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GB whatsapp new version provides very good features to WhatsApp users. Do you also want to make your Whatsapp Chatting more fun? .. So for this you will get many cool features in GB WhatsApp app. To use these cool features, you have to download GB whatsapp latest version to your phone. GB whatsapp apk download latest version is a new version of Original Whatsapp itself, but the features you get in Whatsapp are more than that.

By the way, its functions are similar to the original Whatsapp, but if you talk about the features, you will not find so many features in the original Whatsapp. The biggest reason for it being popular is its Best Feature “Status”. This is also like Whatsapp, by which you can send message to someone, send photo, audio-video, files, group chat, that is, we can say that all the mods of Whatsapp Communication are available in it But so many features make it different from Original Whatsapp.

WHAT is GB whatsapp

GB whatsapp new version

GB WhatsApp is a third-party application that runs and looks exactly like WhatsApp, but in this you get a lot of features that make GB WhatsApp much better than normal WhatsApp.

That is why it is becoming quite popular even though it is not present in the Google Play store. Because it can do everything like WhatsApp and it also has advanced feature which caters to the needs of many people, so this app has been able to make its popularity.

Let us tell you that if you use GB WhatsApp, then because of its great features, you will call the normal WhatsApp, then let’s know about its features.

Benefits of using GB WhatsApp

With GB WhatsApp, you can also use other WhatsApp.

In this you can copy and paste the status of others, which cannot be done in normal WhatsApp.

It supports multiple languages, that is, you can choose your favorite language.

In this you also get the facility of Multiple Language Translate.

In this, you can select Custom Themes as you wish.

Hide the last Seen of WhatsApp.

You can also freez WhatsApp’s last Seen.

It can show you 24 Hours online.

Notification and Launcher Icon can be changed.

Can block any incoming call on WhatsApp.

After reading someone’s message, you can hide Second Tick.

You can also design Tick Style as per your wish.

WhatsApp Status can be increased to 250 words.

Instead of normal WhatsApp, you can select and send more than 10 photos at a time.

With GB WhatsApp, you can send more MB videos to more people than normal Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Group name is allowed to write longer.

WhatsApp lock feature is given.

WhatsApp Custome font and Anti Revoke feature is given.

You can apply password on chatting with your friends.

Like WhatsApp Bussiness App, it has the facility of Message Scheduled and Auto Reply.

In GB WhatsApp, you get the feature of DNA ie Do Not Distrube and besides being liked a lot, you get to see many more features in it.

GB WhatsApp disadvantages

Here we will tell you some reasons, because of which using Gb Whatsapp can be dangerous for you.

There is no automatic update of any kind in Gb Whatsapp.

Gb is not available on Whatsapp Play Store and App Store as it does not follow policies and rules.

There is no End to End Encryption meaning that it is not secure at all.

The message you are sharing is not secure, there is no surety that the message you are sharing is not going to any third party server.

Gb Whatsapp Injects Virus like Malware and Spyware due to less Secure Hosted Servers. This Virus is harmful for your data and also damages your data.

So using Gb Whatsapp also has such disadvantages. Which is not free from danger for you and your device, because of this your personal data also does not remain secure.

So far, many new versions have come in it and over time, updates are constantly coming in GB WhatsApp and with every new update more spectacular features are seen.

GB whatsapp apk download latest version

GB whatsapp new version

As we told you that this app is not found in the Google Play store because it is not in the Google play store, so you have to download it from the website of GB WhatsApp and it supports Android 4.0+. To download GB WhatsApp, you follow our steps mentioned.

GB whatsapp latest version

Download link

Step- 1
First of all, to download Lates GB WhatsApp, click on the button below and download it.

Step- 2
GB Whatsapp is 7.70 new updated version, whose size is 54.7 MB If your internet is fast, then it takes 1-2 minutes to download.

Step- 3
To install it after downloading the app, enable Unknown source from Mobile Setting and install it.

Step- 4
Now enter your mobile number and verify it

Step- 5
Now your GB WhatsApp is completely ready, you can use every feature of it.

how to update gb whatsapp

As we said and if you use GB WhatsApp, then you will know that new updates are coming in it, due to which it has to be updated frequently.

There are three ways to update it, which we are going to tell you, you can update GB WhatsApp in any way you want, so let’s know.

POP Notification

You get updates in WhatsApp through POP Notification, if you get this POP Notification, then you can update it by clicking on it or download the new WhatsApp Version and install it. This is the easiest way.

check update

When the WhatsApp update comes or you think that the WhatsApp update has come, then you should go to GB WhatsApp Setting and check WhatsApp Update and then follow the given step to update your WhatsApp from there and update it.

GB Website Update

If you are not getting GB WhatsApp update even after using the methods mentioned above, then you should go to its website and install it after downloading Lates Version from there, where you will get the link to download GB WhatsApp Lates Version. . So this is how you can update it.

GB Whatsapp Lastest Updates

To use the latest version of Gb Whatsapp in your phone, if you also want to update it, then for this you have been told step by step process.

Open Gb Whatsapp – Open Gb Whatsapp in your phone first.

Click Three Horizontal Lines – After this you will see Three Horizontal Lines click on it.

Tap On Setting Option – Now you have to click on Option of Gb Whatsapp Ki Setting.

Tap On Updates Option – In Gb setting, you have to click on the option of Updates.

Click Check For Updates – Now click on Check For Updates.

Update Gb Whatsapp – Now if there will be a new version of the app, then it will show you notification. If you see the latest version here, then you can update Use.

uses of Gb Whatsapp

Now GB Whatsapp downloading is completed in your phone, so now you can use it.

But do you know that Gb Whatsapp Kaise Chalate Hai

If you don’t know then know next

Open App: First of all open this app in your mobile.

Chats: Here you will see the option of Chats. This option contains the message that you have sent to your friend or someone has sent a message to you, that is, your chat remains in it.

Status: This option of Gb Whatsapp is for Status. You can apply 30 Second Video, some kind of photo on the status. In this, the limit of photo and video is 30, meaning you can also apply up to 30 status in Gb Whatsapp. This Option Gb is the best option of Whatsapp.

Calls: You can see in Calls that who has made a video call and who has made a voice call and if you have also called someone, then that too will be seen in it.

Video Call Option: If you have to make a video call with someone, then you can click on it.

Voice Call Option: If you want to make a voice call to someone, then with this option you can do this to make a voice call.

Select Contact: If you want to message someone in your Whatsapp Contact then you can do this option.

In this way, you have to use your Gb Whatsapp. Friends, when you use it, you will learn to run Gb Whatsapp even better.

settings of Gb Whatsapp

To update GB WhatsApp, you are further told about its most important setting.

Media Sharing: By going in its setting, you can set how the Maximum and Minimum Picture and Video uploaded by you can be. It has Maximum Video Upload Limit

Lock: With this setting you can hide your personal chat.

Change App Fonts: If you like to change the font style so that your Gb Whatsapp’s fonts are in a different style, then here you will get many types of font style.

Themes: In this app you will get Unlimited Themes by going to the Theme Store, you can change many types of themes.

Other Mods: In this option you can do many other types of setting. In this you can also change Launcher Icon and setting Notify bar Icon, Always Online, Backup Data etc.

So this kind of setting can be done in Gb Whatsapp.

Now you too will be able to enjoy these new features of Gb Whatsapp and increase the interest of running your Whatsapp.

So friends here you got complete information about Gb Whatsapp

How did you like friends tell you by commenting in this Post Comment Box, as well as if you have any suggestions on this, they should also tell.

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