Amazon usa important information 2021 22

Our article today is on the subject of Amazon usa , the world’s largest e-commerce website. In which you will know what is amazon? Who is Founder & CEO? When and who made it How does it work How to create an account How to do shopping How to earn money

Friends, the development of the Internet today has made all that possible! Whose thinking for humans was almost impossible! Now look, today the Internet has changed the way we do our shopping. Today before we buy any product, we research about that product online, compare its price and buy the product after checking the reviews given by the users!

Friends, all these things may seem strange to those users who have not shopped online yet! But it is true that today online shopping has completely changed the way we buy. Therefore our article today is for those readers who use the internet! But they have not done online shopping yet. Friends, today we are going to discuss about the world’s largest Internet company Amazon in this article! So let’s start without delay! And first we know

what is amazon ( amazon usa )

Amazon usa is an e-commerce company and is an American multinational technology company. Whose Head Quarted is in US Washington! Apart from amazon ( amazon usa ) e-commerce, today Cloud also works in the field of computing, digital streaming, artificial intelligence etc.

Friends, you need to know here! That today Amazon usa ( amazon usa ) company is one of the top 4 technology company in the world! Today, in addition to Google, Apple and Facebook, Amazon is named among the top 4 technology companies.

Friends, this is the reason that if we see from the perspective of Revenue, then Amazon is the world’s largest Internet company!

The way you can shop at home from Flipkart today! You can order your favorite product and service from the same fold anytime, anywhere. Friends, today ( amazon usa ) Amazon is providing its services not only in our country but also in many countries of the world!

On Amazon, you can order many categories of products such as Mobile Laptops, Electronics, Fashion, Home, Kitchen, Health Sports, Toys Accessories etc. as per wish.

Amazon is doing business in India through the website! And today Amazon’s popularity is so low that there is hardly any such person! Who does online shopping! And don’t know about Amazon site.

Friends, Amazon amazon usa company in India is also very popular for online shopping! Due to the excellent product quality, fast delivery and excellent customer service, crores of people in the country today prefer shopping from So friends, if you have not started shopping on the amazon app yet, then let us know how you can start shopping on Amazon by creating your free account!

history of Amazon amazon usa

Amazon was launched in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. The company was started under the name Cadabra, but shortly after, the company was named after the world’s largest river, Amazon! In which Amazon’s A Letter could show the company in Alphabetical List!

In 1995, went online for the first time! Friends, it is important to know that the amazon ( amazon usa ) company started from a small garage in Bellevue Washington!

Friends, here we should salute Jeff Bezos’s thinking! Those who had long ago predicted future online shopping! And that’s why today we know Amazon as the world’s largest e-commerce company.

How to create Amazon profile

Friends Amazon usa company initially started its business with only one book store! And slowly his books started being delivered in many countries of the world! And seeing this, jeff started expanding his business! And according to the needs of the people, today we are able to see big products from Amazon usa on Amazon site on Amazon usa!

What is Amazon Prime? ( amazon usa )

Friends, in the july month of 2016, Amazon launched Amazon Prime service in India! This service was earlier available in the US but now Indian users are also taking advantage of it! At present, this service is quite popular.

Friends that users usually like shopping with Amazon! They will know that under Amazon Prime, you do not have to pay any delivery charge / shipping charge for the product you buy.

Meaning Amazon Prime offers you free delivery! But Amazon Prime Service is not free! For this, you have to take Paid subscription! You can start Prime Membership at a monthly fee of ₹ 129, or can also avail this facility by paying ₹ 999 (Annual Price) annually.

But before you know it, clear that you cannot get free delivery of all products from Amazon! That is, you can get free delivery of only those products! Which come under Amazon Prime! To find out which product belongs to Amazon Prime! When shopping from Amazon, you will see a small logo of Amazon Prime on that product.

How to create an account on amazon usa

Friends, go to your smartphone or computer first! And open site in browser, now Amazon site will open in front of you! Now you will see the option of Sign in at the top! Tap on it

After tapping on Sign in, you have two option Sign in and Create account. If you are going to create your account on Amazon for the first time, then tap on Create account.

Now you have to enter the name in the first column and the mobile number in the second column. After that enter your email id and password!

By doing so, your Amazon account will be created! Now you can start shopping online and can order any product online.

Friends, you know what Amazon is by now? And how to create an account on Amazon! Now we know what are the benefits of shopping from Amazon!

benefits of amazon usa

Best Price

On Amazon you can buy favorite products at Reasonable Price! Also, being the world’s largest e-commerce site, the quality of the products and services offered on Amazon is generally quite good!

Because of the reasonable price of Amazon product, crores of users like to shop online in India! Apart from this, you get attractive discount / offers when you shop at Amazon Sale on festival or special days!

Huge Collection

Being the largest e-commerce site, you get to see thousands of items of different brands on Amazon site! If you want to buy even the smallest thing today, then you can shop from! So this is also the main advantage of shopping from such a big e-commerce site!


Having faith is essential to shopping! In this case Amazon is trustworthy for its customers! Whenever you order a product, then that product is delivered to you as per the specified date! Apart from this, you can also return the goods easily through Amazon’s return policy when goods break down.


Because millions of people shop on Amazon every day and when they buy a product! So many people tell about their experience and quality related to that product. The advantage of which is that when you buy a product, before buying, you can check whether this product is beneficial for you or not.

So friends, this is a big list of benefits of shopping from Amazon! Because of which huge numbers. Users Shop Amazon!

So friends, you know what are the benefits of shopping from Amazon!