How to yo whatsapp apk download 2021

How to yo whatsapp apk download 2021 YO WhatsApp, it is also similar to WhatsApp, but you get more features and options than WhatsApp, so YO WhatsApp is being used by many people.
For those people who have been using WhatsApp for a long time and they want to add new features to their WhatsApp, then Yo WhatsApp App is a great app for them because within Yo WhatsApp you get to see more features than WhatsApp. .

By the way, in today’s time, many Mod Apk of WhatsApp have been made, such as – GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus but talk about Yo WhatsApp, it is a great app in which you can enjoy more features than WhatsApp. Huh.

So today we are going to tell you about it in detail like what is Yo WhatsApp App and how to download Yo WhatsApp as well as all the information about its features, what is etc.

What is yo whatsapp

Yo WhatsApp is also a Mod Apk of WhatsApp which is available for all Android users today, which was created by a person named Yusuf, but after developing it, Yusuf stopped working on this app and developed this apk by another developer. Gave it to

After this, Yo WhatsApp was designed by another developer and added many fun features that you do not see in Whatsapp, and due to these features, many people are enjoying it very well.

How to yo whatsapp apk download 2021

yo whatsapp apk download

yo whatsapp apk download If you hear the name of Yo Whatsapp, you are running towards Google Play Store to download it, then wait! Because Yo Whatsapp is not present in the Google Play store, you have to download it through the Internet.

Installing and installing Yo Whatsapp is not a difficult thing, so if you want to download it, you can download this app with great ease by following the steps mentioned below.

Step-1 To download Yo Whatsapp, search on Google by typing “Yo Whatsapp Downlod” and click on the first website.

Step-2 Now you get the option to download Yo WhatsApp here, click on it and download it.

Step-3 When it is downloaded in your mobile then if the install option is not allowed in your mobile, then allow it, only then it will be installed in your mobile.

Step-4 When installed in your mobile, then you can use it by verifying your mobile number.

In this way, you can easily download and install YO WhatsApp in your phone. If the problem of Unknown Sources comes after installing the APK file, then you should go to the security settings of the phone and start the app again by turning on Unknown Sources.

How to download GB whatsapp

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How to create account yo Whatsapp

It is very easy to create an account in Yo WhatsApp, the way you create your account in normal WhatsApp, in the same way you can create your account on it as well, for that you follow the steps given below.

-1 Open the WhatsApp and enter your mobile number in it.

-2 An OTP is sent to the mobile number you entered, which is verified.

-3 After verifying the OTP, you can create your account on it by applying your name and image and start using it.

Yo Whatsapp Feature Information

In this app you get to see more features from WhatsApp, using which you can use WhatsApp in a more smart way and can increase the fun of WhatsApp running. Its features are as follows.

Unlimited themes

In Yo WhatsApp you also get a lot of themes that you can use on your chat screen, which makes your WhatsApp look better.

Share Images Without Losing Quality

We like this features of Yo WhatsApp very much because when you send an image on WhatsApp, its quality decreases but when you send an image or video from Yo WhatsApp, then the image is available to other people in the same quality. Or reaches the video which is very good.

Change Font

Often people use different font and text design in their mobile and in this app you get a lot of front of which you can apply the font of your choice, which is very good in Yo WhatsApp.

Apply Fingerprint

By the way, this option has also come in WhatsApp, but in this also you can use fingerprint lock and secure your WhatsApp.

Dual WhatsApp

You can run two WhatsApp simultaneously on YO WhatsApp, through this option you can create your personal and public WhatsApp, so people who use two SIM cards can use different WhatsApp.

Message Without Saving Number

This option is very important because it happens many times that if we want to send an image to someone’s number, then their number has to be saved, but when you use YO WhatsApp, you can save it without any number. Can message nearby.

For people who use WhatsApp for business, this feature is going to be very beneficial because earlier they had to save the number to message, but not anymore!

Hide Bluetick & Second Tick

This feature is also amazing, especially for those users who want to tell the person in front of themselves that they have seen the message or not, so with this option you can hide your Blue Tick or Second Tick so that the person does not know it. Whether you read their message or not!

Anti-Delete Messages

When someone makes a message on WhatsApp, it sometimes deletes some of the messages, which makes you wonder what kind of message was sent by the next person that they deleted but if you use YO WhatsApp then it No message is deleted.

Call Blocking

With this option you can block someone’s call if he calls you again or again and calls the bagger with your permission, then you can block his call so that the person will not be able to call you.

DND Mode

DND means Do Not Disturb, that means if you are doing some work and the message is coming on your WhatsApp message repeatedly, then you can turn on the mod of Do Not Disturb, after that the message is stopped coming to you Which gets control over WhatsApp.

Hide Online Status & Hide Bluetick

In this app you can also hide your status and if you want everyone to see your message but they do not know whether you saw the message or not, then you can hide the blue trick in your app.

Send Any Type File Like zip etc

Through this app, you can easily share any file with any kind of person, while it is not possible to do so in normal WhatsApp.

Downlod Any Status in Mobile

Many people sometimes apply the status that we like so much that we want to download it in our mobile but WhatsApp does not have such features that we can download it.

But if you use Yo WhatsApp, then you can easily download any status in your mobile, for this you have to click on the download option in it, the video will be saved in your mobile gallery.

Due to these great features of Yo WhatsApp, it is used a lot, although it is not available in the Google Play Store, but anyone can easily download it from Google, along with some other features like – Hide media from the gallery , Customize every page of yo whatsapp, Hide profile photo etc. facilities are also provided which you do not find in the WhatsApp app.

How to yo whatsapp update 2021

yo whatsapp update

yo whatsapp update time to time new features are added to yo WhatsApp, when new features are added to it, updates are also made in it from time to time.

Those who have to update, to update Yo WhatsApp, when you get a new version in this app, then the download option appears, by clicking on it you can easily download the new version and update your Yo WhatsApp can do.

But if you do not get information about downloading the new version in your WhatsApp, then you have to follow the following steps to download its updated version.

Step 1- First of all search by typing “YO Whatsapp Download” in Google search.

Step 2- Click on the first website and download the APK file.

Step 3- Wait 15 seconds and download YO Whatsapp APK File.

Use YO Whatsapp by installing Step 4- Download APK File.

So friends, through this post, you have to know what is Yo WhatsApp and how Yo WhatsApp Download is done and what are the features in it as well as let us know how to update it.

There are many features available in this app, but it is a Mod apk, so you should use this app only when necessary, otherwise do not use it because it is not considered as safe because it is not in the Google Play Store.

So friends, we hope that you will like this post and you have got every information related to Yo Whatsapp, if you like this information, then share it on social media.