What Is UPI PIN Full Information

what is upi pin Do you know UPI PIN is and how it works? For the last few days, all of us are facing difficulties in transacting money because the Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi has taken a strong step against corruption and has discontinued the old 500 and 1000 notes. 

It is obvious that with this decision, the bribe must have got rid of the sweat of the hooves, but at the same time the common man is also suffering a lot. In view of these problems, the Prime Minister has given another suggestion to us that now all of us should promote the cashless economy. Cashless economy means that now we should make online payment, except for money transactions by hand.


The growth of the cashless economy is not so easy, but every difficult thing becomes easy by trying. We all know the importance of Internet, but still there are many places in our country where people do not yet have this facility. And there are many people who know about the internet but do not know how to use it well, like elderly people. In such a situation, it is the duty of the youth like us to teach them to use the internet, which can be a great help in their daily life.

Now the thing is that if we want to leave money transaction and make online payment, then how can we do that, there are many mobile applications through which we can do online money transfer with the help of mobile like Paytm, Mobikwick, Freecharge etc.

Many of you must have used one of these to do mobile banking. Apart from these apps, there is another way through which we can easily do mobile banking, anywhere from 24 hours every day at any time, whether it is hidden or not, you can easily transact money and its name is UPI. .

what is UPI PIN


UPI’s full name is Unified Payments Interface, this is a way with which you can send money from your bank account at any time, anywhere, to your friend’s account or relatives’ account, and if you need to Even if you have to pay, you will be able to give money easily with the help of UPI. You can make any kind of payment with the help of it, like if you have bought some goods online, 

then you can pay with UPI or if you have made some purchases by going to the market, you can still use UPI. Taxi fare, movie ticket money, airline ticket money, mobile recharge and DTH recharge are all types of payments you can make through UPI . And they will be transferred very quickly and immediately from your bank account to your front bank account.

The initiative to start UPI has come from NPCI. NPCI’s full name is National Payments Corporation of India, which is the organization that currently manages the ATMs of all banks in India and their interbank transactions between them, as if you had Axis bank ATM card. If you are, then you can withdraw your money by going to the ICICI bank ATM. NPCI takes care of all the transactions going on between these banks. In the same way, with the help of UPI, you can send money from your one bank account to the account of the front bank.

How to use UPI? 

To use UPI, you must first install its apps in your Android phone. There are many bank applications that support UPI such as Andhra bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Axis bank, ICICI bank etc. You have to go to Google Play Store in your phone and find and install the UPI app of the bank in which you have an account. After installing, sign in it, then create your account by giving your

bank details there, after that you will get a Virtual ID, on which you generate your ID, that id can be your Aadhar card number or your It can be a phone number or that id can be an address like an email id (eg [email protected]) After all this is done, your work is over there. After your account is created in UPI, you can easily send money and can also take money.

How does UPI work?

UPI is based on IMPS ie Immediate Payment Service System, which we use while using other net banking apps on mobile. This service can be used all the time, every day even on holidays. And UPI also works on this system, but here the question arises that if UPI and all other types of net banking apps work based on the same system, then what is different between them? UPI is different from all those apps, how? I want to give you an example to tell you…

Suppose you are in dire need of money to your friend or relative and you have to send money to them as soon as possible, then what you used to do in the earlier apps, you open that app and login then the person to whom you have to send money It has to be added. While adding, a lot of details have to be entered and for that you should know all the banking details like you should know the account number of that person, then their IFSC code, branch name, etc. have to fill similar type of details in which a lot Takes time

But all these things are not required in UPI, you just have to enter the UPI ID of the person about whom I told you above and you can easily send money by choosing how much money to send. Neither the hassle of entering any bank details nor it takes much time and the person in front does not need to tell which bank his account is or which name is registered in his account. Without knowing all this, we can send money quickly and safely with the help of UPI.

There is also a limit to send money in UPI and that limit is 1 lakh rupees per transaction and fees for sending money are charged per transaction 50 paise, this is a very small amount, that is, you will not have to spend too much money to send money and You will also be able to take advantage of instant money transfer.

FAQs related to UPI (Unified Payments Interface)

1. What is UPI?

UPI, also known as Unified Payments Interface, is a real-time fund transfer process that has been created by NPCI. This system works based on IMPS interface. what is upi pin

2. Which UPI app is right to download?

There are a lot of UPI apps in Google Play Store, so the user can choose any app according to his mind.

3. Is it necessary that the user download the UPI app of his own bank?

No . Users can download any UPI app. With this, you should know that it can be of your bank or any other bank also, it will not make any difference.

4. What is UPI PIN?

This is a pin that is set during the registration process. It is used to authorize all UPI transactions.

5. If a user gets debit money during a UPI transaction from his bank account, then what should he do?

At such a time, money often returns to the user’s account within 1 hour. And if it does not happen during this time then you must contact customer care.

6. It is very often that money is deducted from the account but still the transaction is pending pending show? What should we do in such a situation?

Transactions are often processed in such cases. This pending status shows because there may be a server issue in the backend of the payee / beneficiary. If this issue is not resolved within 48 hours then you must contact customer care.

7. Is it possible to link different bank accounts with the help of more than one UPI app on the same smartphone?

of course. You can definitely link the same or other bank account number with one or more UPIs.

8. Which mobile platforms are useful with cones where UPI can be used?

We can use UPI on Android and iOS platforms.

9. What is the maximum amount you can transfer through UPI?

You can transfer money up to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh per transaction.

10. If I ever have to register a complaint, how can I do it?

You can make this complaint only in the UPI app, for this there is an option in the app.

11. If anyone ever entered wrong UPI PIN then what will be the result?

If a user has ever entered the wrong PIN, then that ongoing transaction will fail.

12. If a bank name of a user is not detected through the UPI app, then what should we do?

The first step should be to see that the mobile number of the user should be linked with the same bank account. If this does not happen then the app will never recognize your bank, and the linking process will never be complete. what is upi pin

13. Can other merchants be paid by UPI?

Yes of course You can give Payments in e-commerce sites through online mode if UPI option is available there.

14. How can you pay in UPI online?

First you have to go to the merchant site, after that you have to choose the UPI option, then enter the VPA and then the UPI PIN.

15. Can a user transfer money during bank holidays?

The answer is absolutely possible.

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I hope you liked this article and you must have also understand upi pin and how it works. Whatever the problems of money due to the closure of the note can be overcome with the help of UPI. If you have not used it yet, then do try it once. If there are any questions related to this article, then you can comment below and I will be happy to help you.