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Whenever we see a model in short clothes or a naked photo, it comes out of our mouth with fire. What a hot, nude, wild, exotic photo. This is not a matter of any one man, but these words remain on everyone’s tongue, but you will be shocked if you know its true meaning. The meaning of Nude, Exotic, Wild is beyond our thinking. ” Nude photography “

Today we will tell you what is nude in the fashion world, what is wild, what is exotic, what is oriental. Nude does not mean without clothes, but in the fashion world, nude means dark colored people and when people who wear their skin color clothes, then it is called nude fashion.

According to the fashion of Western culture, if someone other than a white person wears his skin color, then it is called nude dress or nude fashion. Let us tell you why only Nude, words like Wild and Exotic are also used for special people.” Nude photography “


Similarly, the term Oriental is used in English for the civilization and culture of Asian countries. It shows the mindset that divides humanity on the basis of color and terrain. This place is decided according to the color of the people living there.


Let us tell you why only Nude, words like Wild and Exotic are also used for special people. You must have heard Priyanka Chopra’s song Exotic. People have guessed about this song that Priyanka Chopra is calling herself hot but let us tell you that Exotic means foreign. This clearly means that when you go from your country to another country, you are called Exotic.


According to fashion, whenever you use the word wild for someone, it is not at all that they are talking about sex appeal or sex, but it clearly means that you wore a dress of a wild animal print. is.

Caucasus breed

In particular, Caucasus race, ie, whites of European origin create such discriminatory scales to give themselves a status better than the rest. The situation is that many fashion brands have even launched nude color lipsticks, underwear and heels in the market. The emphasis has been on the fact that ‘nude’ is the color that is not fair skin

Many associate it with racial differences and many consider it a part of trendy fashion. In the recent times, there is a competition in the US for the introduction of fashion products for the ‘nude’ look. The day is not far when by 2050 more than half of the population of America will be non-whites. In such a situation, removing the particular product in the name of this section is a profitable deal from a business perspective.

Photography ( nude photography )

What is photography? You will also ask a question. Everyone knows that taking photos with camera is photography. It is absolutely right. But, why a whole article for just that? Actually, the purpose of this article is to briefly introduce you to the history of photography, ” Nude photography ” various interesting aspects and the purpose of photography. With this, in your initial phase of engagement with photography, an overall understanding of photography will be created in your mind.

1. What is photography? ” Nude photography “

Composed of two Greek words (photo + graph), ‘photography’ ” Nude photography ” means to create a ‘graph’ with the help of light. Basicly, it happens that the rays returning to the object (reflecting) reach the negative-film or digital sensor inside the camera through the lens and make a picture of the object. In a negative film, the picture is made of chemical processes (due to the photo-sensitive chemical on the film). Whereas, in digital cameras, the same work does image sensor by electronic method.” Nude photography “

Whatever you have to do in photography, you have to do it with the help of light. The painter does his painting ‘in light’, but the photographer does his painting ‘in light’. In photography,” Nude photography ” the light is like a raw material which is used to make a photo. In this way photography is the art of using lights. The more you develop the skill of using light, the more your photography will develop.

Generally, a new photographer thinks that a good photo is one that is sharp and has plenty of details. But no, a truly good photo is one that creates an effective effect on the viewer. In response to the question of ‘What is photography’, we believe that photography ” Nude photography ” is not just a picture of an object, but it is a medium through which one can speak, express his feelings. Can be expressed; The beauty of an object, person, or scene can be recorded and the truth of a situation or event can be revealed to the world. In this way, photography is an art-form, an art, a medium.

2. Importance of observation or observation in photography

To understand what photography is, it is important to understand some basics. Observation is more important in photography than any other art form. There is nothing unique in showing them the way things look normally, because everyone can see that. The real importance is to see things from the perspective of which their meanings are revealed. American photographer Berenice Abot believed that ‘photography helps people to see’, that is, to teach. In this sense, photography ” Nude photography ” is the art of seeing.

The successful photographer in this is the one who sees things not only from the observer’s perspective but also from the perspective of an artist. This is the essence of photography. ” Nude photography ” Therefore, an artist can produce the best picture even with a very ordinary camera, while a normal photographer is entangled in the sharpness, brightness, light and details of the picture. Therefore to become a good and meaningful photographer one must study painting. He must understand his principles and create an artist eye.

3. Importance of subject and story-telling in photography

Generally, people understand that a clear, high-quality, high-quality photo taken with an expensive camera and lens is a sample of excellent photography. ” Nude photography ” But this is not really the case. No matter how high quality the photo is, but if there is no message for the viewer, then it is useless. Subjects have importance in photos. The beauty of photos, good exposure, light, brightness and details all come later. What you are showing through your photo is important.

Photographs taken with ordinary cameras, even simple smart phones, can create a buzz if its base is a strong meaningful subject or has a strong story behind it, or a feeling or a beauty ” Nude photography ” that touches the mind of the beholder. . The picture should be such that there is a story, or which gives the viewer an emotional feeling, or something that exposes an unseen side of life.

A lot can be done by making photography a tool that will inspire the viewer to connect with life and the world. Through photography, attention can be drawn to social and environmental problems. Through ” Nude photography ” photography, changes can be made in the life of the individual and society, giving a meaningful message, and it is also one of the greatest strengths of photography.

4. History of photography: technological development

That’s right, photography is an art, but unlike painting, music, dance and theater, it has to be more based on technology. Like cinema-art, it also requires camera, light and photo-medium (negative-film or electronic sensor). Therefore, the history of photography had to go along with the development of camera-technology.

The initial form of camera came into existence in the form of nude photography ” Nude photography ” in the 16th century or so. It used to be a dark chamber or dark room used by artists from Europe. There was a small hole in it and there was a white wall or curtain inside the dark chamber in front of the hole. Reflecting from the outside view or subject through the hole, light entered the dark chamber and a curtain image was formed on the screen or subject, with the help of the artist sitting in the dark chamber to prepare their painting. This picture was temporary and lived only as long as light came inside the dark room.

Wilhelm Homberg, a Dutch scientist for the first time in 1694, found in his experiments that the appearance of some chemicals, such as silver nitrate and silver chloride or silver bromide, was altered by lightening over them. That is, they undergo photo-chemical changes. Taking advantage of this fact, the idea of ​​converting the shape formed in the camera obscura into a permanent image with the help of those chemicals was conceived.

In 1816 Joseph Nicéphore Niépce (Joseph Nisefer Nips) of France used coated paper of silver chloride (AgCl) instead of ordinary paper for images made in camera obscura. The image was permanently inscribed on paper with silver chloride and thus for the first time in the world, the technique of obtaining the photo permanently on paper was invented! Silver chloride (AgCl) is a photo-sensitive chemical, on which a light beam causes a photo-chemical reaction in a particular way, with the help of which the photo is formed. In this way, Nips laid the foundation for practical photography ” Nude photography ” by obtaining the photo permanently on paper. He named his photographic process Heliography.

After Nips, his work was pursued in France by Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre (Louis Jacques Mandy Dagier). Louis Dagier made the process easier to commercialize it. The prototyping process developed by Louis Dagier became known as ‘Daguerreotype’ and the photographs he made were called ‘Dagiertype’ photographs. Silver-coated copper plates were used in this. Photographs were prepared in the world from 1839 to 1860 by this method.

This was followed by the collodion method invented by Frederick Scott Archer of England, and Lewis Carroll, who wrote for children, produced several photographs using this method. In this method photo-sensitive material was used as a wet viscous. Hence it was called ‘collodion wet plate’ process. This was an improved form of photo-negative according to that era.

Methods of photography ” Nude photography ” did not become popular until the 19th century (1800s). By the early 20th century (1900s) it was out of control of the common people due to its complex and lengthy processes. By this time the camera was in the shape of a heavy wooden box.

But the 20th century brought a period of revolution in photography when George Eastman of the United States founded the Eastman Kodak Company and started making small and light photography kodak cameras. In 1900, Kodak’s Brownie box camera came and revolutionized the world of photography according to that era. The reel we used to put in our old film-reel cameras was invented by this Eastman Kodak. Then came other companies making cameras like Leica and Argus in the market.

This was the era of black & white photos, but then soon in 1935, Kodak introduced his Kodachrome color film and it was followed by the start of the color photo era. SLRs came in as lenses improved, cameras were constantly improved, features and features added. Then digital technology started developing.

In the 1980s, photo-reels were replaced by digital cameras with digital image sensors. It was truly a mass revolution in the world of photography because after that photography ” Nude photography ” reached the hands of every common man. Now the obligation to load the reel in the camera and then to prepare a photo from the negative in the dark room is over. The availability of digital cameras as well as desktop / laptop computers made it possible for everyone to become photographers.

5. Photographic Development Journey – Early Photographers

We should know some great photographers who have played an important role in making photography recognized worldwide as an art form and medium.

Alfred Stiglitz (America), America: He used photography ” Nude photography ” as an art, as a creative medium. His role in making photography the medium of art will always be remembered. He proved that photographers can be artists and through photography it is possible to express emotions in the same way as can be done by painting, music, etc.

Ansel Adams, America: In the early times when photography ” Nude photography ” was limited to human portraits, Ansel Adams focused his camera on natural scenery and landscape. If they are called ‘Father of landscape photography’, then it will not be an exaggeration. His photography of natural scenes contributed significantly to the early environmental conservation campaigns in America.

Robert Kappa (nude photography) Hungary: Robert Kappa is one of the most prominent early photographers who made the subject of war a subject. Through his photography, he showed the horrors of war and presented evidence to the world how much war has passed on humanity. The still-documentary of the horrors of World War II, Sino-Japanese War, Arab-Israeli War, etc. is Kappa’s unforgettable contribution to world history.

Dorothea Lange, America: Dorothy Lange’s works in the development of documentary photography ” Nude photography ” will always be remembered. Some of the major photographs highlighting the effects of the historic economic recession that swept across the world in the 1930s still inspire documentary photographers around the world.

Henri Cartier Bresson, France: Henry Curtier Braces is considered to be the pioneer of ‘street-photography’ and ‘candidate photography’. He played a pivotal role in the development of modern photojournalism. He roamed the streets and streets and exposed rare moments of common man’s life (which he called Decisive Moment) through photography.

Currently, Steve McCcry has used the best of photography to record the history and life story of his time around the world and in India by Raghu Rai. I hope you like this information ” Nude photography “