How To recover data in Android phones 2021

how to recover data in Android phones 2021 Most people keep their important documents in their computer laptops, such as photos, videos, important files, such as Word files, and store powerpoint files in the hard drive of their computer or laptop system. If our important documents are deleted or someone accidentally deletes our data, then we think about how we can recover deleted data, today we tell you

Or many people store their must-have photos, videos and documents by storing their memory card pendrive or external hard disk, now sometimes our storage device ie memory card hard disk pendrive gets corrupted, then we have to format it Then we think that how we deleted photo delete video delete documents,

Then you will find many ways in the internet by which you can easily deleted data but you will get most paid software which you have to pay to use But we will tell you today the free way, that is, about the free software, with the help of which you can recover the deleted data for free, that is, you can bring back the deleted photo. You can recover the following items with the help of this software

How To recover data in Android

How To recover data in Android

Click download software

  • Install software
  • Open the software


First of all you have to click on download to download the Recuva software, this software is free and with the help of it you can easily recover deleted data, after downloading you have to install it and then open the software.

How To recover data in Android

Select the file type and click on Next

After opening the software, click on Next.

Now select the file type if you want to recover all the data like files like photo video documents etc., then select all files option

To recover only the deleted photo, select the pictures option.

Select the Music option to recover deleted music audio recording files.

Select documents option to recover documents like powerpoint files word files, excel files delete files

Select the video option to recover the deleted video

Select the compress option to recover compressed files.

Select the Emails option to recover Windows delete mail

You have to choose the file types that you want to recover the deleted data, you select the option, after that you click on Next.

How To recover data in Android

Now select the file location and click on Next

  • Click on a specific location
  • click browse
  • Now select the device from which to recover data
  • Now click on next

In this step you have to choose the storage device from which you want to recover the deleted data. If you want to recover the deleted files from the whole computer, then you have to choose the earlier option but if you want to recover the data from one drive It is like if you want to recover deleted data from memory card pendrive or hard disk, then for this you have to select the option in a specific location and after that click on browse and select the drive and then click on Next.

How To recover data in Android

Tick ​​on enable deep scan option

  • enable deep scan option
  • Now click on start
  • Now wait for the data scan to be completed

Now to scan the drive, for this you have to click on enable deep scan option, after this you have to click on start, after this the data scan (scan) will start, then it will take at least 10 to 15 minutes. Depends on how much deleted data is lying on your device

Now select files and click on recovery

  • Now tick the files you want to recover
  • Now click on recover
  • Now select folder to save (save) data
  • Then click ok

As soon as the deep scan process is complete, after this, now you have to recover any files, photo video documents, tick it or you can select all the data if you want, after selecting the data, click on Recover Now after this you Save the data, whatever you have recovered, remember that the drive from which you are recovering data will not be saved, so select a different drive, after that select the drive and click OK, your deleted data will be recovered.

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How to get deleted photo back?

Step 1: Install DiskDigger Photo recovery app on your Android phone.

Step 2: After opening the app, you have to tap on the option of ‘Start Basic Photo Scan.

How To recover data in Android

After a while scanning all your deleted photos will be recovered. Tick ​​whatever you want to recover and tap on the button of “RECOVER”.

Now select the location to save the photo, that is, where you want to save it. Click on the second option which is the file manager. Your photo will be successfully recovered.

How To recover data in Android

If you cannot retrieve that main photo from DiskDigger because it happens many times. So you can try using these other photo recovery app. Apart from this, if your phone is rooted, then you will see an option of Full Scan in the DiskDigger app itself, by clicking on it you will be able to recover files other than photos.

Top 5 Photo Recovery App for Android 2021

  • DigDeep Image Recovery
  • Restore Image (Super Easy)
  • Dumpster
  • Undeleter
  • EaseUS MobiSaver

How to Recover All Deleted Files?

You have to take this step when you want to recover all your types of files. For this you will need to root your phone.

install app undeleter

Step 1: Install this app called ‘Undeleter’ from Play Store.

open app type restore

Step 2: After opening the app, the first option of Restore Type will appear on your screen, in which you have to click on Restore Files.

root permission enabled

Step 3: For the app to be able to scan your phone storage, root permission must be enabled. If not, enable it and then click on Internal Storage.

Choose scan types

Step 4: Now you have to choose Scan Types in which you get two options 1) Deep Scan, 2) Generic Scan. If you want to recover any particular file types such as images, video, audio, and documents, then click on Deep Scan.

Select the file type

Step 5: Now select the file type you want to recover and click on Scan.

scan process start

Step 6: The scan process will start and gradually all your files will be visible to you.

select your recover file

Step 7: Select whichever file you want to recover, now you will see the option of Save File on the top right. Finally, wherever you want to save the file, select it and then click on Restore.

If you have to restore more than one file, you can select more files at one time. One thing you should know is that every time you recover the file, you will be shown a few seconds of advertising. If you do not see the entire advertisement, then you will not be able to get the file successfully. But if you do not want to see these advertisements etc. then you can purchase its pro version.

By using these file recovery apps, you can restore all the deleted files of your phone. If you just want to recover photos, then you can use many other android apps like DiskDigger Photo recovery, Dumpster and EaseUS MobiSaver. But if you have reset your phone by mistake and now you want to restore all the data. So root your phone and follow the procedure mentioned above using the Undeleter app.

But if you want to do this without rooting the phone, then you can take help of your computer. For this, you have to install a software called Dr.Fone in the computer.