What is computer hardware

Do you know what is Computer Hardware? If you have come looking for these questions, then you are at the right place. You will know that a computer mainly has two parts, one is Software and the other is Hardware. Software which is also called Computer Program. Software that you use everyday in your mobile and computer. EX-VLC, Chrome, Internet Explorer, MS-WORD, MS-POWERPOINT, Photoshop, pdf reader and Operating System (Android, Windows, MAC, UNIX) of Software.

Have you ever thought, all these “Software is nothing without hardware”. Think about how you would write in MS-WORD without keyboard. Cannot edit in Photoshop without a mouse. If you do not store pdf book in hard disk somewhere, then how will you read from Adobe Reader. So you understand my words a little bit. Keyboard, Mouse, hard disk, Monitor, Motherboard, CPU, UPS, Speaker are all hardware.Without Hardware, we can never even think about computer’s image.

What is computer Hardware

What is computer hardware

Hardware is also known as HW or H / W. That is the part of HW Computer that we can see and touch. If we describe fully, then it is the Physical Component of the Computer, and this Component consists of circuit boards, ICs, and other electronics. This is a full-fledged example, whatever you are reading my article on the screen, it can be from any of the screen computer, tablet, mobile. All the Input, Output, Processing and Storage devices in a computer are all one HW.

Without any hardware, your computer does not exist, and without it you cannot use any software. If SW is the soul of a computer, then your body is the hardware of the computer. But in reality, we use software to make hardware work.

If you want to listen to a song in Computer, it is not like you will speak on Computer and the song will be played. For this, when you Paly perform the song in Windows Media Player or VLC (both of them are software), then that song will be PLAY on the Speaker. Meaning hw is controlled via sw.

types of hardware

You must have seen two types of system 1. Laptop 2. Desktop. All the physical components of the laptop remain connected. But the components of desktop come different. But hw are almost alike in both. Let us know about these hardware types and examples.


This is an input device. Without this hardware, even some data cannot be entered in the computer. With this help, we can do all the writing work of Computer. What you are reading now is also written with this keyboard. You can also see and touch this electronics devices. This is one of the most used devices. There are also other Hw components inside it. This device is plugged into a USB port.


It is also known as pointing device and Cursor Moving Device. A Mouse can have 2 or 3 buttons. Like right, left, and middle button (Left key, Right key, Middle key Roller). They are all one HW. The mouse is placed on the Flat Surface or Mouse Pad. It is used to control Cursor.


This is the outward HW of a computer. Written papers and pictures can be stored in memory by converting them into digital images using a scanner. Documents can also be scanned and stored in a computer through a scanner. This is called Extenal H / W.


A computer monitor is an electronic device that is used to show the output in some computers. It looks just like a T.V. A large and fine display resolution shows us the best picture. It is of small size in Hardware LAPTOP and slightly larger in Desktop

CRT Monitor: – They are heavy and large and use a lot of deskspace and electricity. This is the oldest used technology. It is based on cathode ray tube technology which was made for television. But these monitors do not work today.

LCD Monitor: – There is a kind of flat panel display. This is a newer technology than CRT. These monitors use less desk space. It weighs less. These monitors use less electricity. These monitors have been used for a long time on laptops and notebook computers, they also work as touchscreens on tablet computers, mobile phones.


This is also External Hardware. With its use, we can hear the sound. It outputs as sound. Nowadays it remains inbuilt in the system.


External HW. Printer is an output device which prints the information received from the computer on paper. This copy of the output on paper is called hard copy. The output of information from the computer gets very fast and the printer is not able to work so fast. Hence the need was felt that information can be stored in the printer itself, so the printer also has a memory from where it prints the results slowly.


This hw is the core of the computer. To see this, you need to open the computer. This is a board called PCB (Printed Circuit Board). It holds different components of the board computer. And all those components are CPU, RAM, Hard Disk, smps port, Graphics card.

CPU (Microprocessor)

The full name of the CPU is Central Processing Unit. It is not a hardware itself, there are many small and big hardware inside it. It is also called the brain of the computer. It controls the computer. Just like our brain tells us what we do. Mainly its 3 components are ALU, CU and MU. ALU is called Arithmatic and Logical Unit. CU Control Unit and MU Memory Unit. ALU arithmetic calculation such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. LU performs Comparison Operation. Like Less than, greater than, equal to and Not equal to. MU consists of Primary and Secondary Memory.


The full name of RAM is Random Access Memory. It is also called Direct Access Memory, this memory is usually of lesser size than Secondary Memory in Computer. Like in your mobile it is up to 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB. This is Electromagnetic Disk. It is in hw Rectangle shape.

expansion cards

Graphics Cards – It looks like a HW card, it is inserted into the MOTHERBOARD. Graphics card is used for image rendering / Produce on the monitor. This converts the data in this way and generates Signals which your Monitor easily understands.

The better Graphics Card is, the better Image Produce is. Gam people and Video Editor Dear people, it is important to have a Graphics Card. It is fitted in the motherboard. It is shaped like a chip.

Sound card – Another name for this is audio output device, sound board, or audio card. The sound card is an expansion card and IC. Helps in removing the sound. Which we can hear through speakers and headphones.


The full name of SMPS hardware is Switch Mode Power Supply. This is an electronic circuit. If you buy separately for Desktop, then you will get some Square Shape case, same SMPS. This device gives power to different parts of computer such as RAM, Motherboard, gives power supply to the fan. By the way, electricity is consumed from motherboard to different accounts.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

HDD This is a Data Storage Hardware Device. Remains inside a computer or laptop. As many files or data or computer programs are stored inside it. The OS is also stored in this HDD. This memory is also known as C drive. C, D, E Drive are also made after partition. hard drive, hard disk, fixed drive, fixed disk, and fixed disOptical drives by retrieving data and storing data in optical discs like CDs, DVDs, and BDs (Blue-ray discs). Their storage capacity is very high.


DVD Drive is installed in the CPU of every desktop and laptop. Which are also called optical drives. Some other names of dvd drive are also Disc drive, Odd, CD Drive, DVD Drive. They are used to store digital data. The DATA available in DVD, CD is used to play it in computer.

Hardware definition

Difference between hardware and software

  • Hardware and software depend on each other in Apasa. Both (sw and hw) act as a cohesive function to provide a rough output.
  • It is impossible to use the sw of support without HW and thus it is impossible to use HW without sw.
  • Using hw without set of program is non-existent
  • In order to do any work in the computer, it is very important to first load the software in the hardware.
  • Hardware requires one-time purchase.
  • It costs a lot to build and maintain the software.
  • To do different types of jobs from the same hw, several different software are installed. (A monitor can perform many tasks like H / W movie, word, paint, editing but we need to install different S / W)
  • The sw interface works between H / w and User.
  • So there was only one meaning to say, both are nothing without each other. A computer requires as much HW as it is for S / W.

Hardware effects

When the first computer was built, all its components were in separate rooms and were connected by cables. After this, the computers that were made were reduced in size, due to which the SIZE of HW also became smaller. These Hardwares were further shortened with the help of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) and LSI (Large Scale Integration) technology. Now due to technology, the size of computer has become equal to a watch. With the help of ULSI, Nano technology, microprocessor, more and smaller size HWs are being made.

I always feel that my correct and accurate and complete Inforamtion is available to you. You learn all this today What is computer Hardware. To be honest, we are surrounded by Hardware. Because they have made our life easy and simple. Have you ever thought how your mobile and computer will be? The answer is that it will happen or else you will think. We can touch the computer but never feel the software.

Software definition and software types

Day by day sw have started taking more memory and the SIZE of HW is getting smaller. You are hopeful from this, you must have liked this article, how did you feel? If you want to ask any question now, then please write in the comment box below.