wait till this process is complete and leave the laptop in the middle or else the process will stop in the middle. If you are reformatting the hard drive of your laptop, then accept the offered through setting of the installation disk.

Wait for the Installation to Complete: Operating System Installation, a new desktop will appear in front of you.

So through this method, you have learned Laptop Format Now let us know how to format a laptop through another method.

method 2. How to format a laptop through Restoration Partition

how to format laptop Restart Your Computer: When the laptop is rebooting, keep pressing the F10 key until the system boots up. From this you will reach Partition, here you will get the option of Reformatting and Reloading.

Select The Option For Installing A Fresh System: Restore Partition Run is done to format the program and will also install the driver, will also reload the operating system and install the software that came with your laptop.

Wait For The Minute: Now you have to wait until the Reformat Process is complete.

So this is how you learned how to format laptop. Now your laptop format is done, through this method you can format your laptop easily.