how to close amazon account easily

how to close amazon account If you do not want to use your Amazon account in the future for some reason, then you delete your Amazon account. There is any reason to close your Amazon account, but to close you, you have to delete Amazon account in the official way of Amazon.

By deleting, you can cancel all Amazon contracts forever. You can delete your Amazon Account Permanently in a few minutes by following the few steps given below.

how to close amazon account

how to close amazon account

First of all you go to the website of Amazon, and log in with that Amazon account, the Amazon account to be deleted.

Now you have to click on the top right and “Sign in” button. Then on the next screen you have to type your “user id” and “password” of Amazon account and below that you will see the button of ‘Sign in using our secure server’. Click on it.

Now here, in front of you, the screen in the photo will be seen just below.

Now you will see the option of “Your Account” at the top here, click on it.

Now the screen shown below will appear in front of you. Now click on the option “Customer Service” will appear here

Now click on the “Contact US” option here and enter your password and log in again.

As soon as the page of “Contact US” will open, here on the top you will get the option of “Non – Order Related”.

Now here the other option as you can see in the photo, select “Account Setting” option in “Select an Issue” here and select “Close My Account” in the option of “Select Issue Details” just below it.

Now here below, you will get a new option “How You Like to Contact Us”. Choose any option according to you here and tell them that you want to delete your ‘Amazon Account’.

Just this way your Amazon Account will be deleted. For this, you may have to wait for 12 to 24 hours.

Procedure for creating an Amazon affiliate account

Click on the Affiliate Program link to create an Amazon affiliate account.

In this page you have to click on join free option.

After this the option to log in to the website will open. If you have not created an account on Amazon India, then you have to click on the create your amazon account option. After this, after writing the name, email id and password, you will get an account on Amazon India.

After this you have to log in with the help of email id and password.

Then you have to enter your home address, city zip code and mobile number.

After this, in the second phase, you will have to add a list of the name of your website or mobile app.

After this, in the third step you have to select your email id, website / mobile app link, from the category of goods available on Amazon, which you want to advertise. Then you will have to write the security code after filling all the information etc. which medium you will use to reach the advertisement.

Finally, after ticking the terms and conditions check box, click on finish option.

After this, you will have to write unique associate ID in the second page and below this, there will be an option to enter your payment and tax information. You can also add this option later. To add later, you have to click on the later option.

After this, after being selected by Amazon India in the affiliate program, a message will be sent on your email ID.

How to remove credit card information from amazon

Once selected, you will be able to insert the product link and image from Amazon India website on your website. After this, after purchasing the product of Amazon India website using the link given on your website, the amount of commission fixed on that product will come to your bank account. I hope you like this information