SBI international Debit Card Very useful information

sbi international debit card As you all know, now SBI Debit cards also support PayPal and International Websites. Wherever payment is accepted through PayPal, you can use your SBI Debit Card, as well as on many selected international websites, you can also use your card.

You no longer need to enter OTP or PIN to make international payment, you can make direct payment.

sbi international debit card

Many SBI customers are still confused which Debit card will be right for them? Which works everywhere, especially in PayPal, which is used as a payment method everywhere for purchasing international items.

Whether you want to buy domain and hosting, want to get theme or plugin or any other products, you will see that there will definitely be an option to pay with Paypal. And if there is an option of paypal then you can pay with your SBI Debit card.

Now here comes the question of which SBI Debit card will be best for you.

For your information, let me say that I have 4 Debit cards of SBI, 2 cards are my own and the remaining 2 are from my family members. All those 4 cards also work in paypal and the rest on domestic online sites as well.

So, I will tell you which Debit card will be right for you.SBI Best Debit cards for you

What is sbi international debit card

Normal ATM Card which comes in yellow color powered by master card only works at Domestic level, you cannot make international payment through it.

If you have to make international payment, then you should have an International Debit card for this.

The SBI Debit Cards that I am telling you here work well on Paypal, Google playstore & other International sites.

1.SBI Silver International Debit card

sbi international debit card

I used this on Themeforest to buy the wordpress plugin. Paypal option is available on Themeforest, so successfully purchased the item.

The bank gives you this card for free, meaning the card issue charge is nothing. After this, the charge of this card is around Rs.150 every year. If the card is lost then you will be charged Rs.204 for taking a new one

At ATM you can withdraw daily minimum Rs.100 and maximum 40,000 and online you can shop daily Rs.75000 which is enough for you.

Silver International card is available at the lowest rate. If you do not want to waste more money on the back of the card then it is best for you.

2.SBI Global International Debit Card

sbi international debit card

I have also used global international debit card in many places, especially in PayPal.
This card is also linked to my paypal account.

I have also used it on Google play store.
The charge of this card is also Rs.150 / year. There is no issue charge, the bank will provide it to you for free. Yes replacement charge is Rs.204.

At ATM you can withdraw minimum of 500 and maximum 40,000 daily, whereas online you can do maximum 75000 daily transactions.

There is no difference between the two, Silver and Global. You can apply any card of your choice.

3.SBI Gold International Debit card

sbi international debit card

My friend has this card, I have used it many times. This is linked to my brother’s paypal account.

This card bank will give you free, annual charge is Rs.150 and Replacement charge is Rs.200.

In this, you can withdraw minimum 100 and maximum 50,000 daily at ATM, and online you can do maximum 2,00,000 daily transactions.

4.SBI Platinum International Debit card

sbi international debit card

This card is a bit expensive and is for those who do daily big transactions. I also have this card.

You will not get this card free, you will get Rs. 306 issue charge and after that Rs.200 per year will be charged to you.

In this you can withdraw maximum Rs.1,00,000 daily at ATM and online you can make 2,00,000 daily purchase.

So these are the 4 SBI Debit cards that I have tested myself and are the best for you. Difference among these four is just of daily transaction limit and there is not much difference, you can apply for anyone.

One more thing to tell you that to use International, you will have to enable international usage for it, which you can do on Internet Banking, SBI Anywhere.

If you use Internet Banking, you can apply online for Debit card.

How to aply SBI International Debit Card

You can activate State Bank of India debit card for international transactions right from home, there are many ways to activate the debit card of State Bank of India but we will show you the easiest and simplest way by which you can very easily Will be able to activate your card

How to do international transaction on SBI Debit Card via SMS

sbi international debit card

how to activate international transaction on sbi credit card This method is for all SBI customers. In this method you neither need any internet connection nor Android smartphone, net banking.

You can send a message from your keypad mobile to International Usage On, but you will have to do this message from your registered mobile number.

What is required to enable International Transaction via SMS

You must have a registered mobile number in active condition

There should also be at least ₹ 10 balance in the register mobile, because whenever you send messages from it, its charge will be deducted.

You must have a debit card or you must remember the debit card number

How to enable international transactions on sbi debit card via SMS:

To enable international transactions on SBI Debit Card, you have to 3 messages by registering mobile number on 9223966666

SWON POS last 4 debit card number, then send to 9223966666

SWON ECOM last 4 debit card number, then send to 9223966666

SWON INTL last 4 debit card number, then send to 9223966666

That is, you have to type SWON capital letter {Capital lette} in the message box, then place, then POS in Capital letter, then space, then type the last 4 numbers of the debit card, then send it to 9223966666

Similarly, you have to do all three sms. International service will be activated on your debit card in no time, then you can use it on the international website and you can also pay with PayPal by connecting it to your PayPal account.

By SBI Internet Banking

sbi international debit card

If you use SBI Net Banking, then you can do many things from home such as apply for ATM card, generate ATM card PIN, block ATM card, apply for check book, apart from your bank account and You can do many things related to ATM card services right from home.

To activate International Transaction on State Bank of India ATM card through Net Banking, you follow the following steps

sbi international debit card

First of all, you visit

Login after entering your user name and password

Now you have to click on the e-Services option at the top, then you have to click on ATM card Services.

Now click on ATM Card Limit / Channel / Usage Change

Now you have to tick the account number

Now select Change channel type in Select Services.

Now in the next page, select CNP channel under Channel type and tick the Enable CNP Channel and click on the Submit button.

Similarly, in the next screen you have to use International usage On, in Select Usage Type select International Usage.

Then mark the Enable International Usage tick and click on the Submit button

After doing this, international transaction will be enabled on your debit card in no time, apart from this, if you use SBI Anywhere, then you can do all the work related to your account very easily.

How to check SBI Bank Balance online

In this post, we have told you 2 ways to enable international transaction on State Bank of India Debit Card. If you use net banking, you can do many things through net banking but if you do not use net banking then send SMS to SBI. Enable debit card for international transaction