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123Movies 2021 – Download & Watch Movies, TV Shows Online For Free! Today the Internet has become a major medium of education as well as entertainment. Now see! A few years ago, we used to wait to watch the latest tv shows, new movies through TV.

But today, On the Go also allows us to watch those programs and movies from anywhere through the Internet. But just like TV, to watch the latest movie on smartphone or computer, we have to take Paid subscription on various sites or APP!


But is there any such solution? So that we can watch the new latest movie sitting at home! Yes, there is a solution for this, which I am going to tell you today in this article, how you too can be one of those people who are able to watch the latest movies from the Internet at home.

Now you do not have to wait several months to see a new movie when it is released. You can download the latest movie or watch it online in a week, that too without spending any money!

Friends, today we are going to give information about this popular movie downloading site named, which is currently providing the facilities to download the latest movie to all users.

So if you also want to know what is 123movies site? Which movies can you download from this side? How to download movie from here? And is it leegal to download movie latest movie from here? You will get the information in detail in this article! So first of all we know-

What movies can you download on 123movies site?


Apart from India, other foreign language’s movies, TV Shows etc. content is available on 123movies site. That’s why millions of users visit this website every day from all over the world and are able to see the content in full HD.

On this website, all the latest Bollywood movies, Hollywood latest movies and TV serial and New Cartoon movies are also uploaded on the site. Apart from this, if you want to watch any other country movies for free, then this is the best site for you. So let’s know

How to download movies from 123movies site?

The 123movies site is quite popular in other countries besides India, as pirated movies and content from other countries such as Australia Brazil Canada are found on this site.

So to download the movie, when you first visit Url!

So here in the Home tab, you will be seeing all the Hollywood movies somewhere! You can download these Hollywood movies for free or watch online.

Apart from this there are other categories, in Genres category you will get to see all types of movies according to your interest. The types of movies you want to watch – such as Action, Romance, Drama, History, Musical Tv Shows, Adventure, Horror, Crime, Animation etc.

You can watch that movie by clicking on any of these categories of movies.

The next tab is followed by Country. Where you will find a large collection of movies from many countries like Australia, Brazil, Sweden, China, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, South Korea etc. You can watch Pirated Movies of any of these countries online.

Apart from this, India Country also has an option, if you are from India and want to watch Bollywood’s letest movie, then click on India Country.

Apart from this, you can also watch movies of the last 20 years from 123 movies site in the year category. Click on the year of the year you want to watch the movie.

After that different categories of Anime, Cartoon Asian Drama, Tv series have been created on 123movies site! From where you will be able to watch the latest Cartoon movies, Tv series for free in various languages.

So friends, if you want to download Bollywood movies from here, select India country.

Then as you will see in the above screenshot. Here all the latest 2019 movies that have been released recently such as Judgemental Hai Kya, Bala House, War, Subedar Joginder Singh, Mission Mangal, Son of Sarjeet Singh, Rocky Handsome are all available here.

Whose non copyrights have been uploaded on this site, click on any of the letest Bollywood movies you want to watch on this site.

Now clicking on the movie, a new page will open in front of you. In the page, you will find many links to play that movie. You can check all the links by tapping on the play movie button, and see which link you are able to watch this movie in HD.

So friends, you can easily watch and download any latest Hollywood, Bollywood movie, Cartoon movie, Tv Series online on the 123 movies site.

123movies site is working on different domains

After several requests of the film industry and despite the efforts of the Cyber ​​Security Force, the business of the pirated site has not stopped completely. Even today websites like 123  moviesare openly operating on the Internet.

And whenever the government finds out its address, they ban the domain of that website. But a few days later the pirated contact becomes available again on the new domain of 123 movies on the Internet, and new new movies start uploading again to another domain.

If you search on Google, you will find that many domains of 123 movies are available on the internet at the time, if you want to download movies from 123 movies site, then below you are given some letest working URLs. Through these url you can download movies from 123 movies side. Can.

123Movies New Website Link 2020

123 123

123 123

123 movies.punjabi 123

123 123

123 movies.apk 123

123 123

123 123

123 movies.hub 123

Is it legal to access 123Movies site?

Friends, as far as downloading movies from this site is concerned, it is completely illegal. And downloading a movie from here is like taking trouble on yourself.

Yes, it is because many efforts have been made by the government to close all pirated websites in India, and are being done even today.

Let me tell you when the government came to know about this website called 123 Movies. So after that it was announced by this website that he was going to close his business. But despite saying so, even today in 2019, this site uploads the latest movies illegally, and users are also downloading these movies or are able to watch online.

So secretly 123moviss is uploading non-copyrighted content on the site. But if the government gets the name of Owner running these websites or any user who uses them! In such a situation, you can get into trouble, you can be fined or even punished.

How to open 123movies Blocked Website

Friends, as of now the government has banned many URLs of 123movies. So when you try to go to this website by typing 123, browser! Then you will be reported to be Url Ban.

So now if you have read the above information carefully, then the question may come to your mind that how could I reach this site?

Friends, let me tell you that there are many Vpn Apps and Proxy sites! Which gives you the opportunity to open a blocked site in your country from the IP address of another country.

So first you have to install a Chrome extension on your laptop

You click on Add To Chrome and successfully install this chrome-extension in Google Chrome on your computer.

And many country’s servers will appear in front of you. Apart from India, select the country from which country you want to search 123movies site.

So friends when you refresh, you will find that 123 website is opening in your PC and in this way you can watch the latest movie online from this site.

Thus, you know how to access any blocked url.

Let us know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the user for downloading movies from 123movies Site?

Benefits from 123movies site!

Friends 123movies site is a huge collection of movies, so here you can watch other Hollywood movies of the country including India for free.

From this site you can watch the latest cartoon movies, TV series in full HD quality, for which you usually have to pay in a site.

Despite having such a large site, you do not need to register to download a movie from this site. You are allowed to download movies without signing up here.

It is completely free to watch TV Shows of different country in different languages.

Is 123 Movie Site illegal

Many people do not know whether this website is safe or not, so it is very important for you to know about it, it is a piracy website because it has neither any license for movie upload nor has it uploaded a movie from movie production house. Due to any permission taken, it is considered a piracy website.

Due to being a piracy website, these websites have been banned by the search engine many times, but they change their domain and come back to the search results like has been banned by the search engine, so it By keeping your domain, they come in search results, due to this their domain keeps changing, but there is no difference in their site or data and quality.


Piracy is illegal and opposes Piracy. This content is given only for information, its purpose is not to encourage or promote piracy and illegal activities in any way.