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As soon as you hear social media, three names will first come to your mind, what do you know on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, besides there are many such social networking sites. Which is more popular than Facebook in Europe, which is used by many million users. One of them is INSTAGRAM and today we will know what is Instagram web and how to run instagram web

Before telling this, if we talk about the feature of Instagram web then all its features are in such a way that you can get addicted to it. This is the reason that in today’s time, in the case of active user of the month, Instagram web has left behind even a big company like Facebook. Overall if you are upset by running fb, twitter, then you should use Instagram web. To use instagram web, you must first download the Instagram app, after that create an account on instagram web login here

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In this post, complete information about Instagram web is given, after reading it, you will be able to use it easily. So let’s first know, what is Instagram, and then we will look at the other aspects of it.

what is instagram web

instagram web is a Social Networking App, on which we can share photos and videos. instagram web has approximately one billion active users a month. Like other social networks, it also has the facility to like, comment, private message and tag. My favorite feature on Instagram web is Story Sharing, on which you can share many pictures and videos to your follower.

The way to connect with the logo is slightly different from Facebook, in order to befriend someone on Instagram web, you have to follow it. If he follows you back then it means that he will now come in your followers, after which both of you can see each other’s photos, story. But if he does not follow you back then he will come in your following. After which photos shared by them will appear in your feed but you will not see them.

History Of instagram web

Instagram web was launched on 6 October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Since the beginning, Instagram web has gained a lot of popularity among its users, due to this, after two years, in 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for 1 Billion Dollar which is 1 billion rupees in Indian currency. Today, Instagram is the most used social network in the world.

How to create a new account instagram web

Step 1: First of all open the play store on your phone and search Instagram.

Step 2: Now install the Instagram app.

Step 3: After opening it, click on Sign Up to create an account. In this, an account can be created in two ways.

Step 4: We will use the other way, for this, enter the mobile number and click on Next.

Step 5: Now a Confirmation Code will have come on your number, enter it here.

Step 6: After putting your Full Name and Password on the next page, click on Next.

Step 7: Now create your Username and click on Next.

Step 8: On this page, if you want to connect Instagram to your Facebook id, you can follow your FB friend (who is already on Instagram), or can also skip this step.

Step 9: If your contact number is running Instagram, then you can also follow them from here. If you do not want to, then click on Next.

Step 10: Now click on Add a Photo to add your profile photo.

Your account has been created on Instagram

How to run instagram

For a new user, using Instagram web can be a bit tricky initially because it is very different from Facebook. But you do not get upset at all, we will teach you to run Instagram. For this, you have to read some tips given below.

How to make friends on instagram

The way to make friends on Instagram web is a little different, if you want to send a friend request to someone, then you have to follow them. Just as the option of Add friend appears next to the user profile on Facebook, similarly the follow option appears next to it on Instagram.

How to share photo on instagram

It is very easy to share a photo or video on Instagram web. When you open your Instagram web app, you see several tabs at the bottom. In it, you see a tab plus (+) sign. If you click in it, after that you will see three more tabs at the bottom of Gallery, Photo and Video. From here you can upload and share your photos and videos.

How to Like, Comment on Someone’s Photo on Instagram.

Like the rest of the social site, you can like, comment and share your Instagram friends’ photos on Instagram as well. When you see a photo on Instagram, you will see three options below it, in which clicking on the first one (heart sign) is done like it. By clicking on the second one (comment mark), you can comment about that photo. By clicking on the third one (share mark), you can share it to your other Instagram follower.

How to send private massage on instagram

Instagram also gives you the option to personal chat with your friends. For this, open the profile of whoever you want to send a massage, you will see the message option here, you can send your message to them by clicking on it.

How to go live on instagram

Instagram was the first social network that brought a great alternative like Live Video. With the help of this option you can talk live to all your Instagram follower. To use it, you will see an option called Your Story at the top left on the main page. By clicking on it, you will see many more options at the bottom. In this, you will see the second option of Live Video after the first. After clicking on it, as soon as you click on Start Live Video, the notification of your live arrival will reach your follower. After which he can become a part of your live video.

How to put a story on instagram

Sharing a story on Instagram is very fun, you can create your Instagram story by uploading many photos and videos. For this, you have to click on Your Story at the top left side of the main page, after that several options will appear below. You click on the third option Normal. Now here you will see the image icon, clicking on it, you will see all the photos and videos in your gallery. You select one or more photos, videos from here and click on send to. After this you have to click on share in the next tab. Just your Instagram story will be visible to all the follower.

How to change profile on instagram

When creating an Instagram account, we often upload the wrong profile photo in a hurry. If this has happened to you too, then it does not matter because you can change it. For this, you have to go to your profile and click on edit profile. On the next tab, select the option of change photo and click on New profile photo. Now upload the photo of your choice from the gallery. Your new profile photo will be updated.

instagram features

Some important Instagram features that will become very easy to use Instagram after knowing:

Instagram Main Page – When you open an account on Instagram after you have created it, then the Home tab of Instagram opens in front of you. Now the photo or video shared by whomever you follow will be visible on the main page.

Search box – next to the main page or home page you will see a symbol of Search. You can find someone by putting instagram username in it.

Sharing Photos and Videos – If you see next to the search box, a plus (+) sign will appear. This is for sharing photo and video.

Notification Options – On the right side, you will see the heart symbol on the second number, this is the notification option, where the notification shows. Whoever would have liked your photo or followed you, all the notification will be visible to you at this place.

User Profile – At the very end you will see the option of user profile. Using this, you can update your profile.

Private Message – In addition to a photo sharing app, Instagram also acts like a massanger. You can easily private chat with any of your followers.

Group Chat – Instagram also gives you the facility of group chat to talk to all your friends among themselves.

Main attraction – If a video or photo you have shared is your favorite or is worth knowing for your follower, then you can show it in your profile by highlighting it. So that whoever opens your profile can see it.

Apart from this, you will see many more insta features. Right now, it is enough for you to know. If you want to know about all its features, then in the comment below, we will write a full post on it.

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