how to check sbi balance easily

how to check sbi balance In this post, we will know how to check the balance of SBI Bank Account. Earlier, you had to go to the bank to know the amount deposited in your account, ( how to check sbi balance ) but now you can do this work from your mobile sitting at your home.

how to check sbi balance

Although even today most people prefer to go to the branch to know the bank balance, but if you cannot go to your bank ( how to check sbi balance ) for some reason. Or if you want to save time, then we are going to tell you the easiest way to do this. With the help of which you will be able to know the amount deposited in your account sitting at your home. how to check sbi balance

Here, the method we are going to tell you is known as Miss Call Banking. Today, almost all the banks have issued missed call numbers ( how to check sbi balance ) for the convenience of their customers. On which customers can check bank balance by calling. If you also want to know how to know and know the balance of SBI Bank Account, then read this post carefully.

State Bank of India, the country’s largest government bank, has also released some numbers which help people to know the balance sitting at home. However, these numbers will only work when your mobile number is registered in your account, so how do we do it?

how to check sbi balance Bank Account

how to check sbi balance

how to check sbi balance First of all, you have to register for Missed Call Service of SBI. Only then you will be able to check the balance of SBI Bank Account. So for this you will have to SMS on 09223488888 from the mobile number registered in your bank. This SMS will be something like REG <SPACE> Account Number to send it to 09223488888. Your mobile number will be activated for SBI Bank’s Missed Call Service.

Here you have to note that this missed call service will work only when your phone number is registered in the account of State Bank of India. If you have not yet linked your number to the account, then your first job will be to register the number and for this you will have to go to your bank. If you have already registered the number then you have to follow the steps given below after registering in Miss Call Service.

SBI Bank Account Balance checking number how to check sbi balance

Now you have to call 09223766666 from your registered mobile number to check your SBI Bank Account balance. When you call, after about 3-4 seconds the call will be automatically cut. After a few seconds, an SMS will be sent to your phone containing information about the balance in your account.

Apart from the missed call, you can also use SMS to know your balance. For this, you have to send the message on 09223766666 by writing BAL from the mobile number registered in your bank. In response to this, after some time, the balance message will come in your phone.

Some people also want to know the Mini Statement of their account, so it is easy for them too. For this, you have to call 09223866666 from your register mobile number. In this too, the call will be cut after a few seconds and after that the message of mini statement will come in your phone. In this way you can know the amount deposited in your account with a very easy way by missed call and SMS.

how to check sbi balance app

how to check sbi balance SBI has made bank balance check apps available on its customers’ Android and iOS platforms. Through this, along with checking ( how to check sbi balance ) the balance, a lot of banking work will be done sitting at home. For this, follow the steps mentioned below carefully.

Step-1 SBI Banking App.

For this, first download the mobile banking application named Yono Lite SBI in your Android mobile. Then you can check your account details very easily.

Register step-2.

After downloading the Yono app, open it. You have to register for your mobile before using it. For this, enter username and password and submit.

Login to Step-3.

Login is to be done after registration. After which you will know the balance. For this, login by filling the username and password in the box specified.

Step-4 SBI Bank Balance Check.

Once logged into the Yono app, the homepage will open. Tap the View Balance option at the top here. After this, how much money is deposited in your SBI account will appear on the screen.

Apart from this, important functions like transferring money, ATM card block, requesting new ATM card can also be done through this application. Online sbi bank balance check

How to do sbi bank balance check online?

You can also find the balance of sbi very easily through online banking. Let’s tell you about it too.

Go to Step-1 Online SBI.

First of all, open any web browser in your mobile or computer and go to the official website of State Bank of India,

Choose Step-2 Personal Banking.

After the website is opened, different options will be found on the screen. From this you have to login to Personal Banking –

Login to Step-3.

After this, login with your internet banking login id ie username and password. Like the screenshot below –

Step-4 State Bank Balance Check.

After login, the homepage of online banking will open. Here you will get the option of View balance in front of your account number. Click on it. The Available Balance balance of your account will be visible.

Apart from balance check ( how to check sbi balance ) from sbi’s online banking, you can do mini statement, money transfer and many banking related tasks sitting at home.

How to register mobile number SBI Bank online easily

These three methods are very easy to do sbi bank balance check. You can check your account balance through any of these mediums. I hope you like this information how to check sbi balance