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ShareChat ” prem share chat ” is a very popular application that is used by millions of people and people who put status on their WhatsApp and Facebook will definitely be familiar with the ShareChat ” prem share chat ” App because it is the most used for it.

In today’s time, most people use ShareChat because in this app you get to see a lot of videos, photos and audio files to entertain you, which you can watch very easily for free and download your friends. Can also share with

Apart from this, you can also upload your own videos, photos or audio very easily with the help of ShareChat ” prem share chat ” App, so in this app you also get to see features like TikTok and Like App.

But there are still many people for whom ShareChat ” prem share chat ” App is new, so today we are going to tell you in detail about what is ShareChat App and what are its features as well as how to earn money from share chat app etc.

What is shareChat App ” prem share chat “

ShareChat App is known as a Video Status App.It is a very popular video status app created by the students of IIT Kanpur. The Share Chat app was launched in 2015 which is used by millions of people today. goes.

In ShareChat, you get to see videos, audio and messages and you can share them with any of your friends or family members, as well as you can create your own account and share the post and also follow someone else’s account. 

In the share chat application, you can also become famous on the share chat by uploading your own video or photo and the more unique content you put in, the more your chances of getting popular increase. ShareChat App is absolutely free and in it you There are many features that you can take advantage of.

How to download ShareChat App ” prem share chat “

Step-1 First of all go to Google Play Store, search the ShareChat App or click on the download button below.


step-2 Now download and install it on your Android or EOS mobile.

Step-3 After downloading this application in your mobile, open the application and create your account in it.

How to create an account in ShareChat App ” prem share chat “

When you download and use share chat then you have to create an account in share chat because without creating an account sharechat does not work because if you download any status or video in share chat then it is in your account, so It is very important to create an account.

Mobile number, email ID is required to create an account in ShareChat App. With the help of mobile number and email ID, you can easily create your account in the share chat application.

Step-1 First of all open your ShareChat ” prem share chat ” App. As soon as you open the share chat application, you will be asked to select the language.

Step-2 You can select the language in which you keep your interest, now a new page opens in front of you. In that page you are asked for some personal details which have to be filled. ” prem share chat “

step-3 In personal details, you are asked for your name, gender, your mobile number etc. Fill them all with you. And after that you see an adult post option.

Step-4 After doing this, you get to see a submit option below. Click on that submit option.

Step-5 As soon as you click on the option of submit, then the OTP is sent by the ShareChat App on the mobile number given by you, enter that OTP.

Step-6 After the mobile number is verified, your account is completely created and after that you can use the ShareChat App. ” prem share chat “

What are the features of ShareChat App

ShareChat App is a very good Video Status App, in this application you get to see many features, in ShareChat ” prem share chat ” you get to see many different categories and different posts are available within all those categories by viewing or reading. You can enjoy

1. Massages: – Within the option of message, you can create your friend on any share chat ” prem share chat ” and chatting with him. This feature is quite amazing within ShareChat.

2. Joks: – Within this option you get videos and photos related to jokes. You can also share ” prem share chat ” these photos and videos with your WhatsApp friend and enjoy them.

3. Knowledge: – Within this category, you get to see posts related to knowledge and studies. In this category, you get to see posts related to General Knowledge. You can also increase your knowledge by reading them.

4. WhatsApp: – In this option in ShareChat App, ” prem share chat ” you get to see the forward message days of WhatsApp. In this category, you get to see posts related to WhatsApp Jokes and WhatsApp.

5. Love Message: – In this category you get to see romantic and love messages. Here romantic and love-related poets are also seen, which you can enjoy by reading.

6. Videos: – In this option you get to see romantic, funny and emotional videos, this is for your entertainment and this category of sharechat ” prem share chat ” is also very good.

These are some of the main features in share chat, with this, if you want to upload a post in ShareChat, for this you get the option of image, video, audio and text messages. Select the format in which you want to upload your post.

In the ShareChat App, ” prem share chat ” you get to see many types of language. You can select the language in which you want to use share chat, share chat is available in languages ​​like Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam Marathi and English.

How to use shareChat App

1. First of all you open the ShareChat App.

2. When ShareChat is opened in your mobile phone, you get to see its enter face. Where you see many posts.

3. Many categories are seen in those categories, you can read different types of posts.

4. In the ShareChat App, ” prem share chat ” you get to see the icon of a profile, by going there you can change the profile of your account and also upload the new profile.

5. You can see the “+” icon in ShareChat, you can upload your post by going there.

6. At the bottom of the ShareChat App, you see an option of search. Where you can search any user or any type of post.

7. A chat option is also available in this application. With the help of this chat option, you can chat with any friend available on ShareChat.

How to earn money with ShareChat App

Most people download and use the ShareChat App for their entertainment. But they do not know that you can also earn money using ShareChat. For this, you do not need to do much like you use normal share chat, just like sharechat uses, you will get money.

When you share the video of the ShareChat App on WhatsApp, then you get to enjoy the share chat through the same shared video. The option of Wallet is not currently available in Share Chat, but when you update the ShareChat App, you will also get this feature.

The amount you earn in the ShareChat App does not need to be withdrawn and it does not even require any withdrawal process because when you create a ShareChat account, the mobile number you enter at that time is the Paytm. Must have an account. If your Paytm number is on his account, then Share Chat transfers your amount by default to your Paytm.

how to chat on shareChat App

Within the ShareChat App, you are given an option to chat, through which you can chat with any friend available on ShareChat. The Achievement option in Share Chat is quite good and through this you can also create new friends.

In the ShareChat App, there is an option of a chat on which you can chat with someone unknown by clicking on it, you will not be able to see your profile unless you want to. When you talk to him and do a profile show, then the person in front also shows a profile with you, with this you can make new friends through the option of chat.

How to increase follower on sharechat app

When you create and use an account on the ShareChat App, ” prem share chat ” then a question comes to your mind that how to increase followers on ShareChat, for this, let us tell you to upload good content on ShareChat and upload such content to the viewer Like it and they follow you.

With this, if you follow someone, then that too follows you back, thus you can increase the followers in the ShareChat App. Share the posts posted on your share chat on social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can also increase followers from there.

How to download videos from shareChat App

If you use share chat or if you are new to share chat, then everyone should know how to download sharechat videos because on share chat, you can watch that video but any video you like in your memory If you want to save it then you have to download it.

To download videos in ShareChat you do not need to process much because when you are watching videos, you see a download option under the same video. You click on the same download option and your video will be downloaded and saved in your gallery.

This share chat application is a very good video status application. With the help of this application, you can download good video status, that’s why ShareChat App is considered to be the best, through ShareChat you can also download your WhatsApp Status

So we have tried our best to provide you all the information about the ShareChat App, through which you will have been able to understand better about this app and now you can easily use this app.

We hope that what is ShareChat App and how to use ShareChat, you must have got all such information after reading this article, so if you like our article, then share it with your friends who share their WhatsApp Keeps looking for new status for I hope you like this information ” prem share chat “