how to wave on facebook

how to wave on facebook Facebook has become a word that holds a place in every person’s heart, especially for those who have less outside friends or people who do not travel much outside, can call Facebook a world of online. It has won the hearts of people very fast.

what is Facebook Waving how to wave on facebook

how to wave on facebook

Facebook keeps on making new changes in itself, and keeps changing with the times so that people get new and not boring. Recently, Facebook has made a lot of changes. Previously only chatting could be done on Facebook, but now you can also do audio calling, video calling, etc.

Along with this, another new update came in it, in the past, Friends near by me through this new feature, you can find it out. Is your Facebook friend close to you, etc. Many such great changes are being seen on Facebook. Waving is one of them, today we will discuss about it with you and know how to wave on facebook

facebook waving at you – Earlier we used to start with Hi or Hello when we used to talk to a friend on Facebook, but now in a new way, Facebook has added a way of speaking Hi hello is “Waving“. Waving it on Facebook means  that he is shaking his hand towards you, like if we find a friend in the market somewhere, then we raise our hands to shake his hand and then start talking in the same way. it happens.

So now you must have understood the meaning of waving. Next time whenever you want to talk to your friend i.e. chatting on Facebook, click on the option of Waving at you and enjoy the new idea of ​​speaking Hi, Hello.

Facebook is also making Facebook more exciting by making small changes, Facebook is not just a time pass, if it is also used properly then it can work for you as an opportunity.

How to know how many Facebook accounts are on my mobile number?

how to wave on facebook

How many Facebook accounts are on my number – Perhaps you will not know about Facebook that you can create a single Facebook account on just one mobile number. Yes, Facebook has done this to prevent it from creating Fake Id and Multi Facebook Account. Because many people also misuse it, Facebook decided to create a single account on a mobile number from a long time ago.

How to see FB Reset Code

Many times we forget the password of Facebook or many new users who are a bit confused about OTP while creating Facebook account. Just like you are creating a new account, the mobile number or email ID with which you are creating an account will come on the same email and phone number OTP CODE. Very rarely it happens that due to problem of a network, they cannot reach you on time at CODE. But mostly this problem is not seen. So in this way you can see the reset code of Facebook

facebook important features

On Facebook you can connect with any human being in the world. If it is present on facebook.

Can add photo, video and status on Facebook. And share felling with your friends.

You can like and comment on someone’s photos on Facebook. And can express their feelings.

Now in the new feature on Facebook, now you can also share your location on Facebook. Or you can share your location during photo sharing.

To make Facebook more fast and convenient, you can use facebook app or facebook messenger.

Facebook messenger, you can also do internet calling or video calling.

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You can do your business and increase business with the help of facebook. For this you can use facebook page and facebook group.

How to create Facebook account

step- 1

First type in google and search.

Step- 2

When you reach facebook home, you see create account button and click on it as shown below.

Step- 3

After clicking on Create account, you ask for your name and sure name, enter it and click on Next.

Step- 4

Now you enter your birthday date and then click on Next.

Step- 5

Now you have to enter your mobile number and if you want to replace email address instead of mobile number then click on sign up with email address under Next button. And enter the Gmail address and click on Next button.

When you enter the mobile number and email id, remember one thing, a password (OTP) comes on it, after which your facebook account is created. So enter your own mobile number and email id

Step- 6

When you enter the mobile number and email id next and ask for your gender, select it.

Step- 7

Now enter the new password of your facebook account and click on sign up.

Step- 8

Your facebook account is ready to be created as soon as you click Sign up. Just enter a password on your mobile number or email id that was given and enter your facebook account

Step- 9

Now facebook will ask you to put your photo, then you have to set your facebook profile by clicking on add picture. I hope you like this information 

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