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what is facebook faec Who does not know this? Facebook ( faec ) is not a compliment, because today every person’s Facebook ( faec ) profile is definitely made and almost every person definitely has information about fb. It is quite a craze in today’s youth. Even older people use it equal to youth but not less.

How to use Facebook, ( faec ) it is also known to almost every Facebook ( faec ) person. People use it for a lot of their activities like writing messages, chatting, video calling, photo sharing status and people are connected with it through their friends and relatives all the time.

There has never been any decline in it, rather it is increasing. Still have you ever tried to know who created this Facebook ( faec ) ie who is its founder? We will know this further but before that we know what this Facebook ( faec ) is.

what is facebook ( faec )

Facebook ( faec ) Inc. Is an American online social media and social networking company based in Menlo Park, California. This website was launched on 4 February 2004. At that time it was named The Facebook.

When its popularity increased, it was renamed Facebook in 2005. Facebook ( faec ) is a free social networking service used in the Internet.

In this, anyone who is at least 13 years of age can become a member by registering for free and once he / she becomes a member, contact and talk to friends, relatives and other acquaintances. Can. Facebook also allows to work in Hindi with other languages.

You can use Facebook ( faec ) from many types of devices that have an Internet connection. In computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, we can run FB comfortably.

After registering in this, the user can create his profile and his details like name, address occupation (profession), school or college name, degree qualification, status. Can write and post his thoughts.

You can also spread your feelings and emotions to other people. FB allows to add new friends so that people can add people to their friends list through Facebook ( faec ) and message them anytime.

If you want, you can share your photo with whom you can share it. I like this feature very much because even today when I see my 8 year old photos, I am happy to remember that time. In this way, Facebook ( faec ) makes us happy by showing our old times.

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Who invented Facebook? ( faec )

Some people know who made Facebook,  still there are many people who do but not know this. Want to know more who invented Facebook ( faec ) after all. Never mind, you will know this today.

The father of Facebook ( faec ) is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14 May 1984 in the United States.

This is the person who created ( faec ) Facebook with friends from Harvard College who read and live with him, his friends Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, and Andrew McCollum who contributed to creating Facebook.

In this way, the world gave a gift that keeps everyone connected with each other. If you use Facebook, then you must know how many benefits it gives us.

 History of Facebook ( faec )

Who has created Facebook ( faec ) i.e. Mark Zuckerberg’s age?

Yes, he is now 36 years old. You must have guessed that the history of Facebook ( faec ) is not very old.

Facebook ( faec ) has been launched just a decade ago. Its history is new yet very exciting. It has achieved so much success in such a short time that it has become an example.

As we have already known, Facebook ( faec ) was created by Mark Zuckerberg with his friends, but its membership was limited only to the students of Harvard University.

Later he also spread it to the Second Higher Education Institution Ivy League and Stanford University in Boston. From 2006, he started giving membership of Facebook to all those who are above the age of 13 years.

In February 2012, Facebook ( faec ) valued its company for the first time at $ 104 billion. It started selling its stock after 3 months. Facebook earns most of its revenue from advertising.

Let’s know some main facts related to the history of Facebook. ( faec )

The Facebook ( faec )

In 2003, Zuckerberg wrote a program he named Facemash. This program attracted 450 visitors in its first 4 hours and also took 22000 followers. But the Harvard Administration banned the program for copyright infringement. But soon the ban was removed from this.

Facebook ( faec ) was in a way known as a directory of students which holds their photos and basic information. In January 2004, Zuckerberg began writing code for a new website called The Facebook.

He got his inspiration when Crimson wrote an editorial about Facemash and said that there is a need for a central website which could give many benefits to the people. After this, Zuckerberg launched on 4 February 2004.

Public Access for Facebook ( faec )

Facebook ( faec ) was opened to all people on 26 September 2006 and anyone who is at least 13 years old can become a member of it and who has a valid email address is eligible to register.

Only then started Facebook ( faec ) pages in 2007 so that companies can spread their business through these pages and it started to be quite successful. Companies related to business started benefiting from this and Facebook also got very good results.

On October 24, 2004, Microsoft announced that it had bought a 1.6% share of Facebook.

Just a year after this, in October 2008, Facebook ( faec ) announced that they would make their international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Fasbook’s ( faec ) traffic increased very rapidly after 2009. The company released data on its site, stating that in July 2010, 500 million users used fb. Along with this, it was also told that half of them used Facebook every day with an average of 34 minutes. 150 million users used fb from mobile.

In 2011, Facebook announced that it would build its new headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

In order to increase cyber security, Facebook started removing 20,000 fb profiles violating the rules every day in the month of March this year which were spam, bad graphic content, underaged profiles. Facebook achieved 1 trillion pageviews in the month of June which was a great achievement. Facebook became the second number website in the world which was opened the most in the world.

Achievement of 1 Billion User

In February 2012, Facebook organized an initial public offering and also gave the facility to buy shares for the public.

Site Developments

On searching fb every user found accurate content, Facebook started working on it. Facebook device interface was introduced for the first time in Android device HTC.

You must have known about Hashtag #, it was launched by fb to help users to know which topic is trending on which everyone is discussing.

If Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary, in that year i.e. in the first 3 months of 2014, 10 billion users logged in with a mobile device. According to FB, at that time the company earned 62% of its total revenue from mobile device ads.

FB’s campaign against Fake news and content

Facebook made major changes to its algorithm in 2015 to identify misleading and misleading content (such as fake news, story, rumor) and keep its visitors safe. You must know that the rumor spreads just like wildfire. On the same side, fb does not take time to spread the wrong news.

Advantages and disadvantages of facebook

We all know that every coin has 2 sides. In the same way, there are many benefits of using fb but it also has some disadvantages. Whenever there is a new invention, it brings some good as well as evil. Let us know first what is the benefit from fb.

Advantages of Facebook

Today’s world is very superfast. In such a situation, people do not have any time for other people. Facebook is a medium through which people can easily connect and chat anytime and anywhere.

Facebook also gives everyone the option to share their feeling that when you go to publish a post, it asks how you are feeling while writing this. Also you can send your feeling to others.

Pages and groups are made on all types of categories and topics in Facebook. By joining whom you can remove all your information.

Today more than 2 billion people are registered in fb. This means that every 7th person in the world uses Facebook.

If you have asked someone, brother, give your fb id and if you have come to answer that brother, I do not walk fb, then at that time it seems as if who is the brother who is not in fb yet.

Facebook is the best platform to promote business. Here people can be reached by spending very little money. Advertisement campaigns of this are very cheap.

Facebook is also very beneficial in terms of entertainment. There are many such groups and pages here where you can make your boring life colorful by entertainment.

Disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook allows every user to make privacy settings but not many people have knowledge about it. Due to this, their account is not safe and someone else can access their account.

One thing people sometimes do not like in using Fb is that when you sneeze, then everyone gets to know on Facebook that too through notification. This feature sounds good sometimes but sometimes becomes a headache.

There are many groups and pages where people use wrong words to hurt each other’s feelings. Which is very wrong

Some people adopt wrong methods and get information to know the information of others. For this, they resort to programming.

Facebook addiction fb is a disease caused by overuse. Which is very much spread in youth. People spend more time in fb and waste their time without meaning. Those who are students studying in school and college, their studies are also sometimes ruined due to fb.

Many people create accounts with wrong information. Which is against the rules of Facebook. Facebook blocks such found accounts.

In short

If a person is not on Facebook, it means that he is different from the world or disconnected from the world. Those who do not use this also know about fb. But the person who is connected to this site almost knows how to use it.


como desativar o facebook easy step 2 step

como desativar o facebook O Facebook é a plataforma de mídia social mais popular do mundo. Que é usado por milhões de pessoas em todo o mundo. Mas há algum tempo, muitas pessoas estão tendo problemas com o facebook. Então ele quer saber como remover o facebook

Existem muitas razões para remover o facebook. Mas, recentemente, algo foi feito pelo facebook, devido ao qual muitas pessoas optaram por desativar o facebook

No entanto, há algum tempo, o Facebook foi acusado de que o Facebook vazou seus dados de usuário e o Facebook vendeu os dados do usuário. Quando essa notícia chegou ao público, muitas pessoas decidiram excluir permanentemente a conta do Facebook “como remover o facebook”, devido ao fato de que muitas IDs do facebook excluíam “como remover o facebook”.

Mas muitas pessoas também querem excluir uma conta do Facebook devido a seus problemas pessoais. Se você está lendo este post, tem a ideia de fazer como remover o facebook. Pode ser causado por qualquer coisa.

Então, amigos, hoje vamos fornecer informações completas sobre como desativar o facebook. Porque existem duas maneiras de excluir uma conta do facebook. Falaremos sobre os dois, para que não haja qualquer tipo de dúvida em sua mente.

Como dissemos, existem duas maneiras de excluir o facebook, uma que pode ser iniciada a qualquer momento após a exclusão da conta do facebook. E o outro que você pode excluir a conta do Facebook permanentemente. Estamos falando sobre ambos. Agora você tem que decidir como deseja fazer como desativar o facebook.

como remover o facebook como desativar o facebook

Esta é a primeira maneira de desativar a conta do facebook. É exatamente como excluir uma conta do facebook, mas você pode ativar sua conta do facebook sempre que quiser. Este método será muito útil para quem deseja excluir sua conta do Facebook por algum tempo. ” como desativar o facebook “

Como desativar a conta do Facebook

Etapa 1 – siga como remover o facebook

Primeiro você faz login na conta do facebook no navegador chrome

Passo 2

Agora vá ao botão de configuração da conta do facebook e clique nele

Etapa 3

Assim que você clicar no botão de configuração, uma nova página será aberta à sua frente. Onde você tem que clicar no botão de informações pessoais. ” como desativar o facebook “

Passo 4

Agora, novamente, uma nova página é aberta. Na parte inferior, você vê a opção de gerenciar conta, clique nela.

Etapa 5

Agora você vê o link Desativar, clique nele. ” como desativar o facebook “

Etapa 6

Assim que você clica no link Desativar, é atingido “tem certeza de que deseja desativar sua conta” e alguns motivos são apresentados abaixo. Selecione seu motivo e clique no botão Desativar.” como desativar o facebook “

Então, amigos, você pode fazer como remover o facebook. Permanece como desativar o facebook até que você faça login novamente. Após o login, sua conta do facebook começa a aparecer novamente no facebook.

Muitas vezes, talvez seja necessário excluir a página do Facebook, se você for o administrador da página do Facebook e poderá excluir sua página com muita facilidade. Aqui, eu vou lhe mostrar como excluir a página do Facebook “como desativar o facebook” no Smartphone e no computador.

Se você deseja cancelar a publicação apenas de sua página, também poderá fazer isso, depois de cancelar a publicação de sua página não estará visível para ninguém no Facebook.

Como excluir a página do Facebook no celular ” como desativar o facebook “

Etapa 1 – Depois de fazer login no seu smartphone através do aplicativo do Facebook, três linhas aparecerão no painel da conta do Facebook na parte superior, você deve rolar um pouco clicando aqui, após o qual deverá selecionar a página que deseja excluir.

Etapa 2 – Agora, muitas opções se abrirão à sua frente, você deve selecionar a opção Editar configurações aqui.

Passo 3 – Aqui você tem que clicar na opção Geral.

Etapa 4 – Após uma pequena rolagem, você terá a opção Remover página, onde foi informado que, se quiser restaurar sua página novamente em 14 dias, poderá. Aqui você precisa clicar em Excluir nome da página.

Etapa 5 – Agora você deve confirmar sua página novamente e clicar em excluir página.

Demora 14 dias para que sua página do Facebook seja completamente excluída, se você quiser restaurar sua página novamente, clicando na opção Cancelar exclusão.

Como excluir a página do Facebook no computador

Passo 1 – Depois de fazer login na sua conta do Facebook, você terá a opção de rolar para baixo; depois de clicar nela, você terá muitas opções, aqui você deve selecionar a página que deseja excluir.

Etapa 2 – Agora você verá uma opção de Configurações no painel em direção ao topo, clique aqui.

Etapa 3 – Depois de clicar na opção Configurações, muitas opções se abrirão à sua frente; abaixo, você terá a opção Remover Página, clique aqui.

Etapa 4 – Agora será exibida uma mensagem na qual você será informado de que, se você excluir sua página do Facebook, também poderá restaurá-la dentro de 14 dias. Além disso, mais tarde, você será solicitado novamente a excluir esta página permanentemente. , Você deve clicar em Excluir nome da página aqui.

Etapa 5 – Aqui, você será solicitado a confirmar novamente, clique na opção Excluir Página aqui.

Agora sua página entrou no modo de exclusão, o que significa que levará 14 dias para excluir completamente a página excluída do Facebook. Além disso, se desejar, você também pode restaurar a página em 14 dias.

Esta foi a maneira mais fácil e fácil de excluir a página do Facebook. Se você deseja excluir a página do Facebook no seu smartphone, pode aprender com outros tutoriais.