How to turn off comments on facebook post easily

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform number one in that it allows billions of users from around the world to share and connect with Facebook users about photo video text and their life story. Provides help in connecting many people. You can be in the far corner of the world. Whether you live in America or your friend lives in India, you can connect with each other and you can interact with each other. Apart from this, you can share everything you have with each other, like Facebook allows you to share things like photo video text, but today we will tell you how to turn off comments on facebook post

How to turn off comments on facebook post

turn off comments on facebook post

First of all, open your favorite browser in your desktop screen and open Open Facebook application in your mobile and follow this step as given below.

turn off comments on facebook post

After that you will be logged into your Facebook account and after logging in, you will be seeing the home page of Facebook, now you will be seeing 3dot in your right side, click on their report, after that the interface will not come. Can see in the screenshot below

turn off comments on facebook post

When you click on 3dot, after that many options will be available in front of you. After clicking on 3dot, you scroll down and you will get the option of setting. Click on the option of that setting.

turn off comments on facebook post

Now after clicking on the option of Settings, a new interface will come. You again scroll down to the bottom and click on the option of Public Post.

turn off comments on facebook post

Now in the screenshot given below, you can see in your Facebook account, you will get many options here, select from your own and now you get the answer to your question. It may have been that but now we are going to give you some more information like what is facebook comment ranking, how does it work, what are its benefits, how can we use it, so now you have some steps mentioned below Follow and get information about it, in the simple way we have told you above about it, in the same way, we will also tell you about Facebook comment ranking, so now we will give you about it Also provide information

We will explain it to you in very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. Likewise, you continued to like every post on our blog.
Facebook is the largest social networking site of all social networking websites. Facebook users are constantly increasing. Facebook is a very popular social site in which you get many types of features. You can also show the top of the comment that you post on your post.

All Facebook users use many types of options to make their IDs different and good, so that their Facebook Id looks attractive, there are many such options on Facebook, which everyone does not know about using these options. You can make your Facebook Id even better.

So let’s know How to enable Fb Comment Ranking If you also want to keep the comment you made on your post at the top, you must read it completely Information will be received.

What is Comment Ranking

Comment Ranking means that your comment should be at the top of your post. Just like you have shared a post, all the comments that come on that post will go down and whatever you comment on will also come down, but by commenting on, your comment comes at the top of the post. This is called Comment Ranking on Facebook.

how to enable Facebook comment ranking

Follow the steps given below to turn Comment Rank on Facebook.

Login Your Facebook Account

First login to your Facebook account.

turn off comments on facebook post

Click On Setting

After login to your Facebook Id, click on Setting.

Click On Public Post

In setting, you have to click on Public Post.

Enable Comment Ranking

In Public Post you will get the option of Comment Ranking, turn it on.

turn off comments on facebook post

save setting

Now save the setting. After being saved, Comment Rank will be On.
So, on Facebook, you can turn on Comment Rank for your post.

Above, you have to process this in the same way that we have told you to turn the Comment Rank on. Turn off Enable Comment Ranking in Comment Ranking by going to Public Post. Then Comment Rank will be off on your Facebook.

In today’s post, you know what is Facebook Comment Rank and with this you also know. We hope that the information given by us will be useful for you.

To know what the Rank do take help of this post of You must have come to know very well through this post. Tell us how you liked this information by commenting.

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