How To Lock WhatsApp easily

How To Lock WhatsApp If you use WhatsApp, you are going to tell about it, then you must know this information so that no unwanted person can see your personal message, photo or video. In this app, we have many such private or personal messages which remain a threat to our privacy. In such a situation, we want that no one can see our chat or photo video. For this, we try to put PIN Code, Pattern or Password Lock on WhatsApp so that our personal file is safe.

Although some people do not know much about applying password in an app, in such a situation, they search that you can how lock whatsapp, if you do not have much information about it too, today we are going to tell you the easiest way here. With the help of which you can put a password on this app.

How To Lock WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp then you will also know that this app does not have any official option with the help of which you can lock it. Although in the coming time, there can be an option to install its official lock, but in the present time, you will have to take the help of a third party app to find the password.

Many times our mobile gets in the hands of our friend or family member. In such a situation, he can open your WhatsApp and see personal chat, photos or videos. If you want to keep your private file safe, then you should put a lock on your app. So how to install Lock is given below.

How To Lock WhatsApp

As we told you that there is no such option available on WhatsApp so that you can apply password on this app, but you can take help of third party app WhatsLock to lock it, you will find this app very easily in the Play Store. When you search the name of this app by writing WhatsLock in the search box of the play store, then this app will come first in the list of results. By clicking on it, you can install it.

1.Step is also the first thing you have to open a mobile store in your mobile or laptop, after that you have to understand the method given below.

How To Lock WhatsApp

2.Step after opening play store in your mobile, you have to write whatslock about search

How To Lock WhatsApp

3.When you open this app, it will ask you to click on the Start button to open. You have to click on Start. Now you will see the option of WhatsApp at the top, you have to turn it on.

How To Lock WhatsApp

4.After this, a default PIN 1234 will be set from this app. Click on OK Now you have to enter your Gmail ID, then after entering Gmail ID, click on OK. (Here you have to enter your correct Gmail ID. So if you forget the password by mistake, you can recover it)

How To Lock WhatsApp

5.After this you have to give permission to this app. For this, turn on the button in front of WhatsLock.

How To Lock WhatsApp

6.After doing all this, you have to change its default PIN 1234. For this, go to the homepage of this app and click on the password option.

How To Lock WhatsApp

7.Here you have to enter a new PIN or Password according to your mind, after this, click on Save.

How To Lock WhatsApp

8.After this, your WhatsApp will be locked. Your Whatsapp will not open until you enter the password. In the homepage of this app you have to turn on the option of Uninstaller so that no one can uninstall this app except you.

In the homepage of this app, you also get the option of Fingerprint and Pattern Lock. You can also apply fingerprint or pattern lock with this app. The question in the minds of many people will be that after removing this app, will the lock be removed? This is not the answer, because even uninstalling this app will require a password, which only you will know.

Now you will know that the app mentioned above is quite amazing for locking it, you can not only put a lock on your WhatsApp but also put a PIN Code, Pattern or Password Lock on any app installed in mobile. Can. If your phone supports fingerprint, then with the help of this app, you can also apply fingerprint lock on any App.

How to secure WhatsApp.

Here I will tell you about 8 WhatsApp security tips which you can save by following whatsapp hack. However WhatsApp claims that their end-to-end encryption security protects the user’s account from hacking.

But still WhatsApp can be hacked. To avoid this, WhatsApp provides additional security options and you should also take some precautions.

Here are the ways to Secure WordPress below…

Activate Two Step Verification

Two-step verification makes your WhatsApp account even more secure. When you enable two-step verification and when someone tries to verify the account on your mobile number, it needs an OTP.

How To Lock WhatsApp

For Two Step Verification, open WhatsApp and go to Settings >> Account >> Two-step verification >> Enable.

Do not share mobile numbers with Stranger

Do not share your mobile number with any stranger or unknow people. Add only people you know in WhatsApp. Immediately block unknow people. There are many hackers who send messages to hack your WhatsApp account.

Lock WhatsApp App

Keep your WhatsApp app locked with PIN, pattern or password so that no one can access your account. Also, create a strong password.

However, this feature is not available in WhatsApp by default, but you can lock it using 3rd party apps.

Do not use Public Wifi Networks

Do not use public Wifi networks for WhatsApp. If you use free public wifi networks, then you may be a victim of WhatsApp hacking. A hacker can hack your mobile via a wifi connection and access WhatsApp chat via a Mac address.

Edit your Privacy Settings

You can customize WhatsApp Privacy Settings according to your need.

Just open WhatsApp and click on Settings >> Account >> Privacy. Here, you will be able to see many options. You can see the screenshot below,

Keep WhatsApp Update-to-Date

Whenever new updates come for WhatsApp, install it. This keeps your WhatsApp account secure from hacking.

If you do not use Update-to-Date WhatsApp, you may face security vulnerability.

Do not use Third Party WhatsApp App

There are many WhatsApp users who use third party WhatsApp App to make their WhatsApp caht look gorgeous and superb, which is absolutely wrong.

This is the easiest way to hack WhatsApp. If you also use any 3rd party WhatsApp app, then your WhatsApp account can be hacked.

Always use the official app for WhatsApp so that your WhatsApp account is protected from hackers.

Logout WhatsApp From Everywhere

If you login WhatsApp on desktop or any other mobile, don’t forget to log it out.

Also, login WhatsApp only to your Personal Device. Never login WhatsApp in cybercafe.

Some quick tips to keep WhatsApp safe from hacking

Use Two-Step Verification

Do not share mobile numbers with unknow or stranger people

Use App lock for WhatsApp App

Do not use Public Wifi Networks

Edit your privacy settings

Use Update to Date WhatsApp aap

Do not use Third Party WhatsApp App

Logout WhatsApp From Everywhere

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