how to delete paytm account easily

how to delete paytm account Friends, how to Deactivate & Block Paytm Account, Permanently How to Paytm Account Delete This I will tell you today in this post, if you want to know how to delete Paytm user and your account, then you are right here, I will give you about this I will tell

how to delete paytm account

Paytm is a very popular recharge portal and e-commerce site from which many things like mobile recharge, bill payments can be done in a few minutes, it can send money to anyone and can get money from anyone. People also send and receive payments in business as well how to delete paytm account

In this, you get promo codes and coupon codes, using which you can get cashback on shopping of any product and on payment of promo code even after paying recharge and DTH bill, you get 10 to 50% cashback.

Due to the promo code feature, most people use paytm, it was not so popular earlier, but since the Indian government changed the currency to 500-1000 currency, it helped many people in cashless transactions and when Millions of users, who previously did not use Paytm, ( how to delete paytm account ) have also started using it.

There are many E-Wallet apps available on Internet, from which mobile can be recharged and money can also be sent like Freecharge, Google Pay, Phone Pay etc. But paytm is a wallet app that almost everyone uses. Because it is very easy to use it, you just have to put money in your Paytm Wallet

For which you can use any method like Net Banking, BHIM UPI, Debit & Credit Card etc. And with those money, that is, paytm cash, you can do all kinds of work like mobile recharge, bills payment etc. and can also send it to the bank account, otherwise paytm has many more such features.

But at the same time there are some deficiencies in which the user has problems and they want to get their account removed ( how to delete paytm account ) but you must have a valid region only then you can close the paytm account.

Users get many features on Paytm, but still they want to disable / block / delete their account ( how to delete paytm account ) and search how to delete paytm account from mobile. If you were also searching about this, then this article is in the right place, I am going to tell you about it.

how to delete paytm account

how to delete paytm account

If you were looking for how to delete paytm account then it is in the right place. Like Facebook some time ago, Paytm also leaked user data, some such news was coming and then on social media #deletepaytm movement this hashtag is very popular It is done

And for this reason some people how to delete paytm account. Here I am going to tell you very simple ways using which you can delete paytm id from your mobile and computer from any device.

But if you do not know what happens by deleting any account, then I would like to tell you whenever you create an account on any site or app with your personal information like name, email and mobile number, then your information Saves to site or app.

And if you want to remove your personal information from that site or app, then you have only one option to delete your account from that app or site because when you delete the account from that site or app then your personal information too That site or app only gets removed. Meaning that all your data which is stored in that site gets deleted.

Why and when to block & Deactivate paytm account? how to delete paytm account

If you want to block your paytm account, ( how to delete paytm account ) then there can be many reasons for this, but as I said that you have to have a valid reason, only then you can delete the paytm id.

And this is also very important because there is no delete button or option of any kind in paytm but it does not have delete option, it does not mean it cannot be deleted, paytm account can be permanently deleted but When and why it depends on you.

If your mobile is lost on some where and you are logged in with your paytm account then you have no other option but to block your paytm ( how to delete paytm account ) account because if you do not do this then the person who will have your mobile He can send your account money to his account and can do more.

The number from which you created the paytm account, the number has stopped ( how to delete paytm account ) or the SIM card of that number has been lost somewhere

You want to create an account from new number and delete the account created from old number.

When using 2 accounts in 1 mobile, our account is blocked without any warning. Which is not true at all.

In this, the balance is also not shown at times and after sending money to the bank, money is deducted from the wallet and states status panding but sometimes it takes too much time to transfer the money to the bank.

There will be an automatic payment from your paytm account, that is, money is being deducted from your account without your permission. This happens when your paytm account gets hacked, ( how to delete paytm account ) so there is such a problem, then your account as soon as possible Must deactivate.

These were some of the reasons why many people want to delete their Paytm account.

How to delete paytm account ? complete information

If you also want to close the paytm account now, then you can do your mobile and computer from any device, here, the method that I am going to tell you, can be used in mobile and computer on any device, this is a very simple way. And for which you do not need to do anything more

In the previous post, I told about how to contact paytm because sometimes when you put money in wallet, then money is deducted from your bank account.

But money is not added to the wallet and the same problem occurs on sending money to someone, money is deducted from your account by sending money to your friend or someone’s paytm account, but the money to which you have sent money does not go to the account. For any type of problem then you have to contact paytm.

And there are many ways like this, you can create support ticket, send email and call also, if you want to delete & Deactivate your paytm account, then for that paytm has to be mailed or type a form Has to be filled.

What to do before delete Paytm ID?

how to delete paytm account Before deleting your paytm account it is important to take care of some things because once you delete your account then you will not be able to recover it.

Send the money of the paytm account to another account or bank because once the account is deleted, all the money you have in your wallet will also go with the idi.

If you have created an account with Paytm Bank, then transfer its money to another wallet or bank.

If you are not able to login to the Paytm, then you can call your customer care number and tell us your problem.

After deleting the paytm account, it will be deleted for us and then if you send any money to that deleted account, then you will not receive it, so all the people who have given their paytm number for payment, tell them that you Do not send money to this number.

As I told that after deleting the paytm account, you will not be able to use any of its services and neither will it be able to send money to anyone nor receive money from anyone in your account.

Permanently How to Delete Paytm Account? Using Paytm App

If you want to delete paytm account for us

But if you delete your account once using this method, then you will never be able to open it again. Your Paytm account will be deleted forever. For this follow the steps given below.

Step-1 Open Paytm App

First of all open the Paytm app in your mobile and if you do not have a login, then enter your number and password, login with the same account you want to delete for us (if you are using the computer then you should Must go to the site of)

how to delete paytm account

step-2 Click On 24 × 7 Option

After opening Paytm App, 3 lines (menu option) will appear on the left side and click on it. Then some options will appear, you have to scroll down and click on the option with 24 × 7 Help.

Step-3 Choose A Category You Need Help With

After going to the option of 24 × 7 Help, here an option will appear below, choose a category you need help with, here you will see some options like recharge & bill payment, paytm wallet etc. Click on the option of view all category.

how to delete paytm account

Step-4 Tap On Profile Setting

Then you will see all the categories, scroll down and then click on the option with profile setting will appear here.

how to delete paytm account

Step-5 Select An Issue That Describe Your Problem

And then there will be many options in select An issue that describe your problem, out of which you have to select the option with i want close / delete my account.

how to delete paytm account

step-6 Select A Valid Issue Category

Here you will see many options like i want to use paytm with differant number, i have issus in paytm service etc. from which you can select the option that i have lost my phone or you can choose whichever option you like. .

how to delete paytm account

Step-7 Select Your Issue

After this, an option with I Need to Block My Paytm Account will appear here and click on that option.

Step-8 Click On Message Us Option

Then here you will be told some information related to blocking the account, scroll down and click on the option containing message us.

Step – 9 Enter Your Account Details

Then you will see some options which to fill, follow the steps mentioned below.

Issus Description – The information related to your paytm account is to be given here, like here, you have to give the register number and email id from which you have created the account and why you want to remove ( how to delete paytm account ) your account, also you have to give the reason here, take care here Reason is giving a valid reason that you have to write in English language. The registered mobile number, registered email id and last 3 payment information that you have made through paytm will have to be told in your account details. how to delete paytm account

Upload A Picture – What problem you are facing in paytm and you can take a screenshot and upload it here.

Email Id – Whatever email id is linked to your account, it has to be entered here, enter your same email id here, which is linked in your account.

step -10 Tap On Submit

After filling all the information related to your account correctly, click on the submit option. Now you have successfully sent a request to delete the account to the paytm team, then if a call is made to confirm you.

So you can tell in it that why you want to delete paytm account for us always and then you will get a link to delete account from paytm, by clicking on it you can delete your account.

In this way, the paytm account can be deleted for always by following some steps.

How to Deactivate & Block Email Se Paytm Account

This is also a good way by which paytm account can be deleted ( how to delete paytm account ) & deactivate, in this, you have to tell about your problem by mailing paytm, you have to mail to this email id and whatever your issue is. Some information related to that has to be provided.

First of all, open Gmail in your mobile or computer and login to Gmail with your Gmail or Email ID which is your paytm account and then after login in your gmail click on compose option here. Mobile users will see the icon with + to click on it. Then follow the instruction given below for what to write in the email. how to delete paytm account

To – In this option you have to enter email with

Subject – In this option you can write anything like account deactivation or account blocking etc.

Compose email – Here you have to tell the paytm with full information that why you want to delete your account, ” how to delete paytm account ” whatever your problem is, you can write here and here related to your account like registered mobile number and registered email You can also give ID, this will make it easier for the paytm team to find your account.

Send – After filling all the options correctly, click on the option with send.

Now you have sent the mail to deactivate the paytm account, wait for some time, you will get a mail from Paytm, which will tell you how to block and deactivate ” how to delete paytm account ” your paytm account and to deactivate the account in it There will also be a link.

How to format laptop and computer

In this method, Email se Paytm Account has been explained about how to Delete & Deactivate, which is a very simple method.

The most important thing –

Do not delete the paytm account without any reason, because by doing this, then you may face problems in creating new accounts with the same number. If you have any type of problem in Paytm, such as the problem of adding money to the wallet, the problem of sending money, etc. then you can contact it and tell about your problem. Therefore, it is not right to delete paytm due to small problem. I hope you like this information how to delete paytm account