What is antivirus definition

Do you know the antivirus definition and how it works. Along with this, you will also be informed that the Best Antivirus for your Computer and Mobile Phone means which of the two are better than free and paid. Whenever there were demons in this world, there were gods to stop them. Likewise, in today’s time, Antivirus works like gods for computers.

You will not know how many memories and personal data is stored in your computer. There are personal data such as Image, Videos, Movies, Mp3 files and along with it some Personal Document “PDF Files, Scaned Files, Certificate”. But due to your carelessness, computer viruses enter your computer due to pen drive like Internet and some other sources. You will know very well what happens after this. All the data that you had stored in your computer, either disappear or the file becomes corrupt.

antivirus definition

When this incident happens with you, you only remember that if I had installed Antivirus in my system, I would not have to see this day. So friends, hope this incident has not happened to you so far, so today I will tell you the solution of all these problems in this article,

What is antivirus definition

Antivirus This is a program code. You can also say that this is a software that finds all the Virus programs hidden in the computer and delete it from the computer. You can also say that it works like Safeguard for Computer which protects against Malware like Computer Worms, Trojan Horse.

Antivirus Computer also provides protection from Spyware and Adware. Detect all these programs from your computer and delete them. Something short cuts your files, makes files disappear, which makes the computer slow down

I mean to say, this good software removes all the programs which are a loss factor for your computer. Now you are wondering whether the program is a virus, yes the virus is also a program. There is only one person who makes these two. Example: – Avira, Avast, AVG Kaspersky. So now let us know how it works.

How antivirus software works in computer

First of all, let us explain it in easy language. I would like to explain its work in simple language as everyone understands. Antivirus already contains the Signature (Imprint) or Virus Definition Files of all Virus. These are the Robust files, these files contain a list of malware (Computer Virus) and their related information. To understand this one has to understand Virus Defination.

Virus Definition

Antivirus cannot identify / detect malware without virus defination. Therefore Virus Defination has to be updated. Because Virus Signature resides inside Malware defination. In the Internet, the names of the malware that are already malware and their possible information are kept in this defination.

Whenever a file is infected with malware or if a malware is detected during the scan, first of all Antivirus checks whether it is the same with Virus definition or not. Virus definition contains some malware properties and similar programs. Therefore, it is also important that Antivirus company always update Virus Definition.

First of all, it scans all the files inside the software computers. Whenever a file matches with Signature (Imprint) or Virus Defination Files. At the same time repair or delete that file. By the way, the action that you take works only on that. When computer Virus program enters inside computer, it starts working in reverse with computer files.

By this behavior, it is known that something wrong is inside the File Computer. Immediately it starts to take ACTION on it. Now in a little technical way, we understand how Virus is detected in computer.

What antivirus detects malware

The most difficult thing is that the entire system has 500-1000 GB of DATA. And to find the virus out of it, let’s know which methods it detects.

  • Signature-based detection
  • Heuristic-based detection
  • Behavioral-based detection
  • Sandbox detection
  • Data mining techniques

1 Signature-Based Detection

This is the oldest way to find out COMPUTER Virus. In which all the .Exe files in the computer have to match with Virus Definition Files or match with other malware types. Whenever an unknown file is identified then action is taken on it.

In this Signature based technique all programs are scanned. If an application is downloaded in this technique, the software is first scanned. It is then installed. That’s why the advice is that whenever you download a software, then scan it in advance. Because once your system becomes infected, removing it becomes a smiling task.

2 Heuristic-Based Detection

This detection technique is used together with Signature based detectction. Heuristic technique is used in all the antivirus of today. With the help of this technology, even the virus definition file can be easily discovered and new and old Virus can also be discovered. There is no need to have the latest virus definition for this.

In Heuristic, it runs a suspicious parent code or application in the virtual environment and it seems that the program is trying to give effect to this application. In this way, other Real Software can also be saved.

3 Behavioral-based detection

This is also a special Detection way to find Virus. Which is also called Intrusion Detection Mechanism. Its specialty is that it detects behavior of malaware (Behavior). It detects malware only when it tries to currupt other files or to reverse any reverse. But this is not a mechanism in the second detection.

4 Sandbox Detection

It works almost only on behavioral based detection mechanism. In this mechanism, a program is run in a virtual environment. Now in this process the Behavior of the program is identified. If the anti virus finds out that this program is Malicius, then action is taken on it.

5 Data Mining Techniques

This is the latest Trending Technology of all time. In which there are some special programs. It is ascertained whether the program is malicious by data mining technique.

Why is it necessary to update antivirus

Some people are also saying that new Virus are being created everyday. The company that makes anti Virus also makes Virus. But that’s why it is very important to update everyday to avoid attack of new virus. The latest definition files from the update will also be stored and it will be easy to identify and block the new virus.

Features Of Antivirus

  • Background scanning
  • Full System Scans

1 Background Scanning

When you keep doing some files, application and online in the system, even then it keeps scanning all your files. This is called Background Scaning. Your computer gets Real Time Protection and Safeguard. No Malware attack can be done on your system.

2 Full System Scans

By the way, the need to do a full sacn is not so much. If you are installing a new Antivirus in your system for the first time, then you need to do a full scan once. This means that all the hidden computer malware in your system means Computer will be removed. After this, the background scan happens automatically. And between, your laptop should be scanned full.

Benefits of having antivirus in computer

There is no question that are there any benefits? Yes, so much malware attack is happening in the Internet in recent times. So you must use either one with free or paid one.

  • First of all, it keeps all your data safe.
  • No one from the computer can steal your data from the Internet.
  • You can download any software without any reason.
  • Before any computer virus can damage your computer, it performs its operation on it.
  • If the paid one is there, all your Online Transaction will also be safe.
  • This will save you money because you will buy two three Antivirus with the money that will be damaged by malware.
  • Your System Will Never Hang or Slow
  • System Software and Application Software will be very smooth run.
  • Processing speed will increase and system crash will never happen.
  • Chances of Hard Disk Corrupt are also less.

My opinion is that you keep checking on the online site and when the offer is there, buy some good software. Because Malware attack is happening very much at this time. So buy Multi User Antivirus for FREE or pay money, which will be cheaper. I told you antivirus definition and how it works.

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