instagram create a new account easily

instagram create a new account We hear the name of instagram, photos of celebrities appear in our mind. He constantly uploads updates on his living, clothing, lifestyle. In a way, if it is about Photo Social Media then Instagram is at the forefront.

Not only these celebrities, nowadays politicians are also using it very well to propagate their election.

All of you must also be using Instagram, there is no doubt about it, but if you keep full information about it like when it was created, how to increase the likes on Instagram, how to get in front of more and more people, Instagram Stories If you want to get accurate information about many questions like what is it, then you should definitely read this article about what is Instagram. And create instagram account

I have tried my best to provide you with the best information and I can say with confidence that if you implement all of them, then you can definitely be more famous in Instagram than your friends very soon.

instagram create a new account

Keeping these things in front, I thought that why should you provide such information about what happens on Instagram, which you probably do not know, you will get answers to all your questions by the end of the article. Then let’s start it without any strings attached.

instagram is a social media app that was launched in 2010. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are going to make it. Who designed it and brought it to the public for use. Later, seeing its increasing popularity, Facebook bought it completely in the year 2012.

The main purpose of this app was to encourage users to take photos, add filters to it and write a good caption, post it to your account.

By doing this, all the friends or followers are in your Instagram profile, they are notified about it. If they want, they can do it. If you like more, that post stays up for a longer time.

If we compare the earlier Instagram with the current Instagram then we will find that the earlier Instagram was very simple, there were not many features.

At the same time, in Instagram, you will get many such features that were not there before, along with you will also see more filters etc. Apart from this, now you can also post videos, but it also has a limitation.

How to create instagram a new account

instagram create a new account

In order to use other social media sites, you have to sign in first. In which a Username and Password have to be entered. And if you don’t already have an account there, then for that first you have to create your account there. In the same way you have to do it on Instagram. We can create Instagram account on both mobile app and desktop. Let’s first know how to create a profile through the app.

1 To create a profile on Instagram, first you have to install its app in your phone.

2. Open the app after installing it. You will see 2 options: First Continue as Facebook (your profile name) and Second Sign Up with Email Address or Mobile Number. You have to click on another option.

instagram create a new account

3. Now Phone Number and Email Address 2 Tab will appear in front of you. Which means you can create an Instagram account from both your mobile number and email id.

4. Enter your number to create an id from the mobile number, otherwise enter your email id and click on the next button. Now fill your full name and password on the next page. The password must be at least 6 digits long. Then click on Next.

5. Now on the screen, Welcome to Instagram will be written, click on the Next button below. Now the Find Facebook Friends to Follow page will open in front, in which you can connect to Facebook and find your Facebook friends on Instagram and follow them. If you do not want to do this, click on skip below.

instagram create a new account

6 Next page will be in the name of Add Profile Photo, in which you can make your profile picture by clicking on Add a photo and choosing any photo from your phone gallery.

instagram create a new account

7 Now your Instagram Account has been created. Click on edit profile to change your profile. You can change your profile picture by going there. Apart from this, you can add your BIO, Website or mobile number.

instagram create a new account

How to create Instagram Id on computer or laptop

Apart from the mobile app, you are also easy to create an Instagram account from your computer and laptop. Go to the Instagram website on your computer. On the homepage of the website, you will find the Sign Up option. Then do the steps given below.

The first option will be ‘Log in with Facebook’, after which you will be able to use Instagram to log in with your Facebook account.

Below that will be the sign up form that you have to fill. In the first option, enter your mobile number or email id.

Put your full name under it.

Choose a unique name in Username.

Enter any 6-digit password in the password.

Now finally click on the sign up button and your Instagram account will be created.

How to delete Instagram account permanently

instagram create a new account

how to use instagram

As soon as you enter instagram, you see something like this scree, mainly 5 options are given in it, let’s know about them.

instagram create a new account

1 Home

Here at the top, with the photo of your Profiles, the Profiles of those people you see, as well as those who upload a new photo or video, then their photo and video automatically comes here, on which you like comment can do

2 Search

By clicking on the search button, you see photos and videos of those people, which is quite popular and the most viewed video.

3 + icon

If you want to share a video or photo, you can share it by clicking on the plus icon and selsect any photo or video from your gallery.

4 Heart icon

When you click on the heart icon as shown in the photo above, you see a list of people who follow you and the activity they do.

5 Profile

Number 5 Icon profile is given by clicking on which you can enter the information of your Profiles and here you can see the number of people who follow and the people you follow as well as how many photos and videos you have put Has also appeared I hope you like this information

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