How to make facebook post shareable easily

I am going to tell you in full detail step by step in this post about how to create your post on facebook or how to make facebook post shareable, after reading the post carefully you need to learn again Will not be needed

How to make facebook post shareable

How to make facebook post shareable

Now-a-days blogging has been spreading in the country very fast, some one has started thinking that if I do not stay behind, then people keep on blogging very fast,

So friends, I am talking about how to show your blog post to your post,

Some google search engine is working to take the post to the world, we have some means which can use it to show the post to the world very fast and very soon,

As we have tools like whatsapp or any facebook instagram twitter,

If it is used, then you can spread the post in the world soon. There is also an advantage in this, such as immediately sent a post opens a user post or simultaneously opens a lot of users, then the google search engine or someone Other search engine shows that these posts are opening a lot of users, if there is anything special in it, the search engine makes that post up,

I am going to tell you how to share your post in this post on your facebook page, if you follow the steps, then soon you can share the post on facebook page

1.Click on the share button below your post.

How to make facebook post shareable

Such an option will come as shown in the image that you will understand better.

2.Click on facebook written, your facebook option will open

3.First a mark of a pen is written next to it, share to Facebook, click on it

How to make facebook post shareable

4.A popup will open in which it is written first to share to facebook
second. friends timeline

third. If you have formed a group, then the option of the group will be

four. your page will be

five. private massage
Click above as shown in image

You have to click on the four that means your page, all the pages you have created will be open as soon as you click, on which facebook page you want to share the post, click on the same page, automatically share your post on that page. Will be done

So you saw how easy it is to share your post on facebook page

If you want to share the post on your Facebook id then it is very easy

share on facebook id

first. open post
second. click on share button
third. The file will be open, click on facebook, click on the post below, it will be automatically shared.

Apart from this, there is another way to read the post to share the post on Facebook or facebook page.

Share the post link on facebook page

I have already explained some ways to share my blog post on Facebook page

But to share the link directly, I am sharing this method with you, if you read this post well, then you can send the post link of your blog to Facebook page or anywhere.

As you can share on all social media like whatsapp instagram or on other sites so that they can quickly go viral, they start the process.

step by step

. Open your blog post. A link show in the search box above. Will click on that link
. Copy that link
. Paste where to send
. Then click send and send.

As you can send and paste on Facebook page or instagram or any other social media
You can share the link of your post everywhere by pasting the link copy of such blog post.

Advantages / disadvantages of sharing post on facebook

Friends, when you share your post on any social media, there are some advantages and some disadvantages.

The damage that has to be done is taken care of by checking your server every day and correcting it.
What are the benefits that I have already told you, they tell us again

loss .

When sharing a post on any social site, then another link is added with their main link, through that link google comes to know that this site has shared this post on this social site. is
Different social sites have different link add.

When Google search engine is delayed in loading that link, then the search engine leaves that link.

Because the link gets bigger, it affects our ranking of our site. Facebook or any other social link must be fixed once a week and which link has been checked, then remove that extra link, you should delete the link. Or do not know how to fix, then the next posts will be put about this, subscribe to our site, you will get a notification when we post a post.


When uploading any blog post, it is necessary to share on facebook page or facebook id or any other social site, then when more people open our follower post together then google will feel There is no necessary content in this post, only then people are opening more posts at once, then Google reduces that post to 1 # rank, it is beneficial to do 1 rank, if a user searches for a keyword, then our post appeared first. The user opens the post, adds an add to it according to that account, so that our earning starts increasing.

It is important to have a Facebook page, you must share any of your posts on Facebook page

I sincerely hope that I have shared with you
Gave full information about and I hope you people have understood about the information about how many buttons are there in the keyboard.

I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so that our awareness will be there and it will benefit everyone. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

It has always been my endeavor that I always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me irresponsibly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts.

How to turn off comments on facebook post

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