How to take Android phone backup easily

how to android phone backup Today every person has a mobile and in the mobile itself, we save our important data. Contacts and messages are very important in the phone. If the phone ever gets lost or goes bad, then we have a lot of trouble. Due to which the entire data of the mobile goes away, we have to take a backup of the phone.

You can also backup your photos and videos. With the help of backup, you can retrieve your required contacts, videos. Backup file is very useful if the phone goes bad. We will also tell you SMS Backup to keep your SMS and Photo safe.

So let’s know that if you also want to make a backup of your important data, then read this post how to android phone backup from beginning to end. Only then you will get complete information about it and you will be able to backup your mobile.

How to Android phone backup

How to Android phone backup

We are telling you about the best apps to back up your mobile. With the help of which you can backup your phone.

Step 1: Download App

First of all you have to Download this app Super Backup & Restore.

Step 2: Install App

After downloading the app, install it now.

Step 3: Open App

Open the app after installing. You will come across many options, click on whatever you want to backup,

How to Android phone backup

step 4: Click Backup Option

After selecting the option, now the backup option will appear in front of you, click on it and make OK.

Step 5: Save Backup File

Now you will be asked to save the backup file, keep it by default and click on OK. Now the backup of the item you selected is created.

How to Android phone backup

step 6: Click Backup File

Click on the item you have backed up to restore it.

Step 7: Click Restore

Now you will see some options, click on Restore from it.

Step 8: Select Backup File

After restore, you have to select the backup file and click OK, now your data will be restored.

So by using this app, you can back up your data and also restore data.

Backup transfer Android Phone to PC

dr.fone – is a very good tool for Backup & Restore, you can completely trust it according to your need. It has a versatile facility to backup Android phones. If you inadvertently lose your phone’s data, this backup tool can recover your Android phone or Tablet PC’s data. So if you also want to know about Android Phone Backup And Restore, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Backup & Restore

First of all install the dr.fone software in your PC and connect your Android phone to your PC, then select “Backup & Restore” from the Function List.

How to Android phone backup

step 2: Enable USB Debugging

Now enable USB Debugging Mode on your Android phone. After this, simply click on Backup to start the backup operation.

Step 3: Select Files

Select the files that you want to backup and then click on “Backup” and the computer will start its backup work.

Step 4: Start Backup Process

The backup process may take some time, depending on your phone’s data. Keep your phone connected and not work on it during this process.

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How to Backup File Restore

Above we told you Android Phone Backup. Next we will learn how to restore files.

Step 1: Click On Restore

Click “Restore” to restore the device from backup files.

Step 2: Click On View

You can select backup files from the list and click on “View” to view the record.

Step 3: Restore to Device

Now you can restore contacts, SMS, Videos, Photos etc. from a backup on your Android phone or other devices from PC. Everything that can be restored on a ByDefalt device is ticked. To get the data back on your Android phone, click on “Restore to Device”.

Backup Android Phone To Mac

If you want to backup your Android phone to Mac, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Connect Android Phone to Mac

First download and install Syncios Android software. After this, connect your Android phone to Mac using a USB cable.

Step 2: Click On Backup

On its home page, you will see the option of “Backup”, click on it. Once the device is connected, the program will automatically detect and show all the transferable data on your phone, just select the data you want to transfer to the Mac. After this, click on the “Start Copy” button, after some time, the data of your Android phone will start to appear on the Mac.

easy Backup & Restore App

Although there are lots of backup apps on google play store, but I like Easy Backup & Restore among all apps. Through this app, you can backup contacts, SMS, Apps, call log and other important data. You can store this backup file in your External SD card. Or can also be stored in Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive. I will explain full details of its usage below. First you install it in your phone.


After installing the app, open it. You will be asked to backup as soon as you open it. You can backup immediately or even later. You make no. Will backup after its setting. So let’s know how to take step by step backup.

Open the Easy Backup & Restore app and click on the menu option. Then go to settings. Click on the SD Card Backup directory below. Now you have to select Storage and click OK. This way your backup file will be saved in external card. All the steps are cleared in the screenshot.

How to Android phone backup

After this setting we are ready to backup. Now click on Backup. After that you have to select whom you want to backup. Such as – Contacts, SMS, call Log & other. You can backup one by one or all at once. It depends on you.

So select and click on Ok. Then select SD Card. Now here you have to give the name of your backup. Like when I took backup of contacts, I kept the contacts name. This will make it easier for you to find the file. After this, backup will be started as soon as you click on ok.

Backup will be completed after some time. You can see this by clicking on view. Or just ok.

You can see this backup file by going to file mananger. It will be saved as a zip file. You can save it on your computer as well.

How to Restore Backup File?

Just above, you have been told how to backup the contact. Now open this app to restore it. Go to Restore. After this, select SD Card. In the next step, this app will be asked to set the default for SMS. You can cancel or yes.

Next you will get all backup files. Click on whatever you want to backup. We have backed up contacts. So, we will proceed by clicking on this file. next you will get confirmed option to restore. You click ok.

In this way all our contacts will be restored. Similarly, whoever you want to restore will be able to easily restore it to your phone.

How to backup Apps, Contacts, SMS in google drive?

Above told you how to backup in sd card. But if your phone is stolen or lost, then the SD card will run with it. In such a situation, we should also take advantage of cloud storage. It will store our file online. You can get it whenever you want.

For this, open Easy Backup & Restore. Go to backup. In the next step, select the file that you want to backup and click OK. After that you have to select google drive. You will be asked to set up an account. Simply click Yes.

Now, select your Gmail ID. The app will ask you to allow. Click on allow. The next step is to name your backup folder. For example, backup of contacts named contacts. This way the backup will be completed after some time.

This backup will always be saved in your Google Drive account. You can restore it whenever you want. To restore this file, open the app and go to restore option and select google drive. It is also very easy. As mentioned above.

How to backup app?

Easy Backup & Restore android app also allows us to backup all apps. So that you can install your apps again in your phone whenever you want. For this, open this app. Go to Apps tools. In the next page you will be given some information. As if your phone is not rooted, it will only be saved in the apk file. Okay here.

Now in the next step, put a check mark in front of all the apps that you want to backup. After that click on BACKUP below and proceed. After some time the backup will be completed.

This backup will remain as an APK file in your external storage. You can reinstall the app as you wish. In this way, we can easily backup and restore apps.

Keep the phone’s Default Backup On / Enable.

Your phone also already has backup facility. Check this also. Through this, all our data is saved in Google account. For this, go to the phone settings. Click on Backup & Reset. After that you have to backup my data on. Also enable atomatic restore.

Now whenever you change or reset your phone, all the data will come back to your phone once you sign in with your Google account. In this way also we can keep the data of our phone safe.

Backup phone data to a computer.

If you have a computer, you can also backup all the data on your computer. With this you can restore it in your phone whenever you want. In this way, we can use this method to backup our android phone.

Android phones backup You must have understand some good about this, you can know about SMS, Photo, Video, Contact Backup etc. by the methods mentioned above. What we have told you above are very good and trustable for backup of phone and backup data restore. If you liked the post, then definitely like it and share so that other people also get to know

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