how to check vodafone balance easily new trick

how to check vodafone balance In today’s post, we are going to tell you about how to check the Net Balance of Vodafone SIM. If you also use Vodafone’s number, then this post can prove to be very helpful for you.

Because in this article you will tell how to check vodafone balance

so that you can find out the data balance ( how to check vodafone balance ) in your SIM within just few seconds. When it comes to knowing the main balance in the SIM, almost all the people know that through the USSD code we can easily find the main balance. But to know internet 4G balance, most people do not know its number.

As far as the Vodafone company is concerned, it is a multinational British company. The company, whose head office is present in London, has been serving in India for many years. Everything was going well for this company before the arrival of Jio,

but the prices of 2G, 3G and 4G Net Balance in India have fallen significantly since the launch of Jio. Due to this, the rest of the telecom companies in the country such as Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone have also been forced to reduce the price of their service.

how to check vodafone balance

how to check vodafone balance

There are three ways to know the net balance in Vodafone SIM. First USSD Code Second SMS and Third App Almost all telecom companies have issued different USSD Code to know the balance. In vodafone too, you can take help of USSD code for information about service like Balance to Caller Tune. Below, you are being told some such codes with the help of which you will be able to easily find your Vodafone balance.

how to check vodafone balance

1. Main Balance

* 141 #

* 111 #

* 199 * 2 #

2. Net Balance

* 111 * 2 * 2 #

* 141 * 9 #

* 111 * 6 * 2 #

How to check net balance of Vodafone SIM from App

how to check vodafone balance If you have a smartphone and you use Vodafone Number, then you must try its official application once. Because with this app, you can get information about account balance, data balance and other services. Apart from this, there is also a facility to recharge the number.

The name of this app is My Vodafone (India) Online Recharge & Pay Bills. It can be downloaded by searching in playstore. If you want, you can also download it from here, this link will direct you to the playstore.

After installing the app, first you have to verify your Vodafone Number in the app. To verify or register the number you have to enter your number. After this, an OTP will come in your phone which will confirm your number as soon as it is confirmed. After this you will be able to see Main Balance, Internet Data etc. in this app.

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So now you must know how to check the net balance of Vodafone SIM, in this post, you have told two main ways to find the data balance. Although the USSD Code is absolutely free, but if you want to know more ways to check Net Balance. So tell me that you can also know by SMS. For this, you have to type DATA BAL and send it to 144. In response to this, a message will come in which information about your Internet Data Balance will be present. Friends I hope you like this info mation how to check vodafone balance friends please share this article your all friends and all what’s app group and all social media accounts


how to check bsnl balance easily

how to check bsnl balance When we put a balance in our mobile, then we get a message from the company that so many rupees have been recharged on your mobile. But when we delete those messages and then we feel like checking the balance, ” how to check bsnl balance ” then we can know the balance of our mobile with the USSD code given by the company. how to check bsnl balance

Today we are going to tell you about this in this post. If you have a sim of BSNL and you want to know the data balance and main account ( how to check bsnl balance ) balance of your mobile, then we have given some USSD code below, through which you can know the balance and data balance of your mobile.

It is not very difficult to check balance and data in any ( how to check bsnl balance ) sim, just one thing has to be kept in mind that you have to memorize the below USSD code so that you do not have to ask someone repeatedly to check balance and data. Know all the USSD codes issued by BSNL company. Below is the list of all USSD codes by BSNL, you can see the thing you need.

how to check BSNL balance

Ussd codes to check the balance and data balance of BSNL prepaid sim for Andhra Pradesh If you belong to Andhra Pradesh, then you have to use the below usd code

how to check bsnl balance

* 123 # – If you want to check the balance of your BSNL sim, then you just have to dial * 123 # in your mobile and in some time you will know the balance of your prepaid sim.

* 234 # – If you want to check the internet balance of your BSNL sim, then you have to dail * 234 # in your mobile and in a short time you will know the internet balance of your prepaid.

* 125 # – If you want to know the SMS balance of your BSNL prepaid sim, then you should dail * 125 # from your prepaid sim and in a short time you will know the balance of your mobile.

* 102 # – If you want to know the last 5 transactions of your prepaid sim, then dial * 102 # in your mobile. This led to the last 5 transactio in your mobile can know about n.

* 124 # – If you want to check the number of your friend or family, then dial * 124 # in your mobile. With this, you can request your friend’s number from your mobile.

If you are resident of any of the above areas, you can use the code given below usd. how to check bsnl balance

USSD Desription

* 123 # BSNL balance and validity details

* 123 * 1 # Local SMS check

* 123 * 2 # National SMS balance check

* 123 * 5 # Network Call balance

* 123 * 6 # Local network call

* 123 * 8 # Night GPRS pack check

* 123 * 9 # video call balance inquiry

* 123 * 10 # GPRS data balance check

This code runs in almost all the countries, so you can use these ussd codes if you live in an area.

How to check airtel balance

Please tell that Airtel is the largest telecom company in the country with the most users. However, after the arrival of Jio, this company has got a tough competition. In this case, many airtel users have shifted to Geo. Find out the balance of Airtel with the code given below.

Airtel Balance – * 123 #

Your mobile number – * 121 * 1 # or * 121 * 9 # or * 282 #

How to check Idea balance

Recently, Idea and Vodafone have merged, so many services are providing it together. Although the customer does not face any kind of problem, the USSD codes of the two companies are different. In this case, you can use the code given below to know the balance of the idea.

Idea Balance – * 212 #

Your Mobile Number – * 131 * 1 #

How to check Vodafone balance

It is an international telecom company providing services in many countries besides India. In India, this company has joined hands with Idea and now both companies are working together. If you are a user of Vodafone and you do not know its number, then the below codes can be useful for you.

Vodafone Balance – * 141 #

Your mobile number – * 111 * 2 #

How to check jio balance

Jio, which is known for its cheap data and balance, has recently increased the price of its plan. Over the years, due to the free service, Jio was incurring losses, but to compensate for its loss, Jio has paid the free service. If you are a Jio user then use the number given below.

Geo Data Balance – 1299

For complete information about the plan, use My Jio App.

How to check the balance of Idea, Jio, BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel, now you will know that if you use sim of any of the telecom mobile companies mentioned above, then above you have been told their USSD codes.

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You can easily find the balance of your SIM with them. However, the USSD codes of companies also work differently according to the state. In such a situation, if any of the above mentioned code is not working in your area, then you can tell us by commenting. We will try to update it as soon as possible. I hope you like this how to check bsnl balance