How To Recover a Hard Disk Data Easily

How To Recover a Hard Disk Data will try to give you complete information through today’s post. We will tell you about this in very simple language, hope that you will like our today’s post Recover data hard disks like our previous post, about which we will give you all the information.

For us, the data kept in the computer or laptop is very important, if ever this data is deleted, then what to do, we can get the data by going directly into the Recycle Bin, but sometimes the data is also deleted from the Recycle Bin and that data If we need it then what to do, that’s why today we will tell you to do data recovery.

Today we will tell you to Poverently Delete Data Recover with the help of some free software, using which you can easily get the deleted data some time ago and the deleted data long time back in your system, we can give you very easy ways Will tell.

We will tell you For this, you have to read this post from the beginning to the end, so if you want to know how to recover deleted data, then stay tuned from beginning to end to get all the information in our post today.

How To Recover a Hard Disk Data

How To Recover a Hard Disk Data Easily

Now we will tell you how to recover deleted files from Hard Disk with the help of a software.

Step 1: Download Software

First of all, you have to download a software named Recuva in your computer, laptop.


How To Recover a Hard Disk Data

step 2: Install And Open Software

After downloading Recuva Software, install it and then open it.

Step 3: Select File

Now you have to select which files you want to recover like- Pictures, Music, Documents, Video, Etc or you can also select All Files and then click on the Next button below.

How To Recover a Hard Disk Data

step 4: Select File Locations

Now you have to select the place from where the data is deleted, if you want to recover the deleted data from your entire computer or laptop, then you have to select the first option and if you want to select the data from a drive, then you In A Specific Location you have to select and then click on the Browser to select that drive and then click on the Next button below.

How To Recover a Hard Disk Data

step 5: Choose Enable Beep Scan

If it has been a long time to delete your data, then you have to mark Enable Beep Scan and if your data is still deleted then you click on Start Button without doing anything.

Step 6: Show Delete Files

After this, it will take some time to process, after that all your Delete Files will start appearing, now mark all the files you want and click on Recover Button below.

How To Recover a Hard Disk Data

step 7: Select Folder

Now you will be asked where to save your data, you have to select the folder where the data is to be saved and then click on OK.

Step 8: Recover Data Successful

Now it will take some time and then your data will be recovered in the folder that you had selected.

How to corrupted Hard Disk Data Recovery

For how to recover your data from Crashed and Corrupted Hard Disk, we will use a software called Easeus in which we will tell you Step by Step to Recover Corrupted Hard Disk Data, so let’s know about it.

Step 1: Download Software

First of all, you have to download this Easeus Software in your computer, laptop.

Download Easeus

Step 2: Install And Run

Now you have to install this software in your PC, Laptop and then run it.

Step 3: Select Files

In this, you have to select which type of files you want to recover, if you want to recover files of one type, select it or you want to recover the files of the whole PC, then select the option of All Files Type and Then click on Next.

Step 4: Drive Selection

In this, you have to select which drive of Hard Disk to do Data Recovery and if there is no drive showing on your system, then you have to click on Lost Disk Drive and then click on Sacn.

Step 5: Show Files

Now after scanning for some time, after completion of all the files of the drive you had selected will start to show, now mark all the files you want to save and click on Recover.

Step 6: Recover Files

Now all the files you had marked will be recover, if your files are still not showing, then click once on Deep Scan and try.

How to recover data from bad hard disk without software

Friends, understand a basic logic of Hard Disk Recovery, then you will be forced to think deeply on it as if you or a client’s hard disk has come to you for recovery.

So 100% there is some problem in that hard disk, so that client has brought the harddisk to you so that you can recover its important data from its bad harddisk.
Now here we will not first understand the problem of that hardidsk i.e. what is the problem of harddisk like

  • crash And corrupt hardisk
  • Not detect hard disk
  • dead hard disk
  • burn hard disk
  • Damage hard disk

If there is a software related problem in the client’s hard disk, such as “The window has been formatted, due to which the entire data has also been formatted” or a folder has been deleted by mistake or some other problem, then in such a situation, we can get the data You can retrieve deleted or formatted data again through Recovery Software, that is, you can recover data.

Popular Data Recovery Software’s

  • Recuva
  • Testdisk
  • undelete360
  • Stellar Data Recovery
  • i-care data recovery
  • Wondershare data recovery

Now for this process we need data recovery software, now how this software works, you must read it once in a while.

How To Recover a Hard Disk Data

Actually, all the data saved inside the hard disk is like a book, like the first page of every book is an index page which by reading we know which page is on which page.

And we find that chapter by the fast way, but if this index page gets torn up by mistake then it does not mean “If your book is spoiled, then this example also applies to the hard disk.

It is just in the form of the data sector as if you format the hard disk, then the index page format of that hard disk is there but the whole data remains as it is.

And in such a situation, the computer is unable to read the data next to the index and in such a situation, this data recovery software can only read those index pages.

After which the computer again reads the index and makes the data available before you “show” in front of you.

If means until you do not formatting a low level hard disk, the data in your hard disk will remain the same.

Now let’s assume that your hard disk is completely closed, so now how to recover data from it. “First of all friends, remember that repairing the hard disk means recovering data from the hard disk” means if you pass any hard disk for data recovery.

And if it is repaired by you, then your data is found as it is and if there is no hard disk repair, then there is no need to take tension because we have many options which will be discussed below step by step.

How to extract data from hard disk completely closed

Friends, if your hard disk is completely closed, that is, there is no movement in the hardisk even after getting the power, that is not vibrating, then there are 2 reasons behind it, such as

  • Dead PCB
  • Jam spindle motor
  • Dead PCB

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which powers the internal machinations of the hard disk and 3 different voltages are made on this PCB such as → 5V → 12V → 3V.

Now if any of these voltage drop is happening, then the PCB circuit will not be completed and the internal machinations of the hard disk will not pass the requite voltage.

Due to which the hardisk will be completely closed, friends, in such a situation, we have to check all the small SMD capacitors and registers above the PCB according to their value.

And if any electronic component faulty comes out in this testing, then obviously after changing it, power will flow and your hard disk will start again.

After which you can do data recovery from it, but if there is no problem in any electronic component on the PCB, then you have to check the IC & Chip on the PCB.

Friends, there are some electronic chips on the PCB of harddisk which helps in completing the circuit very much as you can see in the image below.

CPU: If the hardisk is detecting and leaving in the computer, that is, the connect is disconnected, then “It may be that your PCB’s CPU is overheating and because of that your hard disk is creating a problem, then the CPU at such Try it out and replace it

RAM: If the hardisk is starting to vibrate, and is also vibrating but the computer is not connecting then “maybe the RAM of the PCB is bad then change the Ram in this situation your problem will be solved.

BIOS Firmware: Friends, you must have seen the Hardsik computer is connected but its partition does not show or if the hard disk is not formatted, then we have to flash the bios of hardsik which is called firmaware in which the hardisk There is a program and information store that does not show in the partition computer due to corruption, except maybe the Bios chip is also bad, then change the flash by flashing the Bios and install it on pcb. partition show will start

how to update BIOS

Motor IC: There is a motor inside the hard disk that works to spin the data platter and to control that motor is the job of this Motor IC, then you also have to check it schematic wise.

Contact’s: Due to the accumulation of carbon on the contact, the motor & actuator is not able to make contact with the PCB and it becomes the reason of hard disk dead, then friends, whenever someone brings a hard disk to you for data recovery. Clean the contact first and watch the hard disk start.

Friends, if PCB repair is not being done, then you can use the pcb on the hard disk of another same model here for data recovery, just the serial number of that pcb should be the same.

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