How To reset computer windows 10 easily

How to reset computer windows 10 Computers and laptops are an important part of our daily lives and without this a lot of our work stops. Many times when we use a computer or laptop for a long time, it starts to hang due to lack of RAM or ROM and we get interrupted to work continuously. If the RAM or ROM of a computer or laptop is low, it should be reset from time to time to prevent it from hanging.

Many times when we reset the computer, we lose all our data because we do not know the right way to reset the computer or laptop, so if you do not know how to restore your computer then you have to worry about it. Is not needed Today, we will provide you information about this subject in a very easy and simple language.

How To reset computer windows 10 easily

How To reset computer windows 10

Computer and laptop are synonymous with each other. The only difference between these two is that we can carry the laptop anywhere as it works by battery and requires an electric connection to the computer which is not easily available anywhere. If you want to reset computer or laptop, then your system should have Windows 10 Install,

Step 1: Tap On Setting

To reset the laptop, first click on the “Start Icon” of your computer, then you will see the option of “Setting” in it.

How To reset computer windows 10

step 2: Update And Security

After selecting the option of “Setting”, you will see the option of “Update And Security” and click on it.

How To reset computer windows 10

step 3: Click On Recovery

After selecting “Update And Security” option, you will see many options, such as – Backup, Recovery, Activation etc. From these, select the option of “Recovery”.

How To reset computer windows 10

step 4: Reset This PC

As soon as you select the option “Recovery”, you see an option of “Reset This PC”, in which you have to click on the option “Get Started” to reset the PC.

How To reset computer windows 10

step 5: Select 2 Options

After clicking “Get Started”, a new box will open in front of you, now click on this box, in which you will see 2 different options:

How To reset computer windows 10
  • Keep My Files
  • Remove Everything

If you just want to reset the software and settings, you can click on “Keep My Files”, but if you want to delete your data too, then click on “Remove Everything”.

computer Reset Shortcut Key

How to reset the computer with the help of keyboard and Laptop Reset Keyboard Settings is shown below:

  • Alt + F4
  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Advantages of resetting computer

Next, you have been told some benefits of resetting laptop or computer:

The main reason for resetting the laptop is that if you use the laptop continuously, then it gets virus and your laptop starts hanging, so you should keep resetting your laptop from time to time.

If your system does not have much RAM and ROM or you store more files, then your laptop starts running slowly, so you can increase the speed of the laptop by resetting the laptop.

There are many files in the laptop that are stored automatically, and these files reduce the memory of the laptop. The memory of the laptop can be saved by resetting the laptop and deleting these files.

Disadvantages of resetting computer

Just as there are some advantages of resetting a laptop or computer, there are also some disadvantages of which you are explained below:

The first disadvantage of resetting the laptop is that all the apps you installed in the system are deleted and if you did not make a backup, then you have to download the apps after resetting the laptop. is.

One disadvantage of resetting the laptop is that if you have not already made a backup, then all the important data of your laptop such as photos, files etc. are deleted, so you need to make a backup in advance.


A computer and a laptop is an electronic device. It is very important to periodically clean and update any item for its long life. Resetting the computer is also similar to cleaning, which deletes unwanted data and cache from the computer. Please share this post your all social media accounts

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