VPN full form how works VPN

In today’s article, we will know what is VPN and how vpn works. And vpn full form we will give you all the information, Android smartphone users are increasing every day in the whole world. Every day on the Internet, we find many things and do a lot of work on it, like online transactions, downloading movies and musics, give your personal details to sign in on other websites, watch lots of videos on YouTube. There are more things like etc. But sharing your personal details on the internet is very dangerous because the online world is full of bad people who can steal your personal details and even blackmail.

Hackers and snoopers are always on the lookout when they can steal the necessary data of a person and will be able to demand more money in return. But with the changing time, the security of internet is being taken care of and some changes are also taking place in it.

We are all lucky that in today’s time while working online, we have an easy way to overcome the fear that we face every time and its name is VPN. You all must have heard about VPN, what is VPN and how does it work? Today I am going to tell you about it.

vpn full form

VPN full form how works VPN

The full name of VPN is Virtual Private Network, a network technology that makes secure connections in public networks such as Internet and private networks such as Wi-Fi. VPN is a very good way to protect your network and protect your personal data from hackers.

WHAT is vpn full definition

VPN service is mostly used by online working merchants, organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and corporations such as people to protect their important data from unauthorized users. VPN keeps all types of data i.e. what is necessary and which is not necessary. Those who are common people and they use the internet for browsing can also use VPN service on their phone or computer through VPN application.

When it comes to Internet freedom in India, then there is a big hit over free internet here. This is because many times the local government does regular blocking and access restriction in different parts of the country, due to this, it becomes very difficult to download and uploading many times, sometimes you may also get Jail due to not following the rules.

In such a situation, we need some technology so that we can keep our identity safe. Keeping ourselves protected means that by using VPN it keeps our identity private and secure, while also helping to bypass many restriction.

how vpn works

The most important job of VPN is to protect your connection or all the work you are doing on the internet. Along with that, the biggest benefit of using VPN is that whatever restrictions are on the internet, such as there are some websites which we cannot access in our country, then we will be able to access that website easily with the help of VPN. Meaning that you were not allowed to visit the website earlier, now you can see that website through VPN.

When we connect our device with VPN, then that device works like a local network and whenever we search that website by putting it in our phone’s browser which is blocked in our country then VPN will do its work Starts Sends the user’s request to the server of the blocked website through VPN and then shows all the content and information of the website from the user’s device.

When you stay in one country and connect to the VPN of another country, that work is done through tunneling and that work is done very easily because that website is not a block in the country that is in our country, then you After connecting to the VPN, then a network connection is created between that VPN and your VPN which remains encrypted which means that no one can steal the personal detail from that network and then you access the website through that VPN. can do.

For example, let me tell you that what Netflix is ​​in India has just come, but before that when Netflix was not in India and if we had to watch Netflix, what would we do if Rehkar in India would connect to the VPN whose server If it is in the US or in the UK, then after connecting, we can watch Netflix extensively through that server.

In such a situation, neither Netflix is ​​able to know that the user is in India because they think that the user is in the local network i.e. in the US and neither the restrictions that they have in India will be able to know because they will find that you The link that is normal is created from a server which is present in India only.

There are many software available on the internet to use VPN, some are free version and some are paid version which you can use by installing both in your smartphone and computer.

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How to set VPN in computer?

If you want to use VPN in your computer, then for this you have to use Opera Developer Software. Just you have to download and install that software.

  1. After installing first, you have to open the app, now in it you will see an option of Menu in the top side, you will have to click on it, then click on Setting.
  2. By clicking on Setting, you will have the option of Privacy and Security, then clicking it, you will see the option of VPN, there you will have to tick on Enable VPN.
  3. By doing this, VPN will be activated in your Opera Browser, now you can access all blocked websites in it.
  4. Now you can see VPN written near the URL of Browser, by clicking on it, you can turn VPN on / off whenever you want, as well as you can change the location wherever you want.

vpn for chrome


Vpn for Chrome

TunnelBear is a very good VPN extension and its specialty is that it is very fast. TunnelBear can be used in computers as well as Android phones.

After installing this VPN, you only have to sign up once, after that you can use it for free. With this you can connect to the network of all the countries of United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, France, Italy, Sweden, Irland, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Brazil.

After signing up for this VPN, you will get 500MB to 1Gb of data which is enough for a normal user and this data gets added every month.

But if you have to use it unlimited then you will have to take Paid Service, in which you will get unlimited per month data by giving them some money. By the way, this is a completely free VPN, but the more services that are required, you have to buy by paying money. Do try it once and it will prove useful for you.

HotSpot Shield VPN

Vpn for Chrome

This is a very good and very good speed-giving VPN, the special thing is that after installing it in your Google Chrome browser you will not have to sign up.

As soon as you install this VPN extension, after that you can use it. There is also a Paid Plan, after which you will be able to use some of its extra features.

Through this, you can connect to Russia, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, Canada servers of these countries for free by anonymous browsing. But in this free VPN, there are 3 countries that you cannot use without the Premium Service.

United States, United Kingdom, France To connect to the servers of these countries, you have to buy a Premium Plan of HotSpot Shield VPN. Its a good thing that when you connect to the server of any country, then you also know your real time internet speed.

From this you can know how much the speed was before connecting VPN and how much is the speed after connecting. In this, you also get AdBlocker, Tracker Blocker, Cookies Blocker, Bypass Local Network, Malware Blocker these services which are very important for our internet privacy and you can use them through HotSpot Shield VPN.

browsec VPN

VPN for Chrome

There is also Free Service and Paid Service like the rest of VPN. The special thing is that it connects instantly to any country’s server. By using it, you can enjoy free browsing by connecting to the servers of countries like Netherland, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States for free.

If you have to connect to another country server other than these, then you have to take BrowSec VPN Paid Service, in which you will get more features than free.

After installing this free VPN you can connect to the server just by clicking on the “Protect Me” button.


Vpn for Chrome

After installing SetupVPN extension on your google chrome browser, you only have to sign up once, after that you can easily use it. Its special thing is that you can use proxy servers of many countries for free.

In SetupVPN’s free service, you can find France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Denmark, Slovakia, Austria, Sweden, Hong Kong, Ukraine, South Africa, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain, Brazil, Belgium Connecting to the servers of all these countries for free, you can do browsing or any other work while keeping your privacy safe.

In this also you will get some premium servers which you can use by spending some money. In Premium Services you get other features like Ad-Blocker, Cookies Blocker.

hola VPN

Vpn for Chrome

Hola is also a VPN that you do not have to sign up after installing. Meaning that after installing only you have to click on “Power On”, after that it will start its work.

There is also a Paid Plan in Hola VPN, in which you can use it unlimited for a month by paying $ 5 money. But the free plan is also very good, but you will not be able to connect to the server of some countries in the free plan.

It can be used in computers or laptops as well as Android SmartPhone. Through this you can use proxy servers of United States and United Kingdom for free.

The rest of Canada, Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, France, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Brazil will have to buy a premium plan to use the server of all these countries which is $ 3 Or $ 5.

Along with this, you get its extra services in their premium plan. In this, a service called ads-free browsing is also available to you with a premium plan, so that many types of ads on the Internet are blocked with the help of this VPN, so that you can do ads free browsing without any hassle. Can.

how to use VPN in chrome

Nowadays most people work on Chrome Browser, so you can easily use Blocked Website excess by using VPN in Chrome Browser too.

First of all, search VPN extension in Chrome Browser, now open site.

Vpn for Chrome

Now “VPNCity – Fast & Unlimited VPN.” Click on Add Extension on “Unblocker”.

Vpn for Chrome

Then the VPN extension logo will be shown on the right side top in the chrome browser.

Click on those people, then enter your email address and password and sign-up.

Now your VPNcity Account will be registered, after that you click on the logo of VPN extension and click on “Click to connect”.

Vpn for Chrome

Then your VPN will be activated in chrome browser.

Now you can open a blocked website easily.

What are the advantages of vPN?

What is Advantages of VPN.

It helps in safely accessing a public connection.

Many times we may need to use a Wi-Fi connection but these are not very safe, then with the help of a VPN service we can hide our identity and browse safely.

It increases online security

When it comes to online safety, browsing the Internet through VPN is really very secure, it protects your web data very well. In other languages, then having a strong antivirus and a standard firewall, as well as a VPN, adds an extra layer to our security.

It helps you to see any Shows from anywhere.

Geo-restriction is very annoying, but it definitely happens. In such a situation, a VPN can help you to access geo-blocked websites, there is no border restriction which can prevent you to see any shows.

Anything can download anonymously

If your Internet Service Provider prevents you from using any websites then you can download those files anonymously with the help of VPN services.

What are the disadvantages of vPN?

What is disadvantages of VPN.

Most reliable VPNs are not free

By the way, you will get many free VPN services for use but they have a limit such as Daily 2 GB or 5 GB, after that you are not that free. In this case, you will have to use a paid monthly subscription.

You have to do a good research for good connection speed

All network traffic is often encrypted in a VPN, as it uses a lot of resources which reduces internet speed. Therefore, you can use a Paid VPN to get better speed.

All available VPNs cannot be trusted.

You might be aware that VPN IPs are often not unique, it has been shared with many people. Due to this, there are possibilities of many security issues such as IP address blacklisting and IP spoofing. So it would be better that you use reputable, trustworthy VPNs and do a lot of research in relation to it in advance.

Sometimes VPNs can be more complex.

While some VPNs are simple, there are many complex ones as well. This means that the process of setting up a very VPN is complex, so many users avoid using it.


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